Now Featuring Benefits!

Now Featuring Benefits!

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  1. My sales training told me about “has, which and so”

    ie. The widget 2000 has advanced membranous woohaa which is 10 times faster than traditional woohaa so you can get onto more important things!

  2. Yep… in face to face sales or even conference calls, it’s a bit rude for the prospect to walk off or hang up before you can get to the “so.” So, usually you can take that route to the end benefit.

    In writing, it’s so easy to click away or contribute your words to the circular file. Therefore, with a written piece it’s better to go with “so, which, has…”

  3. Yup. I’ve got features instead of benefits on my sales page.

    I’m currently going through this exercise and writing down the needs, connection, and root emotion.

    Here’s what I’m finding: if you write down the “root emotion” sentence, use first person and lace it with profanity. If you understand the wants of the customer enough to throw and f-word in there, then you’re pretty close to the true benefit.

  4. Okay… OLD information. Nothing new here…..


    What’s old is new.

    “Huh, whatcha’ babbling about yah’ crotchety withered old coot?”

    Tarnation’ ye young rapscallion!!!

    1. Get offa’ me lawn
    2. Pay attention
    3. Respect yer’ elders

    Okay, listen up ye likely hoodlum.

    Brevity and conciseness; exactly what this comment is NOT.

    The above essay is concise, gets to the point and… is written an a logical easy-to-understand manner/style that grabs the reader’s attention and holds on akin to a hungry pit bull and a medium-rare steak.

    If that analogy doesn’t work for thee consider the youngun’ and his portable game device or cell phone texting device head down, interacting with the beloved device forcing all present within the store, mall or whatever where ever to engage in avoidance maneuvering to avoid an impact with the youngun’ when, in actuality factuality should be drop-kicked, punted off the 3rd-floor onto the hard surface below.

    Comprende, kid? (stated with an evil hiss and a glare of disgust).


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