Why Haters Are the Petri Dish of Great Content Marketing

Why Haters Are the Petri Dish of Great Content Marketing

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  1. I disagree with the contention, “When someone tells you what you’re great at, it teaches you nothing.” Many times I have had coaching clients who believed they were just like all their competitors. However, when I encouraged them to think back on what customers said to them, they were surprised to find valuable points of difference. In some cases what was surprising was qualities they didn’t know they had. In other cases what was surprising was the value customers placed on those qualities. In all cases they were able to incorporate these findings into their marketing to differentiate themselves proactively and meaningfully.

    Thanks for the great example on “Overcommunication is a myth.” I totally agree with that part!

    Marcia Yudkin

    • Marcia –

      Thanks very much for your comment. I’m delighted that you’ve been able to show people positives of which they were not aware. Keep on hugging!

  2. I have clients who insist that they are the cream because they hear the praise feedback more loudly than they hear the negative feedback. People move away from the negative comments, cringing and then discounting those folks comments. I find it quite difficult to persuade clients to objectively listen to the less-than-thrilling feedback and to look for patterns in those remarks. Inevitably, I am told by the majority that there will always be haters so …ignore them.. or even worse, they wonder why I even mention the negative feedback! I do explain the importance, of course, but it’s challenging for people to react from a systematic place in their mind rather than the emotional spot. I was delighted to see this article. I’ll use it as reinforcement.

  3. Jay — this is awesome. As a freelance content creator, clients are always asking me for new ways to come up with ideas for content. Can’t believe I’ve never considered this. Thanks!

  4. Great post Jay and excellent advice. I believe haters can deeply affect your morale and your ability in creating good content and sometimes expose yourself. It’s really great to see the way you handle it and that you can successfully start with something negative and use it as something positive.

  5. Absolutely loved the line “The best business lessons are born from criticism, not pats on the back.”

    It takes a wise and humble person to see through the negative, find the constructive, then create something great from it.

  6. I am starting to wonder if I should stop sharing positive feedback (on twitter and via email) about products I like and use? Thought I was being helpful and supportive to the product creator but maybe I’m wrong.

  7. I actually didn’t see HATERS like useful in your business. But man, after reading this, I might have a second thought. And i realized, yes, he is right. I can learn what is wrong in my services through their unbiased criticisms and use that to improve it.

    I am not quite good in handling criticisms… but with your advice, I might learn to embrace it, rather than ignoring it.

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