7 Essential Steps That Build a Personal Brand Business

7 Essential Steps That Build a Personal Brand Business

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  1. “The only thing you can ever truly own on the internet is your website and your email list”

    …..I agree

    Creating a long-standing online image needs a lot of hard work, and it’s always in your favour to invest your time at a place that you have full control over.
    But what would you suggest to beginners, who are not ready to spend money on a website? Should they go for a free site instead (like Blogspot) and slowly move towards a plan with more experience?

  2. “#7.1 Sell Advertising”…
    Missed the boat for this by a few years. You need such a large amount of traffic to make Adsense work and as a result of the domination of FB/Google Ads brands aren’t really interested in working directly with one off blogs to advertise.

    But………. if you think you’ve got a great audience then that’s where #7.5 works really well = sell products! You can really make a great income selling digital because you don’t have the costs, returns, customer support to deal with like brick and mortar shops do. There’s never been a better time to sell digital.

  3. I love your last comment about, “If this is so effective, why doesn’t everyone do it?”

    It’s so true that I’m always telling people about the importance of an effective content marketing strategy, but so many business owners are just overwhelmed by everything that goes into it. A lot of people still don’t see the value in paying someone to handle their content marketing strategy for them, although I think the pandemic has changed that, to an extent.

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