How to Create a Blog That People Really Digg

How to Create a Blog That People Really Digg

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  1. This is a good point. Another reminder that the headline means everything. Even with a great, informative, original article. If you right a ho-hum headline, you’re sunk…

  2. wow! I just literally stumbled across your blog and as a first time blogger this week, actually
    I had two failed attempts not worth mentioning, I will definitely be back, as your info, from a short browse is extensive to say the least.

  3. I try to think about grabs my attention and add that to my page… what would I read…what a title says is what makes people look at the rest of the article.
    Great point.

  4. This is yet another reminder that the old rules still apply–give people what they want, provide high quality content, write well. There is no secret. It’s just that many bloggers are only now discovering this eternal truth.

  5. You hit it right on the nail when you said that it’s all about customer-focus.

    Great blogging is about having the uncanny ability to give it to ’em in the way that they find enticing and appetizing.

    Again…Thanks for the post!

  6. I just started a blog, and I’m trying to engage the social networks with my content. In addition to what Jonathan has suggested, choose to write on topics you’re actually passionate about. That sounds like common sense, but you’d be surprised how well readers can recognize your own interest in your work.

  7. Braaavo! Bravo!

    Welcome Jonathan Morrow! Please hang around a bit! A magnificent first contribution, especially about over lapping social networks. Thank you indeed.

    Also BRANDON, nice comment about passion! Sometimes I can write a weeks worth of material in one sitting. I call it “Writer’s Rush” albeit, when judging a weeks work at maybe 500 words per day it really isn’t that much of an accomplishment.

  8. I will read over a few of the most popular stories in my category before submitting. Gives my mind the mentality to make a successful headline. The title seems to be the most important part as it grabs them in.

  9. hey these are wise tips, i was beginning to wonder what nobody was digging me/sphinning or those sort of things, but the problem is = what do you really want?

  10. An enlightening post. Bloggers often think about Apple vs Microsoft, Linux and so on when they want some Digg effect to happen on their blogs.

    This post really blasted our thinking wide by mashing up what Diggers want and the topic we are blogging about.

  11. Awesome post! The title alone can make a huge difference in the amount of people that will actually click to find out more information.

  12. Great post with good information. Just what I’ve been looking for (in addition to that ellusive magic bullet). I’ll absolutely use the stuff in the psot & the comments, but I want to tap the “group wisdom.” I’ve been trying to improve my rankings, increase my traffic, etc., but with limited success. I’ve been looking for tools to help automate (OK, idiot-proof) the process. I’ve found three that look promising — Artemis, Glyphius, & Nemeas. Does anyone have experience with these?



  13. Thank you! Someone finally showed me the light,as to why my blogs stink. I am busy writing about what I think is interesting and not paying attention to my readers. They have told me time in time again write something that I want to read or I won’t come back, and they haven’t. thanks again jimi

  14. This is useful advice. I think that it’s important to balance content of the blog, in terms of its niche, with marketing strategies. For me, the niche is first and foremost. As long as adding keywords and phrases, and even topics that are designed to increase visitors, Digg ratings, or link love, comes naturally within the context, it’s a great way to build the blog.

    -Melissa Donovan
    Writing FORWARD

  15. Great tips. One thing to remember, however, is that we don’t want to act like we’re in jr. high again, so concerned about being popular. Of course I want to make sure I’m writing for an audience, but I should always remain true to myself and to my own views and interests.

  16. Great tips! The one question I do have in mind, is how many per cent of digg visitors actually subscribe to your blog? How many of them look beyond the dugg article?

  17. This is a very useful post and gives an important insight on how to make blogs relevant to the social communities out there that actually visit and read the posts. Thank you

  18. Nah, diggers don’t love blogging, they hate blogging.

    Most of the stories about blogging are buried before they make it to the front page, even if they are well written and unique.

    Unless, of course, MSaleem submits them. πŸ™‚

  19. Regardless of how provocative the titles are – it appears that you have the best chance if a top member with lots of friends DIGG the piece


    If the blog has a very loyal following and is in the Technorati 100, and places the Digg button and number on the post

  20. Choose the right social media is very important. every social media web site have specific topic and the best is to select which one you can get more people interested to your topic.

  21. What a brilliant idea. I have always created blogs in areas which _I_ liked, rather than targeting the hot sectors. I suppose this is important for my motivation… but if the sector isn’t hot, then I success is that much more difficult.

  22. I love this post. Thanks for opening up my mind to some new ideas, especially after reading it early in the morning, when the new ideas are flowing. My Digg posts generally only get boosts from friends. Since I write on real estate, the field is full of writers and topics. It is hard to be original. But this post gives me some ideas. Thank you.

  23. Fantastic post. There is an odd balance in writing material that could do well on Digg and actually writing material just so it will do well on Digg. Your approach seems to focus on the integrity of writing in your niche, while making it meaningful to social sites, too. Not easy at all.


  24. A good headline coupled with an interesting image certainly helps. It also helps if the visitor can give a Digg while reading the page rather than having to go back to Digg to do it.

  25. Personally, I find it a shame that we’ve all got to go down the route of the tabloid journalist to get read. However, if sensationalist headlines are the order of the day to draw in the crowds then I’ll give it a crack.

  26. Unfortunately it never pays to over-estimate the intelligence or taste of the reader ! The most popular newsagent magazines seem to have an 8th grade reading level.

  27. Great tips! I have to try them out.
    But as a lot of other people already mentioned it is somewhat strange that people now a days only aim to get to the front page of digg.

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