How to Build a Mobile Responsive Website With WordPress

How to Build a Mobile Responsive Website With WordPress

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  1. Since StudioPress started to make the child themes responsive I build all the sites using them.

    What I love most is the fact that I don’t have to spend hours making a theme responsive, but just make the extra bits added responsive.

    I usually take the theme, make it mine by adding a custom design and then make those changes responsive.

    Easy as pie!

    • Hi Eugen,

      I learnt this after hours of frustration … just build and then fix the mobile responsive elements later. At the time of writing, not all sorted on my site … still a few design elements to finish, but once done, we can sort out the responsive elements. Wish I’d read your idea before I gave myself a headache, but it’s refreshing to see someone else make that suggestion.

      All the best.

  2. I chose a mobile theme for my kale smoothies site because I knew that I didn’t want to futz with CONVERTING it later, and I’m fairly happy with it as it is.

    However, right off the bat I noticed some conflicts with using different plugins at the same time, so maybe I need to switch to something more stable, like a StudioPress theme.

    How hard is it to port your content to another theme? Do you have to just rebuild it from the ground up? I’d like to have the most solid theme possible, going forward.

    • Paul, it really depends on what kind of content you have and what your layout currently is. At quick glance of your site, it appears you’ve got the “Pinterest-style” layout. Believe it or now, I’m currently developing a theme called Pin This which is pretty similar to that layout.

      My hope is to make that responsive, assuming I don’t run into any issues with the couple scripts we’re using to pull of that type of layout. If I don’t run into any problems, moving off your current theme to that theme shouldn’t take much effort.

      Obviously you’d need to do some CSS/style changes if you want different colors/fonts, but content-wise you should be good to go.

  3. I really don’t know what I’d do without StudioPress themes. Been using them for about 5 years and I’ll never use a theme from anyone else, ever. I would also never use a theme now that wasn’t mobile-responsive. It used to be a nightmare checking how a site looked on every device, at every resolution. Now I just know they always look right.

    Personally, the eleven40 theme is my favourite. I use a slightly modified version of it on every single one of my blogs at the moment!

  4. Hello!

    Excellent tips and I am using Genesis Framework from quite a long time now. Its been really amazing and easy to customize.

    I was struggling to get the Mobile Responsive concept but this post have been cleared lots of things from my mind.

    Thanks for sharing great valuable content 🙂

  5. Thanks for sharing the information. This is actually a perfect timing as I have been working on what to upgrade on my own site! I really love the ideas; keep it up!

  6. Just a question? Does the mobile friendly theme switch properly using caching plugin? I came across some where caching causes mobile pages being displayed on desk top browsers

  7. Excellent post, Kelton! Being mobile is what today really has become and as a marketer, I’m very glad to have come across this article. It’s good to know that there’s a wonderful, available, ready tool to help me (and my clients) develop an all-in-one website to reap SEO benefits. Thank you for putting together these information.

  8. Hello Kelton… I noticed that the Lifestyle Child Theme is not on the list of the responsive child themes. Is the latest version of Lifestyle child theme responsive at this time?

    if not yet… do you have any recommendation on how to make it responsive? Any recommended plugins or perhaps a service for converting it to mobile?


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