Synthesis Hosting Delivers a New Option for Improved European WordPress Performance

Synthesis Hosting Delivers a New Option for Improved European WordPress Performance

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    • Josh, thanks! We’ve been so impressed with the Digital Ocean team, and we are really, really, ridiculously excited about introducing this new option for our customers.

  1. A bit on the pricey side – but heck – it’s only money ($97 per month for a professional site).

    • As the trusim goes, you get what you pay for. Given how important a fast and secure web presence is these days, I’m shocked that anyone still considers that expensive. That said, people have been trained by the commodity hosting companies to pay very little for very little. Those days are ending for real businesses.

    • Matt,

      Great question.

      The working relationship we have had with MediaTemple has been successful, and it will continue. There will not be any immediate impact on websites we host because of the acquisition. Net2Easy’s data center, where Synthesis-hosted sites’ data is physically hosted, is owned and operated independently.

      We will continue to choose the technology providers and partners who provide the best performance for the websites we host, while maintaining the ability to pivot when positive opportunities present themselves. This is a core principle by which we operate, and the launch of our European data center offering is the latest example.

    • Mike, you are likely to be best served by the Amsterdam data center, though I don’t think it will be a huge difference either way. If you are an existing customer, I’d wait until the new year to switch when the automated migration tools are available.

  2. I am in NJ right now and VA is around the corner or a few hours drive. I’m on the starter plan already.

    Great job Websynthesis team for doing this.

  3. Synthesis really is one of the best hosting options for WordPress, and probably the fastest. It is a bit on the pricey side, but seeing that the services provided are far better than other companies, I don’t mind paying more to keep my sites secure and fast.

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