Two Good Reasons Why You Should Watch This Video

Two Good Reasons Why You Should Watch This Video

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  1. Whether you’re interested in affiliate marketing our not, ok, copyblogger have typos, I also ofen type in wrong words, which i should avoid in the furture.

  2. I saw this video a few weeks ago and at the time thought to myself that it was the best explanation I’d seen online of how to use affiliate marketing and an email autoresponder to make money online.

    BTW, is the the first ever video on copyblogger?

  3. Solid instructions and very well explained. I’ve read somewhere that affiliate marketing is one of the sure fire ways of making money online aside from creating a product and this video is a really good affiliate marketing introduction. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Effective video. What I like about it the most (apart from the info) is how professional it is. If a picture tells a thousand words, how much does a video tell? In my opinion, a shoddily shot/made video can bring a site down just like shoddily written copy can.

  5. BTW, is the the first ever video on copyblogger?

    Mark, no… we’ve done quite a few embedded videos over the years, but all our original video is usually hosted on another site. I’m trying to figure out how much video makes sense on Copyblogger, because writers tend to be readers.

    But I think this is bigger than only those who consider themselves “writers” so we’ll be experimenting. Plus, video copywriting will be where it’s at 2010+.

  6. I was wondering what software you guys use to create the videos they seem very professional. What did you use to create Thesis video? Camtasia? Maybe you also know what Reese used.


  7. The video is so well put together. It provided very useful information and leaves me wanting more. What a wonderful example of education marketing.


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