7 Strategies for Escaping “Me Too” Product Launches

7 Strategies for Escaping “Me Too” Product Launches

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  1. Hey Jordan,

    Wow!!! This information is good. Thanks for giving out great pointers for a launch. I am seeing a lot of new programs coming out teaching how to do a proper launch. It’s like the hottest trend right now. You definitely deliver some pack full information here.

    Chat with you later…

  2. Good points here and it’s good to realize if you’re going to follow the massive trend that is launching, you still have to do the work, creating scarcity, etc.

    Good to think about!

  3. hah, that’s one kick-ass post you got there, Jordan.
    ANd you guys are trying something new, which is really rare nowadays. I soak it all up.
    I believe the old way of launching is becoming less and less powerful – you really want to create a new experience that hopefully blows people away.
    Nice job, can’t wait to join your sessions.

  4. Hi Jordan,

    There is some great information contained in this post. I am working on a product launch myself so the pointers you included here will come in useful. One for the bookmark list I think!


  5. Great points for all thinking of doing a product launch.

    “The flip side of that coin is that no one wants to be the only person who signs up. Most of us are afraid of the potential ridicule in making a poor decision or supporting an unpopular position.”

    This is totally true. This can be seen in the readers of a blog. If the feed burner stats show 0, then probably no one will sign up.

    But if it is more than 100-500, then people will begin signing up and list of readers will be growing (hence the advice of not showing your feed burner stats till they reach around 100-500).

    Thanks for the post and awesome information.


  6. Really awesome tips! All the time I see people create a great product, but then fail on the marketing stage of it. However, it’s definitely a crucial step in creating a successful product.

    The things you give work extremely well; it’s amazing how much you can do to a product launch by marketing it correctly.

  7. I love this line:

    “Content goes viral simply because it’s as fun (or even more fun) to share than it was to originally consume.”

  8. Unlike the Wizard of Oz, you guys should definitely pay attention to the man behind the curtain. Nathan, thanks for playing the puppet role to perfection… I think I can take it from here. 🙂

  9. I’m reminded, reading this article, about the British toddler who bit the knuckle of his older brother, whose growing grimace during the seconds that followed was found so humorous by an astounding number of people, more than the worldwide audience for the Superbowl. So yes, humor of that sort is a popular tool for attracting the attention spans of those Tweetering, UTubing, IPhoning their days into night. But what does it mean for those who publish, dare I say, literature. A novel whose art changes reality into something deeper, more meaningful than its rather ordinary surface. A book like that has to be read, savored, as one would a glass of 1789 Chateau Lafitte. Mine’s more like a 2008 Edna Valley. But still . . .

  10. @Ward, I think the person who needs to translate product launch strategies into what it means for those who write literature would be you. 🙂

    There are certainly models. Oprah’s book club, while it was running, sold many millions of copies of some fine serious novels. And that was essentially a launch strategy with some refinements.

  11. Great thoughts Jordan. My favorite part is building the popularity quotient, or creating a herd mentality. It doesn’t mean pushing an inferior product down people’s throat. It’s just that you can use, if you can call it, weakness to get more and more people buy from you. Take for instance the iPad mania. I’m sure most people have bought it due to the coolness effect, the herd mentality.

    ~~ Sarah ~~

  12. @Ward. You may have inadvertently answered your own question there. Combine the launch of a great book, with tasting of fine wines.

    (Although the ’89 Lafitte would probably be vinegar, and is likely to cost around $10k a glass.)

  13. Awesome product launch ideas… I’ll definitely be using these for my future launches

    Lets not forget the importance of a good product (some sell themselves) and a good sales page

  14. Great stuff. I had a question about your limited time suggestion. Do you have a strategy for people to use free content to continue to promote their product for the long term? Do you suggest they just create new content or perhaps continue to publish some of the items in high demand?

    I think one of the drawbacks of the “me too” launch is that they are here today, gone tomorrow. But a great launch will propel the business to continue to sell that product.

  15. Good point about the addiction part. Most of the time the audience does not even realize when the freebies are over and its time to shell out until its far too late. It just seems a logical carrying forward of the process.

  16. Jordan,

    This is easily THE BEST post ever on Copyblogger. Thank you and congratulations.


  17. @Alice: I agree that a lot of launches focus primarily on that initial rush of sales when anything fresh goes on the market – it’s justifiable, but I understand your concerns when looking for more of a passive income stream for the long term.

    When it comes to the “limited time” content using the scarcity mindset… who says you couldn’t re-purpose that material for something else at a later date? That sounds like a great way to continue promoting a product – by dripping out a re-packaged version of your pre-launch content every few weeks. There’s no need to have *anything* be disposable and thrown away when it could serve another purpose quite well.

  18. Great post. It seems to be the new “in” thing to do. It seems like there’s a new launch every week. Funny thing is, half of them are about launching new products/services. HA

  19. Extremely useful post Jordon. I am about to launch my eBook and these tips will surely help me design the marketing strategy. Thanks for sharing this.

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