Can You Resist Clicking These 3 Headlines? (One is So Good I Had to Copy it)

Can You Resist Clicking These 3 Headlines? (One is So Good I Had to Copy it)

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  1. Wow! I would use this one – “12 Of The Most Stunning Asian Landscapes. The Last One Blew Me Away.”

    No doubt this kind of headline takes any visitor to the 12th one first and then brings him back to the first. Now he finishes reading that particular post (a double hit for 12) and may even hit those social button if the headline really suits the post.

  2. I think I’m gonna put a ring on the “Here’s why” headline. : ) Like you said – it gets straight to the point, and if its something your readers care about, they’ll go for it without hesitation. I think this one will work especially cause people have so much to read and/skim through – so with this format they know exactly what they’re gonna get.

    Thanks for breaking down the anatomy of why certain headlines and techniques work. As students when we understand the why – it helps us use the tools and techniques more appropriately. Keep ’em coming!

  3. Great post! I want to marry it (no). Sometimes I ask a question in the headline. The last few posts were like that so it was time to change it up. My latest post title is very to the point and without hype “The Importance of Updating your Will” kind of boring but a necessary message. The SEO title is 3 Reasons to Update Your Will. Also, I talk abut HBO’s Six Feet Under series in the blog and considered whether I should reference that somewhere in the title. Instead, I decided to leave that out and then it’s a nice surprise for the person who decides to read the post. They will think ‘oh, that’s interesting’. At least I hope.

    • Lisa, I wouldn’t include “Six Feet Under” in the headline because it isn’t current and wasn’t seen by enough people. So including could actually turn people off, since they won’t be able to relate. I like your idea of going straightforward. I also think you have some more urgency with this one. When it comes to wills — which often is not of immediate concern for people — you have to manufacture emotion. Something like, “Are You Making the Mistake of Not Updating Your Will?” I think everyone would agree that it’s “important” to update a will. So that may not move the needle as much as adding some urgency will.

      • Indeed. 🙂 That’s why brainstorming for 15-20 minutes and writing down every headline iteration you can think of will help. Sure, it’s a committee of one, but at least you end up with a lot more choices than just running with the first one that pops into your head.

  4. Hey Jerod!

    Intriguing headlines 🙂

    However, I think that success with headlines can not permanent.
    People need something new and fresh regularly.

    For example, simple “12 ways to make money online” does not work any more. But some time ago ti was a success and recommended all around the web in how-to-write headlines (“# ways to do something”, “How to do something” etc). Not

    However, some new tweaks, e.g. “13 ways to make money online (the last one is your last resort)” will probably work. For now. But soon people will get sick and tired of it too.

    So you need always to be creative. What works now will not work (that well) later.

    P.S.: my try of your headline:

    For analytically minded audience:
    Can You Resist Clicking these 3 Headlines? (Get To Know Why Most People Can Not)

    For emotionally-driven audience:
    I Could Not Resist Clicking These 3 Headlines! (Don’s Ask Me Why!)

    For action-driven audience:
    Can You Resist Clicking These 3 Headlines? (One is So Good I Had to Copy it Right Away)

    Just for fun:
    I Thought I Could Resist Clicking These 3 Headlines! (No No It Was Not Me, My Mouse Clicked Itself!)

    For the rebels:
    Don’t Ever Click These 3 Headlines

    • Michael, I agree completely! You have to keep it fresh and you always have to write your headline with the audience in mind. Writing without an audience in mind is like walking in a dark room without light. You might find the door, but more than likely you’re going to run into the wall.

  5. Hi Jerod,
    I may not have read your post had it not been your headline. Which means I’d like to marry the third headline strategy someday in my writing.

    Thanks for the three.

  6. Jerod,

    Have I told you lately that you rock out loud? I’d marry you. Jokes. Not really. Ha!

    I’ve followed copyblogger for f.o.r.e.v.e.r.

    Copyblogger has literally changed my blog, my writing style, my content 🙂 Everything. I’m so grateful. I tell my peeps about copyblogger on my blog, all the live long day.

    Recently, I’ve been following you on G+ too. I just wanted to shout out and tell you how much I appreciate your awesome tips. You really are moving the dial, and making a difference helping others. Thank you !

    Are you going to SMMW14 ? I’ll be there and { hopefully } meeting Brian Clark. I hope he doesn’t run in the other direction.

    Cheers !

  7. I was ‘blown away’ (hah) by how many more readers I got when I added ‘ever’ to this title: Crochet the Cutest Valentine Hearts Ever. It was unbelievable to me even though I’ve been reading as much as I can on the importance of titles. Thanks for the valuable tips!

    • I think it worked because of specificity. No question the “ever” title is a proven winner. Just one of those wells you can only go to so often (as with so many other headline techniques) before it starts getting tuned out by your regular readership.

      • Thanks Jerod-that’s so true. My blog is only 4 months old and although I do numerous revisions to my posts prior to publishing, the title is always so so difficult. After all the hard work you just want it to be read!

  8. I think the relavnce of a headline is exponentially more important than how it’s written.

    Yes, magnetic headlines are a must. But getting a guest post on copy blogger is WAY more important.

    Some could argue that good teqnique is what gets you on copy blogger, but again, duh.

    As for my suggestion for a better headline than yours, how about this for a better headline and post…

    “The best headline EVER…”

    …does nothing without hard work.

  9. My favorite headline you mentioned in the “Here’s Why…”. In my opinion the 9 tips, 3 reasons, 7 ideas, blah blah headline was killed by ezine articles and just doesn’t work anymore. Just like Banner Blindness, I believe there is something called “Headline Blindness”, and that’s why fresh headlines will always outperfom time tested ones in my opinion. Even though “They laughed when I sat down at the piano”, or a version of it may work well, something new and different to break the persons skimming patterns and speak out to them will work better. Thanks for the ebook gonna read it now.

  10. An article about click bait headlines, with it’s own click bait headline that I couldn’t resist clicking.

    Proof in the pudding?

  11. I used the “9 Things No One Tells You About Blogging. One of Them Really Sucks” approach on a comment in lifehacker the other day. (I had read about this approach on another copyblogger article a few days ago)


    Massive spike in traffic!

    Merci beaucoup!

    P.S. Ramsay I love your work!

  12. I’m taking one of Jon Morrow’s courses and learning a lot about writing headlines, so I really appreciate the information in this post — especially since one of our assignments is to write headlines for an hour every day!

    My NEXT post will probably be “Here’s why paper clutter is so tough to deal with.”

    Thanks for the inspiration!!

  13. Heh, reminds me of the headline on a print ad for a local gentleman’s club – “Twelve beautiful girls and one ugly one” No matter how much one might deplore the ad, hafta admit, you wonder about that last girl…

  14. Nice post Jerod. Headlines make such a difference and can have a direct impact on click-through rates too, as I’m sure you’ve discovered for this post. The first example you give is pretty direct as it states “why” Netflix streaming quality has declined. As you mentioned this makes you click through to find out the details which you presume will be given to you straight away.

    Writers and marketers alike should use different tactics for their headlines and news pieces. Once they know what works they can then use this structure again later on.

  15. I read this and went back to a blog post scheduled for tomorrow and fretted over the headline for another 10 minutes – after the hour I’ve already spent on it tonight. Still not sure it’s perfect, but I’m a work in progress.

  16. Hii Jerod, the headline ‘Here’s why’ is really going to work better than the previous one we are using. Thanks for sharing and letting me know about the importance of headings.

  17. Excellent point about the Lego movie. Whether we played with Legos as a kid or not we are all very aware of them and what people can build with a box of Legos and some imagination. That title make me really interested. Has anyone ever done it better than this movie right here? I’m interested in finding out what exactly makes it the best.

  18. My idea for this one:

    The CopyBlogger Headline Award goes to:

    (and the reader should say at the end who is gold, silver, … and why)

    1. straight 2. big brand 3. “best ever” is implicit 4. the little extra is the post itself + 5. incl. the reader 😉

  19. Success! You had me at “Can You Resist”? (No I can not.) I’ve noticed the trend on buzzfeed headlines lately of the “that extra little thing”. And you know what? Gets me almost every time. 🙂

    • Same here! The catchy headline drew me in to read the article, whereas I probably wouldn’t have read it.

      I’ve got to say. America loves lists. If I see any “12 of the……”, “Top ten…..”, or “5 of the coolest”. I’m sure to click on it. And I can guarantee most of the people surfing online will to.

      Thanks for the read!

  20. I know the “10 Things That Do Such and Such. #6 Made Me Have an Emotional Reaction.” template is big right now, but honestly it makes me cringe every time. Even if Upworthy hadn’t driven it into the ground, it would still feel so nakedly manipulative to me.

  21. It’s true, they work – but they also drive some people crazy. Heard of Upworthy? Check out the “Downworthy” browser plugin. If nothing more, it’s good for a laugh. 🙂

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