9 / 11 / 11

9 / 11 / 11

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  1. It doesn’t seem like 10 years. Let’s think of this day as a day of hope, faith, love and strength. No fear. We hope because we can’t give up on tomorrow. Have faith in a higher power. The love for those who lost so much. And the strength that was shown by every single hero involved. If we fear, the day is even more so a tragedy. Blessings to you all.

  2. My thoughts and prayers go to all those who died or suffered.
    Today living in London, but I was in NYC on 9.11.
    On that day, I did not run South alongside the Hudson and take the subway back north from World Trade Center. I was lucky.

    My staff saw the second hit as our offices was in 1411 Broadway facing South on the 32nd Floor. Images they will not forget.


  3. Bright Blessings to all who suffered that day on 9-11. I pray all of the souls who perished found completion on their souls journey here and know how much they were appreciated.
    Thanks for sharing this simple tribute to their memory.

  4. My Families prayers and thoughts are with those Families today, who lost Loved Ones 10 years ago today.
    May the Lord continue to be with them and provide the comfort they so need today, especially the little children.

    God Bless America

  5. Indeed, our prayers are with the families …

    And let’s not forget the nearly 5,000 U.S. service personnel who have died “avenging” 9-11 nor the estimated 100.000 Afghanis and Iraqis (many women and children) who have been slaughtered in the name of “justice” since the U.S. invasion began some 10 years ago.

    Enough already. In the memory of our fallen lets honor the sanctity of life and bring home our troops.

  6. It is hard to believe that is has been 10 years. However, I know those of you that lost a loved one on that day; you have thoughts of them each and every day. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  7. I’m a business owner and a volunteer firefighter. For my business, I read you on a regular basis and really get a lot of great information. Thank you.

    As a volunteer fire fighter. Thanks for taking the time to post a very simple remebrance that says a lot!

    God Bless America and let’s Never Forget the lessons of 9/11/01.

  8. It’s unbelievable that a decade has passed since that tragic day – my thoughts and prayers go out to all those who lost loved ones on 11 September 2001. Their loss can’t be undone, but we can try to make their pain just a little bit less by standing with them. Hugs from across the Atlantic.

  9. ‘As Americans continue to mourn their own innocent victims, the world is watching for some sign of equal compassion for the immeasurably more numerous innocent victims of America’s wars in poor nations since end of WW II.
    ‘Martin Luther King Jr. not only had such compassion but awoke to a determination to speak out against this massive destruction of lives caused by powerful investor conspiracies of war to protect what King called “unjust overseas predatory investments in vulnerable poorer nations all around the world.” ‘ (Jay Janson, 11 Sep, 2011, http://countercurrents.org)

    ‘The Peace Corps has a budget of just $400 million and 8,700 employees, while the U.S. military budget comes to about a trillion dollars annually, counting all the intelligence agencies, and employs more than three million employees. . . . The budgets of the Pentagon and the Peace Corps need to be reversed, as well as their employee numbers.
    ‘We have a clear choice between continuing to fight on the Pentagon’s endless battlefields of war or working in the vineyards of peace.’ (Sherwood Ross, 27July, 2011, http://countercurrents.org)

  10. Thanks for sharing this and we should pray for this Country every day. There are those out there, that hate us, want to hurt us, and will stop at nothing to get us. We need to be “One Nation Under God Again”.

  11. In this day of remembrance, we stand united as one Nation, and I hope, with an outflowing of prayer directed toward those who need it most — the families of the victims as well as those who would perpetrate such destructive acts.

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