The Return of Teaching Sells

The Return of Teaching Sells

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  1. Thanks for bringing it back… I might just have to sign up this time around! 🙂

    If anything, I’m definitely looking forward to the case studies and the report. Keep us posted!

  2. I was part of the initial Teaching Sells release. I found the information was extensive and well put together. My business partner and I worked all summer on getting an Interactive Learning Environment up and running.

    Unfortunately for us, it just didn’t happen. We are revamping our approach with a faster-to-launch offering with free content and the use of teleconferences (better for our audience). Later, we will likely be using the huge skill-set we gained from teaching sells.

    I look forward to the free content – and I am sure many people will find great success with the new release. Awesome stuff!

  3. I am an original TS member and now a lifetime member. I am referring to TS all the time. Although I was unable to fully execute before due to job, i’m using elements of it now to when crafting strategies and looking to get back into it.

    It’s between this and using CPA models to monetize good facebook games (you have to bring traffic ofcourse). Heheh. Although the latter is high $, the former is more sustainable. I’m hoping more case studies and finishing of the modules as well as new modules.

  4. @Brian,
    “…Actually, we’re not doing a big brass band, fire truck and dancing monkey JV launch for the re-opening. I had initially considered it, but it seems like overkill.”

    This is what I admire a lot about your style of online marketing.

    Come to think of it, I think it all boils down to authenticity and your ability to build solid “cult” of true fans.

    “cult”- not in a magical sense . You know that I mean.

    Make be this explain it better.

    @ Others : TS is a program loaded with wonderful money making ideas. Not like the “re-hash” stuff out there. No fluff!

    It’s in a class of it’s own. Different breed, so to speak!

    You owe it to yourself to check it out.

    ***I am not an affiliate either.

  5. I hopped on board just before Teaching Sells closed its doors. Boy, am I glad I did that!

    Teaching Sells is a world-class program. It inspired me to create two totally different interactive learning environments that will be launched this year.

    One is a project that I’m putting together with Leo Babauta of Zen Habits: the Alist Blogging Bootcamp. This project is based around our writer’s blog

    The other is a series of virtual Zen retreats based around my blog

    Teaching Sells has given me the confidence and knowledge to plan the projects AND bring them to life.

    I’m on the TS site most weeks because it holds so much important information. Now I’m a life member. I look forward to the new intake of members. It’ll be fun meeting some new playmates 🙂

  6. Forgot to say…one of the things that I love about Teaching Sells is that there is no hype! I recommend that you sign up on the list if only to see how beautifully they do it. Each email is so packed with genuine information that you look forward to the next one.

    Normally, when I get promotional emails trying to sell me a course, I delete them. Because they are so full of hype: “Last day!”, “Get Two for One!”, “Enroll now!”, and so on.

    But when I first signed up with TS and got their emails, I realized that there is another way. A way that doesn’t hound people to buy something. A way of giving information generously without asking for something in return.

    I like that!

  7. Whooopeeee! At long last the doors reopen. Let the learning begin.

    It’s been a long time away from the classroom by Brian & Tony but I can tell anyone reading this that those two have been really busy during the break.

    Yeah, they’ve been making what we charter students learned even better for you and this means I get to carry on learning more too!

    And that is what is so great about TS – you cannot get enough. There is so much to absorb, interpret and put into action for yourself. The well of knowledge seems to be bottomless but this time, Brian & Tony have taken the content to a new level.

    I will be back there and I’m certain a host of other charter members will also be willing to offer guidance. So go sign up – you’ll never regret it.

  8. I’m a founding member of Teaching Sells and applied step by step, Brian and Tony’s advice. With the help of my technical support we have built an online learning program called Life Leverage .
    It was a five year dream of mine come true and I could not have done it without the TS course.
    I owe a huge thanks to these two guys and their Teaching Sells course. It isn’t a magic wand; we still have had to put in the hard graft to create it, attract customers and learn from our mistakes, but they mapped the path out for us and that is all you can ever ask of any learning program.

    If you are like me and committed to having your own online learning business, you can’t go wrong but to do Teaching Sells.
    I agree with Brian’s view that learning any subject at all online has an enormous and prosperous future. There are customers to be had and money to be made.

  9. Teaching Sells provided all the guidelines and formats for on-line training. Everything you need to know in one place. While my training is just about ready to go on-line, I will do a final beta following the TS model. Great job, great value and this is just the beginning for on-line training.

  10. Aaron considered giving up SEO Book all together, it got so bad. But you’d know that already if you had signed up and listened to the case study. 🙂

  11. Hello,

    After learning through TS, I was able to get a deep insight into how to re-build my business around teaching. Earlier, I was focusing only on consulting as a revenue channel. But, now I have launched my next channel of revenue which is an e-Learning portal. Thanks to TS, I was able to build this portal and I am currently implementing the marketing and sales lessons available in TS.

    Warm regards,

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