The Secret of How to Sell Anything

The Secret of How to Sell Anything

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  1. Yeah, but mr/mrs customer, let me tell you what I have for you, and how great what I have for you is, and how much you’ll like what I have for you.


  2. Gary Bencivenga isn’t just the greatest living copywriter. He’s maybe the best copywriting teacher… ever. If you guys think his bullets are good, check out his seminar product. I’ve gone through just about every copywriting product there is, and in my opinion, his seminar is the best.

  3. …and just think-the last COPYBLOGGER e-mail said to keep things simple. I am unsure what these jargon words mean..robust? I am robust but I am trying to lose weight. As for bullets-I have barely learned that they are the unnumbered items in a list. So Gary’s unnumbered list items are profound, yes?
    Just below this form are html notes. I am unclear what they are for. I have been filling out forms for 40 years without html. What purpose does html serve in these forms and in such arenas as craigslist? I am learning a lot with COPYBLOGGER, so any help is appreciated, thank you.

  4. What is missed in this brevity is that usually you have to show them what they want without them realizing that they want it.

  5. This is a perfect example of why I think copy writers produce boring and annoying work. They seem to believe the most important achievement is to drag readers into pages and pages of irrelevant topics when the only thing they want to say is: “Find out what people want and help them get it!”

    To me every single copywriting product smells like a scam for this reason.



  6. This is actually from Harry Brownie who died and his book “The Secret to Selling anything.” Garry recommends reading his book which is very powerful indeed.

  7. Yes, thanks Gary. But thank you to Harry Browne even more. I purchased his ebook “The Secret to Selling ~ Anything” based on Gary’s recommendation and it is seriously right up there with “Scientific Advertising” and “How to Win Friends and Influence People” as far as practical sales and marketing advice goes. Truly great stuff!

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