How to Create an Influencer Plan that Drives Your Content Marketing

How to Create an Influencer Plan that Drives Your Content Marketing

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  1. When I worked at VaynerMedia I pitched a very similar idea to our client, The Oprah Winfrey Network. Unfortunately the program never got the greenlight, and I was left with my unfounded guesses about how successful it could be.

    Thanks for sharing a case study, Joe. It’s time for me to sell this idea to my new clients!

    By the way, I just shared your book on Google+ and I’ll be purchasing it on Monday.

  2. Wow, Joe…thank you so much for sharing your strategy in such specifics- this definitely strikes a cord with me. I have been working hard on building relationships with influencers, and the tactics you’ve described here sound like fantastic ways to add value and extend the site’s reach.

    Thanks again. Will definitely be putting some of your advice into action!

  3. Good stuff, Joe. I think I’ll give that book a good look. I’ve heard about the influencer list, but hadn’t really given the purpose of having one much thought. Huh. Once again, I’m schooled by the pros about what I could be doing better.

    On a different note, if you’re reading this Joe, I appreciate your webinars. I try to watch one whenever I am able to make the time to do so. They have been a valuable asset. So, thank you.


  4. Joe,

    Great post! Question: what was the order of events from when you started producing content with the $6000/mo budget, to when you reached out to your influencers for their content? From what I remember back in the day, there was Junta42, and it was just you posting your own content. Did you post the 42 most influential bloggers from Junta42 or from the CMI blog?

    Thanks Joe!

    • Hey Fernando…great question. It was just me for the first three years. Michele and team weren’t brought on board until 2010.

      Was great chatting with you at #cmworld my friend!

  5. Joe – quick question for clarification on the 4-1-1 Sharing System.

    Should the focus be on one influencer at a time? Or is the 4 in the ratio made up of any influencer’s content? Or do you focus on multiple influencers at once using the 4-1-1 ratio for each one?

    Hopefully that makes sense, because I just confused myself.

    Either way, I think the point is – when you want the attention of influencers – you should share more of their stuff than your own. Correct? I doubt there’s anything magic about 4-1-1.

    • Hi Kasey…the 4 in the equation means ALL influencers on your list, so that means you can share multiple influencer posts.

      And you are right…you need to be sharing MUCH more influencer content than your own OWNED content.

      Hope that helps.

  6. What’s so great about your original strategy is that you actually sat down and planned it out. You’d be surprised how many people I talk with that have no idea where they want to go, and perhaps more importantly, how they’ll get there.

    I had no money when I started my latest blog and turned to Google Books. I researched historical topics that would interest people where I live, and which weren’t online much in a clean, crisp, and clear way.

    You can always find some area that’s lacking in content and fill that gap, and maybe you’ll even create an audience in the process.

    • Greg, you talked about using google books to create resources. Just want to ask-did you buy the books or did you use the pages that were available to write your review?

      And secondly what strategy did you apply to monetize the traffic you got from writing such awesome content?

      Joe just have to say thanks for sharing this inspiring story with us.

  7. Extremely helpful article. People (including myself) tend to underestimate how important it is to leverage other influencers networks, especially when your community is just starting up or is very small. Awesome post, can’t wait to see the results of this advice Joe!

  8. Great post! Definitely something more bloggers should work proactively on as the traffic and social media shares will not come by themselves. I like the 4-1-1 system!

  9. Awesome stuff Joe. I think knowing how to network and build relationships at a very high level is an intangible, yet *mandatory*, skill for every content marketer. I followed this exact strategy the moment they gave me the reigns at Drillinginfo, and continues to pay huge dividends.

    Thanks again for all you do to (virtually) mentor us all. Can’t wait to read the book, brother!!

  10. Great story of your starts with great tips for every reader. I found very useful the idea of 4-1-1 and the importance of the community.

    When i started my blog i didn’t know almost nothing. Thanks Jon! You are a contributor at my evolution.

  11. When you first published that ranked list, what was your readership? Did it matter to the people on that list because your blog was already (somewhat) popular? Or were those people just excited about the exposure and in turn shared which in turn increased your exposure?

    • Hi Jared…when we first published the list in January of 2008, we didn’t have more than 5,000 visitors a month. So we weren’t popular at all.

      But the key was we started building relationships with these people before the list came out. They already knew who we were, so that really helped in them accepting the list.

      Hope that helps.

  12. Man, $6,000 is a bit more than two nickels to rub together.

    I’ve launched a content firm with enough cash to buy the domain name and hosting. Presently, I do most of the writing myself and have a few writers/editors/researchers who are all new to the world of online writing, yet well trained and skilled.

    I’ll be reaching out to influencers more when I’ve decided our company is ready for the exposure.

    As a respectful aside, this was not a terribly engaging post.

      • Ah, great. Thanks for clarifying. Impressive growth, I look forward to having an actual budget for such things. For now, it’s just budgeting time and sacrificing other paying opportunities.

  13. “We believed that if we presented them as true rock stars on our site, with amazingly helpful content, the influencers would be more likely to share the content with their audience. ”

    100% agree. Your best influencers deserve a little recognition for what they do. And most of us love to see something positive tied with our names so why wouldn’t we share it and give ourselves a pat on the back? By promoting your influencers you are helping build their personal brands, which can then positively reflect back on your own site because they can be seen and reached there.

  14. Great article.Working with an influencer to promote your brand can be very beneficial to improving brand awareness and in turn sales. This is definitely an exercise in fit, we have to ensure that the influencer matches the personality and goals of your brand. Once you find an individual that suits your brand’s initiatives, collaborate with them and watch as engagement numbers rise.

  15. Thanks for sharing these tips Joe! Marketers should take time reading this article if they want to have more productive outcome in their campaign.

  16. The 4-1-1 rule is completely changing the way I think about reaching influencers. We’ve tried to get their attention by creating awesome content, but have really missed out on sharing what they’ve already created. Mind open.


  17. Very informative article. Do you think the 4-1-1 system is applicable to Facebook for retail brand building as well? The system sounds great to use on Twitter.

  18. Wow these are really great tips Joe. I am grateful after reading the whole article. Great and beneficial knowledge from expert are my guide to achieve what they have now. The approaches you’re sharing are precise. I put myself out on building connections with influencers and I see that you’re ideas here are incredible technique to motivate me on extremely active on social networks and start getting the attention of influencers. I will definitely follow your ways. Please continue to share your great ideas and thanks again.

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