I am a Shameless Attention Seeker

I am a Shameless Attention Seeker

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  1. Heh… yes, now my life is complete.

    Although, that blog about cute kittens is still beating me.

    And you know how I feel about cat blogs… πŸ™‚

  2. Congrats, you’re now owning Steve Palina and firmly in 99th place.
    BTW…what’s wrong with a tip jar…I was just going to add one to my site, and many times I have wished that bloggers had one, so that if I really feel like saying thanks, I can?

  3. Realistically, I’m thinking this push with active Technorati users who even have a clue how to do all this, add to that the ones who read the comments, and the ones who actually get around to messing with it, you’re gonna see Copyblogger in the 150s range, as I see it.

    Looking at how it’s Malkin, Kos, and /. up ahead, and they have readers who know what they’re doing, that’s about where this’ll go. (not saying the copyblogger crew isn’t overly competent, I just figure you’ll have an overlap)

    HOWEVER, I think you’ll start to see people pushing other people, just because it’s rather easy to make all this happen. Some no-namer could get all 100 visitors to get him on the list, but what does it really mean?

    When they first came out with Favorites, they capped it at 40, but now you can have as many as you want, it seems. I figure this’ll be a wakeup call to the big boys that they need to push the favorites, like I said before.

    This is a real nice way to show off how a simple call to action makes for compelling content. I’ve come back to this post 4 times today, and hit the links, checking out the progress.

  4. Mac, you’ve got it.

    Technorati’s never made me a dime and it never will, but I do like to have some fun every once and awhile. πŸ™‚

  5. “I’ve been spending part of the afternoon trying to favorite everyone back”

    Thanks Brian…now I’m favorited by 2 people…but I have to keep sending the other one Mother’s day cards, or she’ll boot me in a hurry.

  6. Brian,

    Even though I already had you favorited on my main Technorati profile, I just added you on a second profile I had!

    (Of course I would love a recip. my Blog only has 2 favs and one of them is ME! lol…)

  7. You ave my vote. I have tried shameless self promotion but no one can spell Teresa, and many folks can’t find St. Paul MN on a map. On top of that the real estate market is slow, which is why I have time to read your most excellent blog and give you a vote.

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