How to Become a Content Marketing Expert

How to Become a Content Marketing Expert

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  1. A self proclaimed content marketing expert, or industry recognised content marketing expert?

    They are two very different things of course. Anybody can claim to be a content marketing expert, which they may be, but without industry recognition it isn’t particularly valuable.

    In fact, I’d argue that another section should be added to this post about promoting yourself as a content marketing expert. Surely, as an expert, you’d have a few ideas anyway, no?

    As always, a great read Copyblogger. Continue to tickle my taste buds.

    • That’s all part of what we’ll be covering in side Authority, Jakk. You might know I’m not fond of self-proclaimed experts of any kind. 😉

      • Damn! My guest post topic “Become a Rich Content Marketing Guru and make Millions from your own Amazing Brain” doesn’t sound so suitable for Copyblogger now Brian.

        Get back to the drawing board, I must.


    • That’s a very good point Jakk. I have had a few people contact me through my blog and say that they read posts I have written on Problogger, Forbes and other sites. They said that they wanted “experts” for their site. However, the fact that I have had a couple people who read my work call me an expert doesn’t make me one until almost everyone in the industry knows my name. Being able to call yourself good at what you do is one thing, but being able to call yourself an industry guru is another thing entirely.

  2. Brian,
    I am basically kick starting from scratch but do have a bit of blogging success with my ham radio hobby as a learning place. Launched my coaching blog some time ago and in rethinking my online presence, I’m convinced that blogging will be a great marketing tool for me. I do wonder if the Authority program would be over my head and targeting a higher level than where I am currently.

    I love the email and content things I subcribe to on Copyblogger and now have a ton of reading and application work to get done. I serve a very tight market niche. I coach missionaries and pastors in career transition. Finding and reaching them over personal and security concerns is difficult.

    Wondering if this program would help me get the pop I need to get heard and serve my tribe? Appreciate your input and advice very much!

    • Kelly, we’ve got a mix of materials, there’s what we call the Marketing Core that will definitely come in handy for your situation, and then you can dip into the more advanced material if/when you feel that would be valuable.

      • Hi Sonia, what do you mean when you say “and then you can dip into the more advanced material if/when you feel that would be valuable”? Is that additional content to buy separately or is what you are referring to included in the “Authority” program? Thanks.

        • It’s all included, and there’s also an extensive library of seminars on just about any online marketing topic you can think of.

  3. I’ve been an Authority member for just over a week and its freakin AWESOME!!
    Its loaded with ACTIONABLE content and is very user friendly. Just what we’re used to from Copyblogger!

    • I look forward to checking this out as well. After all the great content I’ve gotten for free from Copyblogger over the years, I can’t wait to see how good the stuff is that is actually charged for haha =)

  4. This is why I consider training a real investment.

    It’s what you KNOW and that makes all the difference.

    Trying to figure it out all alone could cost you opportunities which are the most expensive.

  5. My blog is still only a few months old but I have used social media to bring traffic to my site only and it’s exhausting at times constantly blasting tweets to my followers to get a handful of visitors to read my content. I am going to start more phase of marketing that hopefully will drive more traffic to my site. Thanks!

  6. The first step in mastering the content marketing is … mastering the time.
    Timing above all is everything. The content marketing as well as the inbound marketing generally it is not a fixed science nor technology. It is purely creativity, imagination and most important intelligence. The hardest part is to concentrate and be in time with the schedule.

  7. For me, this was a no brainer. Joined yesterday.

    I talk a lot about the use of tribes, developing your army. Joining such a community to share knowledge, assistance, and authority is the way the Internet works these days.

  8. First I have to say, I like the new tagline, Leave Lame Behind. How much clearer can it be. One thing is certain, it does take a lot of time and work but once you get the content ball rolling, it has the potential to tap into that coveted online inertia of authority.

  9. I´m totally agree with you, Networking and sharing ideas with like-minded professionals is one of the best things to earn authority. But sometimes things sounds easier than they will be.

  10. I 100% agree with what you said “You hear everyone talking about online content marketing, because with today’s Internet-empowered prospect, content marketing is what works.”

    Content is everything now, if you don’t have good content on your website who wants to visit it and read anything? If you don’t have good content who is going to post an article you wrote on their website for a guest post? The answer is no one, unless they have no clue what they are doing of course. Anyways.. I agree with you article, I am going to send some of my writers here, sometimes when I explain this to them it just doesn’t go very well, maybe after they read this it will help them get a little better clue what is going on and why content is important right now.

  11. Hi,

    I’ve a few queries:

    1. Does this course cover only about content MARKETING? Does it cover content GENERATION strategies like – “How to Write Useful Content”?, “How to Research the Topic before You Write on It”?

    2. Does it provide a framework of writing posts that will help me as a blogger to connect with my readers and build a tribe?

    3. Will all my queries related to Content Generation and Marketing be answered in forums by your mentors mentioned on Authority page?

    Looking forward to hear from you.


  12. As much as I would love to have that success without almost all the hassle the writer went through, that I think, is kind of idealistic. With that being said, I would rather go through what the writer went through because all those missteps, trial and error stuff creates the solid foundation everyone wants in this business.

    Emotionally you’re able to rationally think when tragedy (thinking business) strikes. Having that solid foundation through the years of experience also equals knowledge applied which we know as wisdom. That’s something rising fast couldn’t produce.

    Brian, I’ve initially read your post on the IM social networking site,

  13. A couple points hit close to home when reading this and glad to know we’ve been following majority of the points made! As for the others we haven’t been touching, we are now working on them to further our development and grasp of this specialized area of marketing.

    1. There is a lot to learn – Correct! We try to help educate the clients of what we know and are also still learning each day, hence reading this article and many others like it.

    2. Best practices for applying the strategy – All businesses can implement content marketing into their overall digital marketing, SEO or Social campaigns, BUT how to make it enticing to the readers (your customers) is crucial to its success.

    3. Is content marketing a solid idea and how is it executed – We feel, YES, it is a solid idea and a proven one at that. Many companies, large and small, have successfully connected content with marketing. It’s not just for web pages or print ads any more. It’s much deeper, much more sophisticated. Content can be used all over the web in strategic ways most never knew about: commenting, blogging, guest posting, link building, social posts… the list goes on.

    Great post and quick, informative read. We’ll look into Authority as we continue to evolve in our new Cary, NC location.

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