The Social Media Killer App

The Social Media Killer App
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  1. I think that the killer ap has always been email.
    Everything should be able to be done from your email box. I should (actually you can) watch video in your email box. I should get a podcast delivered to my email box.

    Your right. The general public does not care about any of the stuff being made. RSS? Huh? Normal folks think the learning curve is just too high because the name is confusing.

    Maybe plum is the answer.

  2. Yep, although email is broken for content delivery due to spam. We need somehow for RSS to magically take its place while everyone is sleeping.

  3. Chartreuse, yeah but that is how people felt about HTML when the Internet first went public. They also felt that way about tools like Archie, FTP and newsgroups – all of which are actually relatively simple to use.

    I agree that RSS is confusing. Arse? What’s that? But how much worse than the terms HTML or XML is that? What about VOIP? The problem is always that we need a killer app.


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