Landing Page Makeover Clinic #6:

Landing Page Makeover Clinic #6:

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  1. Excellent critique Roberta.

    I work with small business owners to market themselves, and in doing so I’m constantly repeating several of the above points you mentioned.

    Use a consistent font. Have a strong tag line with supporting imagery. Emphasize the important elements.

    I’m convinced that most small businesses could learn a lot from this landing page makeover, I’ll be sure to point them here and to your website.

    Thanks for your time and effort,

    – Mason Hipp

  2. Fabulous as usual Maven! Keep up the good work. I am sure all the readers appreciate the suggestions, insight, tips, and time that you spend on the makeover clinics.

  3. I think the free stuff, is very important. It will get people to come to the site above beyond what they have to pay for. This increases your users and helps your word of mouth through increasing your network of users. For me it should be number 1

    Plus if you read up on SEo you can fine tune your free content to perform well in Search Engnines. Once you have done that people will get to know about your main site.

    Free stuff, its critical!

  4. Hey- great review. I really appreciated your thoroughness and how detailed you were in your critique. I’d love a similar one for my page.

  5. The design needs some serious work. First of the layout is to scattered. There needs to be a function for ever aspect on the page. Plus having such a large homepage is beneficial from the search engine perspective, but detrimental from the viewer. Also a color scheme needs to be established. There are way to many colors being used on the site….

  6. One critical SEO pointer:

    Much of the product copy is duplicated elsewhere on the internet. You can verify this by picking a 10-12 word phrase, and searching for the phrase in quotes on Google.

    You should rewrite these to be original, unique copy. Otherwise the search engines will likely ignore your site. They really don’t like duplication.

  7. As the publisher, EMK would generally be the first writer of product copy. Resellers would then pick up the publisher’s copy, hence the duplication. Perhaps we should encourage publishers to encourage their resellers to rewrite the product descriptions for their own sites.

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