The P.T. Barnum Guide to Online Publicity

The P.T. Barnum Guide to Online Publicity

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  1. Another classic Copyblogger contribution to the blogosphere.

    Thanks Brian.

    I still remember my first circus and the mystery of the enormous PT Barnum.

  2. Many, many years ago I read There’s A Customer Born Every Minute to learn about how PT Barnum did business. I also agree that it’s a fun book with some really good points about marketing, and the best part is that you get to read about the activities of a fascinating man while actually learning! Good book, but can be hard to find unfortunately.

  3. ha ha. corrected it in the manifesto, by the way. it should be out in february.

    Hi Julien… I wondered if this post would bring you out. 🙂

    Can’t wait to read the manifesto.

  4. “Every man’s occupation should be beneficial to his fellow-man as well as profitable to himself. All else is vanity and folly.”

    The advice i was looking to find for a long time. I actually found it a bit earlier this week when i read a post at which talked about how he is now a 20% of a millionaire, he says:

    “Unfortunately I don’t know how to provide a million dollars in value to a single person (and get paid for it), so I figured I’d have to make it up in volume… maybe by providing $1 of value to a million people. I know I can create something that’s worth at least $1 to someone – one good article should do it — so the key is figuring out how to get that value into the hands of as many people as possible.”

    What can we say Bryan? great minds think alike 🙂

    Keep it up,

  5. Nice post. Nice angle. Thanks.

    I’m visiting here for the first time, but I’ll be back, looks like you’ve got some interesting stuff.

  6. For years I’ve appeared on a radio show that feeds to 40 commercial radio stations across Australia.

    The biggest secret to getting free publicity is simply giving the media what they want and making their job easy for them.

    Converting that free publicity into sales takes a lot more thought and skill though.

    Online it’s very similar.

    You can use sites like youtube to get free publicity by following their rules and giving these sites what they want.

    To get a lot of viewers AND turn those viewers into real sales takes a lot more planning and thought.

    Kindest regards,
    Andrew Cavanagh

  7. Ah! I, too, thought it was Barnum who said what has long been attributed to him. Nice to know that P.T. followed up his stunts by telling his audience the truth and giving them something to smile about. Good advice all around.

  8. Quote from at that last link:

    “Barnum unveiled HIS giant and proclaimed that Hannum had sold Barnum the original giant and that Hannum was now displaying a fake!”

    Sounds to me like Barnum was still a lying dirt bag.

    Even if it was true that Hannum’s giant was a fake, he didn’t sell it to Barnum.

    So he WAS a crook, if this information is correct.

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