Content Marketing Defined in 60 Seconds [Animated Video]

Content Marketing Defined in 60 Seconds [Animated Video]

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  1. This was GREAT! I love what you folks are doing with the Glossary stuff.

    The timing is perfect. I actually just connected with Mary from WriteToDone and I’m going to be putting together an article for her amazing site on this exact topic.

    I’ll be sure to link to that video.


  2. Short and helpful article on content marketing putted in that Draw Shop video.
    True reminder about the core of content marketing, and all that we can do with it.
    Thanks, Demian!

  3. Hi Demian,

    I love the video. Like Aaron said, the timing is perfect, I just put together a content marketing checklist infographic and am about to guest blog with it in

    I would like to include this explainer video into that post for some added pop. It’s all about saving people time with videos and infographics, right?

    Can you share the URL for the video? (Tried viewing the source but no luck)


  4. Hi,
    I’m new to all this but am working for a new company and need to know all there is to know. I enjoyed the video and will be looking through others to try to learn more.

  5. Excellent video! I wish I could share video directly to social; multiple clicks, leaving an app and scrolling is too much of an ask for a 60-second video, though.

    Is there any way we can make this content more shareable?

  6. Great short video!

    It’s a good little reminder to the key aspects of content marketing and how important it can be, in terms of converting prospects to customers and turning those customers into repeat customers.

  7. Really Great Article! Without content marketing my business would be in obscurity. Its so important to understand content marketing and why it is necessary. I have an Internet Marketing business and we specialize in SEO. Content is such a huge part of what I do. Thank you for the article!

  8. Thanks for Information about Content Marketing. Your Article is impressive and very informative. I am now regular visitor of your website and bookmarked it.

  9. This video is simply awesome. This exactly elaborate what we blogger do in our day to day life. It is hard to explain to others but this video tells everything in 60 seconds.

  10. Thanks Demian for this amazing video. We all need to find ways to be more productive and find more time for the things we need to do and there is some great information in this video to help with that!

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