Get What You Want Faster with These 3 Relationship-Building Tips

Get What You Want Faster with These 3 Relationship-Building Tips

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  1. Great tips, Stefanie! I’m also sarcastic, and when you communicate online (which I always do since I work remotely), it’s even more important to be clear on the tone and words one uses.

    I’d also add to your list being vulnerable. Sharing what you think honestly without trying to cover your intentions or your agenda, not only makes it much easier for the other person to open up, but you also become a more authentic, honest person.

    Thanks for the article.

    • Being vulnerable can be uncomfortable, but it can also lead to greater rewards and progress.

      I guess that’s why so many people advise “getting out of your comfort zone!” 😉

  2. For me Stephanie it is being genuine, and doing things with love. Communication is a breeze because I don’t do the fear-based, right/wrong thing. I help. I care. I connect with clarity.

  3. I actually had a difficult conversation with a loved one recently because it turns out he’s been having problems following my somewhat tangential way of thinking. *I* always know that I’ll wander off on enough tangents that I’ll direct myself back to my original point, but he doesn’t know that! So I’d been priding myself on my ability to communicate when actually, there are times when what I’m saying is as clear as mud. So I’m now having to apply the same rigorous “Is this relevant or can I save it for another conversation?” process I’d use for my content to spoken word…

    • I have that tendency to think people around me can hear the conversation I’m always running in my head. 🙂

      Good to have the conversations and sort this stuff out!

    • My way of talking/thinking is also tangential, so I have the same issue!

      I know I’m “answering the question” someone asked me, but it can sound like “I didn’t even acknowledge the question/rambling.”

      I definitely think it’s a writer thing — qualities that are essential and beneficial for solitary work can be problematic when interacting with others. 🙂

  4. Hi Stefanie

    One of the best advices in this article is: listening!

    You realized you were doing something wrong when you start listening to what other people have to tell you

    That´s a great lesson!

    Greetings from Caracas

    P.S: I apologize for any mistake in my writing, English is not my native language, be well 🙂

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