Why Writers Quit

Why Writers Quit

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  1. This is so true. I wrote for many years on niche sites for the sake of writing on niche sites, but once I started a review site based on what I do in my life, writing became much easier for me. The competition ranks higher than me because they have higher domain power (and likely some backlink trickery that I’m not engaging in), but I believe my writing is better because I’m passionate about what I’m writing about, and I’m not just writing to earn money.

  2. I agree. If we are going to be successful writers, we must choose a niche that we are interested in, or knowledgeable about.

    It is difficult to write about something you are neither interested in nor care about.
    Khun Greg

  3. Writers most often quit when they don’t have the motivation to keep writing. Writer’s block is a common cause of procrastination.

    November is National Novel Writing month. What better way to motivate yourself then join the NaNoWriMo challenge?
    Keep Writing!
    R.G. Ramsey

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