Here’s Where Brian is Speaking in the Coming Months

Here’s Where Brian is Speaking in the Coming Months
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  1. Okay maybe I’m being daft but how do we find you to vote for you. The ‘Vote for Us’ brings up a massive list and I can’t find you on there.

    What’s the best search words to use to find you?


  2. Perhaps I’m being a bit anal, but since this is a blog about good writing, I can’t let this pass without comment. “Me and some really smart guys…” should be “Some really smart guys and I…”

  3. @Karen, when you click on the “check on the details here,” it brings you to a page that has a VOTE FOR US link at the top. Click on that and you’ll be prompted to either login or create an account.

    Really hope the panel goes through, I’d love to hear it!

  4. Gail, I was trying to be laid back and conversational with this post. But even my wife hassled me about the me and I sentence, so I changed it. 😉

  5. Gail – you are being very anal. But I for one find grammar grannies very sexy. (even though if we’re being honest, an extra trailing dot in your correction would probably have been better form – and added a nice little bit of extra oomph to commemorate your catch)

    But it’s the thought (and effort) that counts. Keep up the good work.

  6. Just noticed that the Audience Event ticket sale has ended. I would have loved to attend. Hopefully you will share some highlights afterward. Unless of course you can pull a string for a faithful fan & reader. ; )

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