The Magical Sixth ‘Ingredient’ that Can Take Your Content to Greatness

The Magical Sixth ‘Ingredient’ that Can Take Your Content to Greatness

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  1. Hi Sonia,

    Yep; I inject a wee bit o’ personality into my blog and brand and content. From time to time.

    Loving the examples up too – like Gary Vee and hustle – and the entire post.

    If you want to become great online, this tends to require injecting your personality into your blog and brand. This makes you memorable in an online world where folks tend to shy away from doing so.

    The old me did not even tell folks I was circling the globe, with my old blog. The new me regularly works his travels, his selfies, his funny or death-defying stories and all types of elements from his life into his content.

    No better way to stand out because our personal stories make us stick out like a sore thumb, while inspiring folks to share their stories too. Win-Win.

    The challenge lies in facing, feeling and letting go the fears of criticism and failure. Because the only reason people resist injecting themselves and their personalities into their content is fear: fear of being criticized for doing so, and the fear of failing to succeed, after making that bold move.

    Everything working A-OK for me. But ya need to be authentic, like, super duper genuine, meaning, write how you *are* versus *trying* to be a persona.

    When someone meets me offline – happens quite a bit with all the traveling I do – they quickly say I am just as they thought I’d be, because the same personality and energy bleeds through my blog and brand.

    Thanks for the helpful share Sonia.


    • Thanks, Ryan!

      It can be scary, and given some of the creeps on the web, I can understand that.

      But if we want to make cool things happen, we have to get ourselves heard. The mushy middle is mostly occupied by road kill.

  2. Outstanding article Sonia!

    Having a solid voice that stands out from the crowd is a definite must online. I never really considered it before when writing copy or putting myself out there so to speak but when I look at all the top influencers online their personality always shines through.The all important intersection of message and demand is key though for ultimate success as you stated so I’ll be sure to keep that in mind.

  3. Sonia,

    I have definitely noticed in writing my book and blog that my voice is integral in the content I put out. For me, my voice has been a combination of conversing with the people who visit, alongside a sprinkle of hard honesty to show them that the world isn’t always the easiest to navigate.

    When I’m writing I aim to be as honest (brutally honest if necessary) as possible about both my successes and failures and what I experienced through everything I write on. If I’m not setting the playing field with the truth, good or bad, I am not setting anyone else up for success. That has really honed my voice. Conversing like we are longtime friends, and because of that, being 100% honest and up front with one another.

    I noticed, in getting away from the structured copy environment like in your formal schools, my voice really came into its own.

  4. Gotta have a personality. Nobody wants to read bland content. I have had this conversation with so many business owners, friends and clients looking to start their own blog. They always want to find out who their customer is or reader will be and cater to them. Seems logical, but they have it backwards.

    You gotta be you and the readers that are meant to follow you will find you. Not everybody will like your writing or agree with your opinions. If you own it, you’ll end up with the right crowd around you, however.

    I read a quote on a wine glass recently that said, “When you put your name on it, you’ll put your heart into it.”

    Make this the motto of your blog and put you into every single sentence. Then, and only then, will you truly attract “your people” and find the fun that comes along with blogging!

  5. Hi Sonia,
    I love the comment about sunshine and lollipops, I can picture a sunshine and lollipops person in my mind. (on the other side of the spectrum from myself)

    The internet does tend to be full of people who are trying to please everyone and in doing so come across a little bit bland and consequently don’t really get a strong message across.

    I absolutely agree that expressing a strong opinion may put a few people off however it is also more likely to convince the people who really matter.

    Thanks for the article

  6. I love this article. I’m really struggling to motivate myself with my content marketing efforts lately, and you’ve given me so many great ideas for new posts. Thank you!

  7. Love this article, Sonia. I feel like way too many brands are afraid to inject their personality into their content marketing because they fear they might alienate some customers. But this is what actually humanizes a brand and makes it stand out. Sharing this!

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