10 Killer Resources for Social Media Entrepreneurs

10 Killer Resources for Social Media Entrepreneurs

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  1. Have to love the whole concept of comparing SEO with Mike Leach’s Spread offense. I can see how similar they really are, it’s about being innovative and effective, pretty simple when you get down to the heart of it. Thanks for bringing that one to my attention, I would have never caught it.

  2. Thanks for the link, Brian, and you’re more than welcome over on my site at any time.

    Small typo in my last name in the article, FYI (Westerbrook -> Westbrook), but I’ll take it. : )

  3. Where’s the value in displaying Twitter/RSS readership statistics on your blog? I’ve read numerous pros and cons on the issue, but ultimately it comes down to content.

    A blog can have 50,000 “readers” but that doesn’t mean the content is worthy enough they all comment or share, so how is that reader a real number?

    I don’t judge new blogs I come across by statistics; I follow blogs (or Twitter profiles) based on content, e.g. past blog posts/tweets, geography, etc.

  4. @Ari Herzog, Folks like celeb bloggers. Seriously, look at John Chow readership and earnings. Besides good content is but a paypal trip away, but Twitter, Blog or RSS subscribers provide a somewhat reliable matrix in valuing a site.

    Maybe it’s the fresh glass of water talking, but I can’t see how you’d find worthy reading it nobody other than you is reading it to begin with.

  5. Thanks for sharing these links. Many of these I have never visited before. It’s always nice to get a well-rounded view of social media from those who know it best!

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