how 2 blog if u suk at writin’

how 2 blog if u suk at writin’

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  1. Number 3, no doubt. Those sites that I visit on a daily basis may be all over the map, but the one thing they have in common is that they are able to consistently maintain my interest. Not all of them are well written, in fact some of them on the more amusing side are pretty far from prosaic, but they are able to keep me engaged. Why? Because they are interesting.

  2. Hi Jon,

    I completely agree with your post. I know some people who would fear to start blogging simply because they don’t have tips or other “lecture” type things to share. I told them that is not the “be-all” of blogging. All you need to have is a thing that you’re passionate about to ‘talk’ online and stick to it. Your thoughts will be interesting enough as you post and blog because you are following and writing from your object of passion.

  3. Thats a great post and shows that although, you cant do what ever you put your mind to, there is something that you can do and be successful at. You just need to find it.

  4. Number 4, baby. I come to life in front of a whiteboard. Especially if I’ve been with a group of people for several weeks. This is why I like teaching so much. I shut down when I have to speak in front of people I don’t know. Like neurotic shut down.

    I’ve seen the same in blogging. As you grow the audience you’re afraid to upset anyone, but once I’ve got a captive audience I’m comfortable with, the clothes come off. [Not literally. ;-)]

  5. Great to see this topic discussed here on CopyBlogger, it seems that you are certainly “interested” in this material. Good perspective and great heading for the article… people should really use ‘suk’ more often.

  6. Great post Jon.

    This post reminds of another post you did a while back: “How to Stop Being Invisible.”

    That one may be the very best post I’ve ever read on how to be a successful blogger, period.

    I agree with your sentiments.

  7. I just recently started blogging, but as I do love to write maybe it is a bit easier. Having something interesting to blog about helps tremendously and that does keep the post interesting.

  8. Excellent article for a newbie 🙂

    Writing is not hard – but finding out if you suk at it is a lot harder.. Not sure how to measure that – by no traffic – by no comments – or maybe that someone is blunt enough and tells you.

    Loved Sonia’s note here “I still can’t kick your ass, but I can probably persuade someone to kick your ass for me.”

    Maybe I need to figure out where I suk and persue someone to kick my blog ass..

    Article is bookmarked and I will tweet it too..


  9. Dang, awesome article. I need to work on #3.

    You know, that article is also true for marketing and life in general. Great stuff. =) Probably the most insightful article I’ve read in a few months.

  10. Yeah, it can be hard to figure out whether or not you need to give something up. Traffic and comments are definitely good to watch, as they are indications of whether or not anyone is paying attention. Of course, that assumes the only variable in question is whether or not you’re good at writing. If you suck at marketing, you’ll fail to get attention in any medium, regardless of how good you are. 🙂

  11. excellently written! and great wisdom therein!

    Interesting eh… I recently started writing a real CV of all the jobs I’ve ever had, including babysitting as a teenager (I used to earn what is in today’s terms about €20 a night, and that was at least 3 times a week, sometimes more!) a nice little money earner that was.
    And here I am… writing what I now know will be my next blog entry! That’s what I’m good at, reading other people’s work, and getting inspired by them.

    Thank you for being interesting 🙂

  12. My time is at a premium-whose isn’t-but I make a concerted effort to read your blog posts on a regular basis because doing so is always worth the time. You have mastered the fine art of overdelivering quality content. This is commendable. You teach, you entertain, you inspire-all in one fell swoop. Kudos, kiddo. And thank you very much.

    Wishing you well,
    Connie Baum
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  13. You are hilarious! I was busting out laughing at #2. People’s lives are pretty pathetic and they’re looking for an escape. I’m sure you were very serious but it just struck me as funny – and true! I never really looked at it like that.

    Great new perspective.

  14. I enjoyed this post the most! I subscribed to your blog a few months back and I read all of them,but this one hit home w/me. I’m going to be doing a better job w/my blog from now own I’ll bet, for the most part anyway. Thanks a million.
    Happy Trails

  15. Personality and having something people really want is far more important than great writing. Look at Jeremy Schoemaker (better known online as “Shoemoney”). His personality comes through in everything he does, and even though his grammar is laughable, his story-telling powers are top-notch. I think he followed your plan without knowing it.

    And as a few others have noted already, video and audio is becoming easier to do. Transcription software or services can “make” a writer out of you even if you can’t even hardly type. And really, Jon, I think your points apply regardless of the medium.

  16. Anytime I feel like my “skill” is waning or I am inadequate at writing, overall, I come here and get pep-talked into thinking I’m a great blogger. I thank you for that. 🙂

  17. Morrow 2:3
    “The average person’s life pretty much sucks. Their work is stressful, their friends are stressful, and their home life is stressful….So, they turn to something more interesting: you. ”

    You nailed it right there. Amen brother!


  18. Great insights! I always thought that useful blogs should be sources of knowledge. But a lot of high traffic blogs are actually fun blogs – not necessarily useful posts, but more of entertaining and funny.

  19. As has been said many times in many ways your post was timely and uplifting. I’ve often worried that my grammar wasn’t good enough to write a post and then just press enter. I agonize, I rewrite, ask second opinions and procrastinate about posting. I know I can tell a story that is entertaining and now I will just trust that I can write it as well. Perfection is out the window. Thank you…look out world (okay my little one)…I feel a blog post coming on.


  20. This post is absolutely spot on!

    The biggest stumbling block for me is writing, I do have my own blog and I do write all of my own content but it’s painstakingly slow because I really find it difficult.

    The other thing I find excruciatingly difficult is knowing what to write about?

    How do you know what to write about in any niche?

    I’d be eternally grateful if someone could answer that question for me. If I knew what articles to write about I’d then probably outsource the writing of them so that I could put up more content much quicker and about things that people were really interested in.


  21. But Jon, how would you know… you don’t suck at writing. 🙂

    Seriously – We hear a lot about different learning styles and adapting the medium (books, DVDs, classes, tutorials, audio etc) to the learner – but not so much about different teaching (or entertaining) styles. Thanks for rectifying the balance – I’ll be pointing my ‘non-writer’ friends to this post when the subject comes up at dinner parties!

  22. Hi,

    The article brings a very good point and that is to express yourself by the means that place you in a good light. Of course that discovering what you do best comes after you messed up a few things. It’s important for you to realize that only by discovering your week points you’ll find out about what is your best. I mean, you might say that “I like doing this” but unless you really try to do it you’ll never find out how good you are.

    @TomaBonciu on Twitter

  23. Great simple advice thank you, I am just not sure where that leaves me. I am very technical (mathematics and science background) and I hated writing when I was in school. Maybe I should find a different way of sending out my message?.?.

  24. The key quote for me is “Being interesting is far more important.” … so while I dont consider myself all that good of a writer – I like to think that when I’m writing on a topic that I’m passionate about and interested in – that I can actually be quite interesting to read. – Eric

  25. 🙂
    Thanks for that,
    consider me a struggling blogger like the weekend writer with dreams of big time. Maybe I should consider point one, recognize that I can’t get to the big time from where I am at currently and then stop worrying about it.
    Just enjoy expressing myself – word.

  26. Hey, no fair starting a blog post with that distracting picture.

    The post is oddly inspirational. I’m hoping that folks take it for what it is and consider this valuable advice. Judging from the comments section, I’d say that is exactly what is happening.


  27. And the more you blog, the more you’ll learn, the more you’ll want to do a good job.

    Knowing you have an audience eagerly awaiting your next post is a great kick in the ass for sharpening your writing skills!

  28. Great article Jonathan!

    For some reason, writing has always come naturally to me. I’m not a very good speaker and can completely relate to your experience of preferring the written word. It’s nice to know there are others who feel the same! It’s also inspiring to know that you can be successful without using videos or giving presentations.

  29. Splendid advice. Great to be reminded one doesn’t have to dish out useful advice every post you write. I now have a permission to goof off. Very liberating thought. 🙂

  30. Thanks for the post Jon, it’s great advice that made me think about a few things before I set off on my next personal blog project.

  31. Thanks, good tips.

    “Attempting to do what you can’t will only frustrate you. ” Yes, you’re right. If you can’t write, try f.e. videoblog…

  32. I love this: “I still can’t kick your ass, but I can probably persuade someone to kick your ass for me.”

    Story of my life.

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