Landing Page Makeover Clinic #9: The Four Ps of Podcasting

Landing Page Makeover Clinic #9: The Four Ps of Podcasting

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  1. I come to a screeching halt at #2: “The Four P’s of Podcasting.” *bzzzzt!* I’m a bit horrified that the spreading disease of making plurals into incorrect possessives by way of gratuitous apostrophe use has found its way into a copywriting blog. Dear lord.

  2. Personally I find correct usage to be the most readable, since it actually communicates the proper meaning. It only looks “wrong” to so many people because they mostly see it done incorrectly, so now they think that wrong “looks right.” An apostrophe is not a piece of jewelry that you can just tack on whenever you think something needs to look better.

  3. Brian,
    Why is he selling podcasts without the podcast being the primary and first focus of his page? I mean to say it is several clicks away to see if he’s any good at it. And why is he using a negative visual? Tell me yes, with brilliant words, but show me or let me hear how effective you are….Cd=sound or visuals. I don’t get it.
    Would not buy. Would not even read his words because the visual is off putting…only read further because it was here….maybe I am not his audience?
    All best, Jan

  4. Roberta,

    Thanks for the critique. Certainly a lot to think about. Looking forward to reading more comments as well.

    @myth(1) — We choose “P’s” for the reason Roberta suggested…readability.

    @Brian(3) — The title has resonated very well with our customers, all of whom are looking for an easy way to understand the steps to deploying a corporate podcast. I’d certainly welcome your ideas on a better term.

    @Janice(5) — We are not selling a podcast but the process of developing and deploying a podcast. What is the negative visual? Do you mean negative words in the beginning? The reason is simple–you first bond with people less on your solution and more on your ability to articulate the problems they face. They don’t arrive at the website by searching for “great podcast production firm”, they find us by typing “how to make a podcast” (the problem). The example sub-head shown in the critique, “Learn How to Benefit…” is one of MANY such sub-heads, depending on the search term entered.

  5. Roberta,

    Right on point.

    I especially liked the “make your copy get right to the point” statement.

    Too often we spend too much time trying to warm our reader up rather than jumping right to the point.


  6. Scott,
    Your image is hostile. It has nothing to do with words. Visually you have a huge “foreign” object descending forcefully on your viewer in a rather sterile ground. It also reads , how to say this in polite company?, rather graphically on a subliminal level and I know that is not your intention.
    I think Brian made a few suggestions on some more on target images anyway.
    I can see your market is corporate. But corporate =dry? no.
    I would still like to see your brilliance and ease demonstrated with a podcast right up front.
    I was impressed with a memorable video cast that Dave Allen has on his site. I bought his book immediately in part based on that upfront use of the medium and his ease.
    And I see Brian has given you a much better title. Using a visual word like keys gives you another opportunity to underscore your words with visuals…keys are also aural in nature.

    All due respect and best wishes,

  7. I agree with your assessment. I would also add the following:

    Where’s the story? Nothing draws me in.
    The color scheme is a little cold and uninviting.
    There’s nothing on the page that establishes the credibility of the product or creator.
    The photo occupies too much space on the page.
    The headline should be more of a focal point.
    The copy fails to persuade, this may be due to the fact that it very sparse.

    The page definitely needs to be reworked.

  8. First thing that came to my mind was “huh, a CD about Podcasting?” Why not make it downloadable? Instant gratification has some sales appeal and it’d seem to make sense since it’s about Podcasting and not “CDcasting”. πŸ™‚

  9. Great points all around here guys and gals. Nice touches to an already glowing report from the Maven.

    Hat is off to Scott for being willing to go under the microscope and get beaten up a little bit by Copyblogger readers πŸ™‚

    Every one of these is like a kick in the butt for me in terms of reminding me what to works- and to trim the fat of my message. Thanks Maven and Brian and Scott.

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