Site Sensor: Website Monitoring for Content Marketers and Online Entrepreneurs

Site Sensor: Website Monitoring for Content Marketers and Online Entrepreneurs

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    • Hashim, it is frustrating. Ironically, 6 hours before this post went out, the city hit a fiber connection to our office. Servers are 2K miles away so that wasn’t an issue. But for the majority of our Synthesis support team, it would have been an issue. It was nice to know that the Internet connection was down and when it was backup so we could plan accordingly.

  1. This is a great idea. I’ve been having major issues with my primary VPS.

    The provider has been great for a long time, but all of a sudden weird “outages” at really bad times.

    I’ve actually been asking myself lately “Just how often is this down and me unaware??”

    I am checking this out.


    • Astro, server uptime, though critical, is only one part of the equation. Copyblogger.Com, for example has had 99.99% uptime for the past two years but we had no way to tell if a plugin or WP core update introduced an issue to our sitemap or core RSS feed. In our case, the sitemap was an issue and we didn’t know it. It was costing us traffic in a major search engine too!

  2. Could be very useful, I found my site down once, but I had no idea how long it had been down and who knows what it could have cost me.

  3. Very good stuff you guys have it. Seriously! Recently joined Synthesis and yes, probably the best thing happened to me (not really but you get the point) :p

    Thing is, not everyone of us are tech person and thus, small things could caused big issue. Now, thanks to CB, most of my basic doubts are…out.

    Thank you guys and thanks for sharing this article Brian!


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