MyCopyblogger: 14 Free Ebooks and an Updated 20-Part Internet Marketing Course

MyCopyblogger: 14 Free Ebooks and an Updated 20-Part Internet Marketing Course

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  1. Simple new way to promote your registration. It’s really great idea Brian.

    The ebooks are awesome. It has the best of what had appeared here on CB. It’s something everyone need to check to make their blog better.

  2. At first I was skeptical that the ebooks had value because you can find much of the same information published on Copyblogger.

    But then I actually downloaded one and found that the format is great to use as a distraction-free reference.

    It’s also great sharing with others. A pdf attached to an email beats a link any day

    • I agree, we tried to make them much more user-friendly than trying to click all over the site. I like to just sit down and read in a focused way.

  3. Hi there! Question for you: I recently signed up for Authority and I’m wondering if I can access the same information through my Authority account or if you’d like people to sign up for this separately. Thanks!

  4. You guys are so META. I learn by watching your every step and appreciate all you’ve taught me – both in your content and your actions. Now if I could just catch up instead of being 3 steps behind…

  5. A great way to promote new registrations.
    I already registered with it and the ebooks are awesome. The internet marketing ebook is what I needed.
    Thanks Brian.

  6. I am so completely impressed that you went to the effort to gather this all up into booklets!! Given how busy people are, it is so much efficient to read information in this manner rather than clicking around (and forgetting half of what you read!)

    Thank you. Love the new look of the site too.

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