How to Write a Magnetic Headline (in Under 15 Minutes)

How to Write a Magnetic Headline (in Under 15 Minutes)

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  1. Stitcher, please! I promise you, it’s very popular on Android!

    Huge thanks for asking me to put it on stitcher. They ended up featuring me on the home page, app & an email in the “what’s new” section. I’m so stoked. – Sean Malarkey

  2. I’d like to emphasize that the key is to a great headline is to make a “real” promise. (Let’s get real folks!)

    When I read a headline that’s over promising (and tacky) I don’t even bother reading on…

  3. Ogilvy’s headline tips definitely are immortal! One of the tips I remember was that the best headlines were between 9-13 words.

    I agree in some respects, but if I see a good promise in it, I usually never mind its length.

  4. Jerod,

    Being specific adds clarity to your mind. Clear think readers are likely to click through.

    Number themed posts do well because if you hit the numbers in your post – listing 5 tips, etc – you were clear and you delivered.

    Power share as always. Thanks Jerod!

  5. Demian,

    I like your take on the 4 Ps. Very interesting approach : Promise, Paint a picture, Proof and then Push.


    I am busy studying Jon Morrow’s headline hacks to help master the art.

    My two cents : I find that actionable headlines are fantastic in creating a sense of agency … which tend to create a sense of urgency in the mind of the reader and galvanise them into action. A headline that gets a reader to take action is the one that comes alive and builds on the know, like and trust pillars of online relationships.


  6. This article is almost unreadable without examples. Well…not unreadable (I was being dramatic) but some of your points are confounded withindustry lingo and tend to get lost without illustrative examples of headlines.

  7. It is so true. Even on the inbox of an email, people see the subject line before clicking to view the inner content of that mail. If the subject line is not interesting to the viewer, it is no point of having a great content or advertisement inside the email, as the viewer might not be clicking on that particular mail.

  8. Headlines rock. Good ones, anyway. Until I read this, I did not realize you published a headline guide too. I know what’s gong to be next on my list of required readings.

    I have been recently introduced to the Copyblogger world online and I have to say, you guys make it easy to like you. Great stuff upfront, talented writers everywhere and real world results. Thank you for sharing all this.

    • Thank you for the kind words Stephen! We are here to help, educate, and hopefully inspire. 🙂 (And to learn from you too, which we do every day.)

      • Absolutely, Jerod. Frankly, the idea of sharing all the good stuff upfront and enticing people to want even more is a most excellent one. Kind of like Costco demos in the food aisles, a taste here and there delicious and excellent quality and pretty soon your cart is full. And you are making your way through the checkout as a well satisfied paying customer.

        • That is the idea. It is the philosophy we teach to our readers, and we try to teach by doing. 😉 The satisfaction is the most important part. You’ve got to solve real problems for people.

  9. Should i worry about the heading length and search engine perspective as well while making a striking headline… please guide.

  10. Wow it’s really fantastic. Headline is the most important thing of an article. It’s help to attract visitor. Thanks for sharing such nice article.

  11. Yes a headline is most important for customer 1st impression. So you can’t ignore this. A magnetic headline can be change your CTR very impressively

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