Weekend Link Karma

Weekend Link Karma

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  1. Thanks for the great links. I no longer use Google to find great content, but rather refer to bloggers and sources I trust. Maybe your Teaching Sells Report is on the money for where the internet is heading.

  2. Thanks for the links. I checked out spidersecret.com’s rant about what the value of free is, and I guess I agree with him. Anyway, you listed some sites here that are worth checking out. thanks

  3. Yes, they are all definitely useful links. However, I found Skellie’s “Freelance Switch” the best. Dunno, probably I’m biased, or probably I follow her posts very regularly.

    Anyways, thanks a lot for sharing the resources.

  4. Brian,

    That link on finding people to interview is an absolute gold mine. That one page alone can help someone create a thriving info-marketing/publishing business from scratch.

    You just saved me a whole bunch of time on a project I’m helping someone with now.


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