How to Create Profitable WordPress Themes, Plugins, and More

How to Create Profitable WordPress Themes, Plugins, and More

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  1. I’m inside and I just can say thank you for doing this essential resource Brian and all the Rainmaker team. I’m learning so much every day and I can’t wait for the new courses and DCS.

  2. While Mr. Lima is a good resource I would prefer to be taught by the guy who DID IT, not the guy who studies it and writes about it. If Brian were teaching this I’d highly consider taking the course… but hearing from consultants, most of whom talk in abstractions… my interest level is just not there. Consultants who teach courses, usually as a biz-builder for their own practices are under every rock. Real guys who really DID IT are much harder to find. If you want to learn about investing you are better advised to learn from Warren Buffet and not a broker who works for Mr. Buffet. It is the same with starting a new biz. Listen to the guy who did it.

    • I can appreciate your perspective, Alan. I will say that I reviewed and approved Chris’ course in advance, and I agree 100% with his advice. I honestly don’t think I could have done better, because his exposure to other models created a broader perspective. Also, our product development choices were skewed a bit because we were building the Rainmaker Platform piece-by-piece — a scenario that I don’t think would be typical for someone just now entering the premium WordPress space.

      Thanks for the comment … I hope you’ll reconsider on the course, and don’t forget, I’m in there answering member questions personally, so you will get my specific perspective as well.

  3. Hey Brian,

    Thanks for letting us know about the two upcoming courses. Chris Lema is no doubt very knowledgeable when it comes to WordPress themes, plugins etc. I am looking forward to enroll.

  4. I don’t not know Chris Lema, but I am now curious about him and his work. I’ll be looking into the academy for sure. Thank you for sharing this and look forward to learning more.

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