Much Obliged: The Power of Reciprocity

Much Obliged: The Power of Reciprocity
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  1. Agree. Also, by giving you create trust. It’s much easy to sell to someone who trusts you.

    Great article. Great blog. Love your style of writing. Good stuff.


  2. People act differently under the shield of their computer screens. I would like to see data on how the reciprocity principle works in cyberspace. People may feel perfectly comfortable take, take, taking all of your free information because they do not personally feel the pressure to reciprocate as they would if you were interacting in real life.

  3. Offering the most expensive version first is part of Price Conditioning. It’s done in clothing stores all the time. After recovering from the intentional sticker shock of the top of the line item, those mid-price ones will seem like a screaming bargain by comparison.

    Remember that next time you go buy a suit…

    Joe 🙂

  4. Love this! Have you read Cialdini’s book by chance? The same example was used to explain the phenomena.

    @Tyler there are actually studies being done to see if their are differences in people’s behavior in relation to face-to-face and online. If interested look for research on Computer-mediated-communication or if you have any specific questions feel free to twitter me: @cjow

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