Landing Page Makeover Clinic #10:

Landing Page Makeover Clinic #10:

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  1. perhaps the ‘Bios for Specific Jobs’ – could have been a simple pulldown menu (similar to the famous QuarkXpress dhtml menus.

    And the Header tags above each paragraph could have been larger – with alternating pastel colors for each paragraph.

    Also Pale blue does not appear to be an exciting color.

    Perhaps a corporate shade of Green for the Header Text would have been more compelling

  2. The makeovers are great because I really learn by seeing examples. This one was especially helpful to get my thinking in the right direction…esp. “Think beyond selling the product…”

  3. There’s no focal point on the page. My eyes don’t know where to look first. There needs to be more distinction between the different page elements and all of the links act as a distraction. I think Barbara would also benefit from narrowing her focus.

    Also, what’s her expertise? There is nothing that establishes her credibility on the landing page. She should include a short bio, headshot and a few relevant testimonials.

  4. “If you build it, big whoop-de-do.” – I couldn’t have said it better myself.

    Her target market needs to be enticed, they are tired, they are more than likely over-stretched,].

    When they land on her page…she’s got to give them enough pizzazz to at least make them WANT to read the page.

    And, as usual, your critique is right on point and her focus has to be to build a relationship and give them a compelling reason to consider her offer.

    Oh how I do enjoy watching you work your craft. Thanks for sharing your insight!

  5. “The key is devising a smart promotion plan to not just drive traffic, but relevant traffic that’s ready to convert in some tangible, quantifiable manner.”

    Brilliant idea. Ingmar Bergman, in reference to his film making, said that to him it is like throwing a spear and then figuring out how to get there. Upfront design of all aspects of the project is critical IMO to make sure you are going to get where you want to go. I think this is going to be a richly informative Makeover Series… count me in.
    All best, Jan

  6. Roberta,

    Thank you for your very helpful makeover. I’ll be implementing most of your suggestions.

    I had to laugh at your comment that the templates for sale seemed to be an afterthought. You are correct!

    Originally the article “How to Write a Short Bio” was on the resources page of my main website One day I was looking at my stats and I noticed that the bio article was getting a lot of traffic.

    Ever the entrepreneur, I thought “hmmm…if there are that many people searching for how to write a bio, a certain percentage of them would probably want to purchase a template”. So I put the article on its own domain along with the templates for sale.

    One of my challenges with this site is finding that delicate balance between selling and providing useful information. As you noted above, 99% of my visitors come from organic search engine traffic. That’s because I have the #1 position in Google for “how to write a bio” and related phrases. And the reason why I have that #1 position is because of the useful information on the page. So I need to keep that in mind as I make changes.

    I checked out for templates and the site looks great. I was all set to start recommending it to my clients, but unfortunately their support seems to be lacking. I’ve been trying to contact them for nearly a week and no response, so that does not bode well.

    Thanks again for your terrific makeover. I’ll keep you posted on my changes and the (hopefully) increased conversion.


  7. Barbra, you’re a great sport (and got a great critique).

    Roberta’s point #1 is one of my consistent favorites, and one of the hardest things to do–put yourself out of the picture and focus on your customer.

    I do sympathize with Barbra’s not wanting to do a typical yellow-highlighted, red-headlined squeeze page like millions of other horrible squeeze pages out there. But there are a lot of other options–for a good one, check out Brian’s free report that kicked off the Teaching Sells launch. No highlighting, but very solid persuasive structure.

    I was impressed by the Marketing Sherpa link, btw. A very convincing endorsement by Seth Godin, not too shabby.

  8. These are some awesome tips not only for her website, but to consider for any web site and helps with working through issues as I’m building out some of my work.


  9. Superb article, I’ve been following Marketing Sherpa (among others) for a long time and learned heaps, thanks so much for continuing to provide valuable information all these years – it has been incredibly helpful and informed many projects.

  10. Can I hear a WHOOP WHOOP! I am leaping like a deer right now and have the energy of a 10 cans of redbull!Woohaarr!!!

    Roberta Rosenberg, you are a silky smooth, heart pumping, awesome injection giving human being! I have read many a marketing blog in my day and this exceeds everything I have soaked up so far!Why? You are so generous with your content-tips and tricks plus you have a catchy/ quirky personality! Love it! You are now NUMBER ONE in my blog subscriber listings!Keep rocking this social media space MRS!

    High fives
    Sam Mutimer

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