Twitter Writing Contest 2: Win a MacBook Air for a Clever Haiku

Twitter Writing Contest 2: Win a MacBook Air for a Clever Haiku

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  1. Yay, I love these twitter contests! I’m spreading the word right now. 🙂

    You know, I haven’t had to write a haiku since like… elementary school or something. Time to exercise that haiku muscle.

  2. @LearningNerd agree with you. This contest allowed me to refreshen up after a long day of work.

    “Let the cat out of the bag” @copyblogger..

  3. Sound and fury; Angst
    imposes its hydra-like wrath;
    The Will to Frenzy

    (Reading Albert Camus right now, and the nietzschean Will to Power is referred to here…)

  4. Unfortunately you got the rules very wrong, as most people sadly do. Haiku is NOT about the syllable count. It is a form of poetry about the nature. A poem which is not about the nature can NEVER be a haiku, perhaps a senryu, but not a haiku. It does not, however, have to be 5-7-5, it can be a lot shorter.

    So, is this a haiku contest or a senryu contest? And do we really have to follow the syllable rule, which is not what defines haiku?

    a pedantic journalist and haiku poet

  5. @Maija Wikipedia doesn’t think so:

    My understanding has always been that the syllables matter (the “on”); that it’s more artful to get the syllables in in fewer words; that somewhat like an English sonnet, a haiku has a “turn” (the “kireji”); and that while many haiku contain a “kigo”) or seasonal reference, it is not *required* that the poem be meditation on nature.

    –a fellow pedantic and poet.

  6. @Maija Haavisto: You’re correct. A seasonal reference is needed and syllable count isn’t so strict. There’s the one-line haiku, senryu, waka, so many forms…

    Yet for a fun contest like this it’s legit to keep it simple and stick to 5/7/5 structure with no other constraints…this is haiku social media style & I think the form allows it. For purest haiku, interested people can read Bassho or Issa…

  7. In praise of Copyblogger – not for contest!

    Love Copyblogger/for better or worse, its best/none to compete against!

    I love reading blogs/but only the best I read/love Copyblogger!

  8. So, the link on my twitter doesn’t seem to work well — I’m not sure why, but I have to refresh it a couple times before Twitter can find it. I hope that’s not a big problem … >.<

  9. This is a great idea for a contest. It’s blending the world of creative writing with social networking. The MacBook Air is an awesome prize. Good luck to all of the contestants!

  10. Such a dilemma / want to write my best except / I want SECOND prize!

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  11. Oh, darn it! I just realized I screwed it up!! How can I screw up 5 syllables??? I have six in my first phrase. What a ditz!! Wait….can that be a haiku?? Oh, well. I had fun writing it! Good luck to everyone who got it “write”!

  12. I am a writer but want to copy no IM copy writer who am I a mac or a pc blackeberry or Iphone without pen and paper what do you see?

  13. Hearing throat air sounds / Flying high on the moment / Afraid to come down

    12 minutes ago from web

  14. All this creativity is beautiful! I was just remembering something about a more extended form of haiku, 5-7-5, then add more stanzas of 7-5 until finished, like 5-7-5-7-5-7-5-7-5 for example. Somebody out there must know something about this…outside of contest rules, but good education.


    You follow my tweets / I may follow in return / No profile, no friend #Haiku @copyblogger

    While perhaps not the most creative Haiku out there, I thought I would use this opportunity to put forth one of my frustrations. If you don’t have a Twitter Profile, make one, this is a great way to let people know a little bit about you.

    You don’t have to give up embarassing details of your life, just tell us something.

    Anyway, great contest idea Brian, thanks. Good luck sorting through all this jazz.