Third Tribe Marketing is Live

Third Tribe Marketing is Live

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  1. I signed up on Monday and there’s already a lot of Lively discussion happening in the forums. I think you guys have put together a solid resource there. Kudos.

  2. If you like Copyblogger, you’ll love Third Tribe. The interaction is simply fantastic & has already provide me with some great insights & focus. Plus you get to meet with some great people.

    And we’re only on day 3…

  3. The Third Tribe is awesome in concept and elegant in execution. And $27 dollars is a remarkable bargain. Less than a dollar a day for all that community and opportunity all in one place?

    Great job Copyblogger.

  4. You guys are lovely, thanks. 🙂

    We have tried very, very hard to put something together that adds real value. And to see the level of interaction, and the quality of people who have signed up, is pretty humbling. Maybe that sounds dopey, but it’s true.

  5. As someone just getting started in the ‘industry’, so to speak, I’m finding lots of great resources and I’m hoping to make some good, lasting impressions. Worth it for $27 dollars.

  6. The Third Tribe is worth every penny and a lot more…

    Seriously, where else can you go and have Brian Clark, Darren Rowse, Sonia Simone, Chris Brogan and other high profile bloggers and entrepreneurs at your fingertips there to help you?

    It’s only $27 per month… BTW, they give a 30 day Money Back Guarantee… IF you really don’t see or get any value from being part of The Third Tribe after 30 days they will “cheerfully send your initial fee back to you.”

    But once you step in and see the conversations and topics that are forming (and we’re only on day 3); you are going to see that you are grossly underpaying for what’s being provided.

  7. Seriously, this is already proving to be a fantastic investment. The *first* seminar, with the awesome Johnny B. Truant, if you haven’t listened yet, was already worth it. Yet the value and *huge* amount of energy in the forums is very impressive. You actually get to schmooze with some of the brightest minds on the internet, and of course in the Third Tribe.

    My favorite thing: No ridiculous name-dropping because, uhm, the big bloggers usually post in the same thread! 😉

    If you’re not there yet, what are you waiting for? Go now!

  8. I don’t know if Sonia and I said it specifically, but part of the point of that first call we did to debut the 3T site was to teach people how to make back the amount they were paying to be members of the site.

    I totally think we gave some very real, very immediately-implementable ways to do just that.

    So yeah, get on in there, everyone.

  9. I have to agree with what’s being said. It took me all of about 2 minutes after the first email Monday to sign up, and I don’t sign up for stuff like this usually.

    The energy and karma in the forum alone is worth the price of admission! The folks involved are ‘the’ heavy hitters in the third tribe world and even more pop up every day. You can’t buy this type of interaction anywhere else at any price. It’s SXSW every night in the forum!

    Folks are sharing nuggets of free resources in the forum that you usually only get when you’re a client of theirs. It’s awesome!

    I will try to find time between clients to dive in deeper this weekend, but I worked through the first lesson with Sonia and Johnny B last night and it was great. Even though I’m 3 years into my business, it reminded me of what I can do to get a little ‘kick in the pants’ action for the week as well.

    Great stuff! The price is right… get it now!

  10. I posted a thread looking for tech/design partners who are interested in my market and received two awesome leads in minutes. It’s an easy investment.

    (Can I take a second to plug the forum for Sonia’s Remarkable Marketing Blueprint? It’s an amazing community for completely different reasons than what you’ll find on Third Tribe.)

  11. Sonia, if there were more hours in the day, I’d definitely join Third Tribe, but I’m still trying to catch up with Remarkable Marketing.

    Happily, I’ve just been invited to sponsor Miss Earth Australia for the forthcoming international Miss Earth pageant, so it looks likely I’ll get even further behind. 🙂

  12. @Hashim, you’re so kind, thank you. 🙂

    Laughing Gordon! I’d say you had your hands full but, well, . . .

  13. one of my tricks is used with stumble, 1 day for each post must be in my community. It turned out better than I thought.

  14. The site sounds really lovely. As a broke college student who hasn’t even launched her blog, I’m unable to afford it, but I’m glad there are so many people getting good use out of the site! Good luck, and have fun!

  15. I’ve been a member for a few days, and so far, I think it’s awesome. The first seminar with Johnny B. Truant was very interesting.

    And the discussion forums is packed with passionate people.

    This is by far the most interesting membership I’ve joined.

  16. Hi Sonia!

    I just listened to your interview on Question the Rules and can now honestly say that I’m quite the fan of you, Johnny and Lee. Johnny said there will not be a forum (any time soon) for QTR and so I’m very interested in Third Tribe. Here’s the thing: I just read Brian relaunched Scribe today for the introductory price (which I got on the *first* time around) and so I’m wondering if, just maybe, you might be willing to let me get in on 3T for the intro price of $27/month. Thanks so much for all your great work! Stacey

  17. Sonia/Bryan

    Now that you guys had the third tribe program running for sometime, do you have any success stories? Can you share an example of a business that has successfully applied the learnings from third tribe training?


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