Landing Page Makeover Clinic #14:

Landing Page Makeover Clinic #14:

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  1. Good luck Christine with implementing these improvements which sound fantastic. Particularly, I would love to see more photos of room sets to give an idea of what is possible.

    with love, blessings, gratitude
    Guru Kaur

  2. I really like the idea of offering color suggestions for baby rooms. All of the new mothers I meet are so concerned about the aesthetics of their kids’ rooms, from curtains to bedding. This is excellent insight.

  3. Thanks a lot for great tips.

    Yes, an emotional touch always boosts sale.
    I learned something new from the link – ‘Maven’s Landing Page Makeover page’.

  4. Mea Culpa! One of you eagle-eyed Maven Makeover fans wrote to tell me that he noted more than usual quota of typos, dropped words in today’s post. (I’m sure almost all of you found them. You just didn’t want to hurt my feelings 🙂

    I’m a terrible self-editor and I should have taken my own advice which is READ THE PIECE OUTLOUD to find the errors.

    So, my apologies for the appearance of slap-dash. I just don’t type fast or accurately enough to go from brain to keyboard.

  5. I agree with a lot of the advice. I don’t run a gift business, but a lot of these tips are things that I look for when I am buying a gift. Especially personalisation. Most places I go for gifts either let me wrap it, send a card, personalise the card, or do something special.

  6. In the intro, you mentioned that she has “pumped up her SEO.” Ihink she should keep pumping…and look for better SEO guidance. Seeing her TITLE tag with “Home Page” taking up unnecessary room means she’s missing out on organic traffic related to children, gifts, decorating, etc.

  7. @Thomas – excellent point! But most everyone in the gift business, myself included who enjoys (and has enjoyed) stellar rankings for my keyphrases, is suffering this year. That was the pain point I wanted to address. Lack of conversion once folks arrive.

  8. Great review of her landing page.

    LANDING PAGE: should be simple and call attention to your best products. Also, it should tell your visitors what you want them to do (subtly). Thanks for the other great tips!

  9. The artwork is wonderful. It is warm, inviting, and stimulating. It is however large and I can’t see many people buying more than 1.

    I would suggest targeting day care facilities and private schools as well as homes.

    For this I would set up a separate page. This artwork would make a great first impression in the reception area. Most parents are very critical when looking at facilities. They look at every detail. Some text along the lines of, ” A picture is worth a 1,000 assurances.”

    They may be able to sell multiple pieces by segmenting their campaign this way.

  10. Great advice. I would say that she needs to ask herself what a customer would ask themselves when they first land on the site: “Am I at the right place?” (make it obvious) and then “What do I click on next?” (send them to your artwork and use google analytics to see if it is working). Once people start to browse the site then your chances of a sale go up a lot.

  11. Thank you for the great tips. Your post will make a great reference for when I am building my own landing pages.

  12. I can see some Free giveways to the right hand side. You can use this as a great opportunity to build a targeted mailing list to sell your special promotions later.

    You should build an optin box and highlight the offer with an emphasis on FREE.

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