Introducing (Check out the Free Videos)

Introducing  (Check out the Free Videos)

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  1. Hey Jon,

    I’ll be checking out your video. I have been hearing a lot of guest blogging lately. Looking forward to seeing what you are putting together.

    Chat with you later…

  2. Awesome video man!
    I’m watching it right now. Lucky you got that domain name too! Haha. Way to go.


  3. I love guest blogging because it gives you a transfer of instant credibility to the blog readers of the blog that you are doing a guest post for.

  4. Perfect timing as I am starting a new blog! I will be sure to use all of the great tips. Like you mentioned in the post, many other bloggers have already discussed this topic but it’s always good to get another view.

  5. Fantastic idea, Jonathan!

    I’ve been entertaining guest authors on my blog as of late and doing a ton of guest blogging myself, as well. Looking forward to receiving your video tips to learn more about the benefits.

    Write On!

  6. I love guest blogging, but sometime is hard for me, as I always thought… well, this post is great, should I put it on other people’s blog or just hit publish… and post it on my blog.
    And guess what I put it on my blog because I want my readers to get first hand of my information. Anyway, I have done a few guest post in the past, but results were not that good, but I’m going to see what you have got on your guest blogging, and see if it works out for me.
    I hope you had some surprise for me…
    oh… I was wondering the training program… is it expensive?

  7. Looking forward to learning a great deal from your site. I’ve had an opportunity to guest blog once and have had a guest blogger on my site as well.

    It really is a great way to get your name/blog out there and garner a bit of recognition.

  8. Congratulations on this Jon. Really smart idea. I mean, there’s so much stuff that people want to emphasize to becoming a successful blogger, but you’ve cut right to the chase on perhaps the very most influential component of what separates successful bloggers from those that never really go anywhere. Way to capitalize on that.

  9. Oh… but also, you might make things a little harder for me. Now I’m going to have to compete with THAT many more bloggers, because you’re underscoring this technique!

    Looks like I’ll have to step my game up even more to make up for this πŸ˜‰

  10. Guest blogging is integral to a budding blog’s success, and not only is it necessary, but it can prove to be very fun and rewarding as well.

  11. @The Bad Blogger: Well, I suppose “expensive” is a matter of opinion, but if you’re asking mine, I think the training program is going to be ridiculously cheap. πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the positive comments, everyone. Really great to get such good feedback.

  12. Cool. I need to get cracking on my “how to guest post” project.

    Was hoping to have some affiliate links from people with products in this space, that hasn’t worked out yet.

  13. Signed up already Jon! Maybe someday I will be a guest blogger for Mind blowing. I just need to make sure I’m not ghost-writing a guest post. I might completely forget who I am.
    Looking forward to the info Jon and the video is well don.

  14. The focus on the quality of traffic going from one site to another rather than just the numbers really resonated. The connections work both ways: the reputation of the blogger who provides links or space for guest posts is also at stake. It’s in the interest to make sure that readers go to a useful site or article that reflects well on them.

  15. @Vince: Laughing. With all of those terms, it can really get confusing, can’t it?

    @Greg: Ahh, you were paying attention. Yes, those are some of the most important points. Makes me happy that folks are picking up on them. πŸ™‚

  16. I am a new blogger and I am so excited about my future with the blogging. I can not wait to receive your emails and look at your videos. Thank you!

  17. Jon,

    I am going to watch the video now…guest blogging is a fresh topic and starting to get more attention. Thanks for keeping things interesting and updated!

    – Steve LHeureux

  18. I’m starting to learn that guest blogging is the absolute best way to indirectly promote your own project; this will be a great series of videos.

    So often new bloggers are reluctant to part with some of their best content, but the networking benefits and the new audience give you so much more.

    Can’t wait to see what’s next.

  19. Jon,

    Great video. I am curious about your thoughts on why the blogosphere is all about guest posting now. When I started blogging back in 2007, guest posting was mentioned as a traffic generator, but it never received the emphasis that it is now. Why do you think that bloggers have now awakened to the power?


  20. Sweet jesus, that guy’s voice is the reason I don’t want to become a full time blogger! Nothing personal against the guy, but that’s not a good voice for promoting something.

    In fact, it just conjured up a image of a scrawny guy with huge glasses, acne, buck teeth and bad hair.

    Basically Bill Gates.

    Am I shallow? Probably. But that’s what I got and it resulted in an instant turn off. Maybe go for a hot blonde female voice next time.

    Women trust women.
    Men listen to nice female voices for information.
    It’s basic marketing stuff.

  21. NIce one, JOnathan,

    watched that video at least 3 times. Although the information itself isn’t revolutionary, it does help with focusing on the essentials and doing it right.

    I luv especially your voice – it’s sounds so young and unique. Perfect for video.

  22. I already sent you an email from the video link, but I am incredibly impressed and appreciative of what you are doing.

    I have talked to a number of social media / social networking “gurus” since starting to blog and Tweet about my own passion, senior care. Their focus is on selling you turn-key solutions, not unleashing the personal commitment and energy that got you into whatever business you are running.

    This video — and I will watch for more — already has more supportive information than I have ever seen before. Thank you.

    Bert Cave

  23. Ok guys, here’s another super sneaky trick that I’ve used MANY MANY times.

    Let’s say you’re in the business-to-business market and sell some kind of software for the manufacturing industry. All you have to do is WRITE ARTICLES FOR TRADE JOURNALS. These sites are HUNGRY for content and willingly accept posts from consultants and industry pros.

    [That last point is vaguely important so I’ll repeat it again]


    Here are a few that I’ve personally written for (and gotten big fat juicy links) from: (manufacturing business journal)
    -Illinois Tech Association (Illinois technology trade group – there’s literally thousands of these across the US) (the user-generated section of (CRM software website that’s open to pretty much any topic) (site dedicated to agile software development) (really trendy tech startup group)

    If you’re in the B2B market (and even if you aren’t) this is a literal goldmine of traffic and link building opportunity for you if you can provide interesting and engaging content.

    The good news is that these publications often make money on a CPM basis (how many thousands of eyeballs view their ads) so they’re HUNGRY for good content.

    They’re also typically WAY less competitive than the big blogs.

    Who knows, I might even write a guest post about how using this strategy has helped me (hint, hint, wink, wink πŸ˜‰

  24. So obviously, guest posting is near and dear to me.

    One other piece of advice I’d give is to hang out where your guest host hangs out. Typically their private forums (Teaching Sells, SEOBook forum, 3rd Tribe, whatever) or their personal blogs/websites. Get on their radar, build a relationship, and of course, provide immense value.

    For example, Perry Marshall is a very popular PPC/copywriter and he doesn’t reply to most “hey I love your work” comments. BUT, he is a pretty devout guy and has a blog called Cosmic Fingerprints where he discusses his views on God and religion. If you happen to agree (or even disagree with his views), that’s a great place to connect with him. Not on a business tip of course, just on a personal one. Develop a relationship and then you can talk business.

    Don’t abuse this technique though because it will seen dis-ingenuous.

  25. Hey Jon! Just watched the videos, and loved every minute. GREAT advice and information in there! I love how the content is easy to understand, and easy to put into practice right away. Looking forward to future videos!

  26. Thanks a lot for the video! I will definitely be checking this out later! I heard that guest blogging is a great way to get traffic and readers to your blog. Hopefully what I heard is correct!

  27. Jon,

    I’ve done a few guest posts and I recommend guest blogging to the financial advisors whom I work with. You’ve got me thinking about doing more. One challenge is that there aren’t many influential blogs in my narrow niche. Perhaps I should broaden my definition.

  28. I too left a comment and want to thank you for this candid and open sharing of information that is truly useful.

    I get so sick of vague and unfufilled promises of people who vow to give you the “inside scoop”. All they ever seem to do is try their come hither tactics to “scoop” the money right out of my wallet.

    After watching I ran home and wrote an awesome guest post and sent it off to a likely candidate to publish for me.

    Now that’s motivation!

  29. Jon,
    Guest blogging is now in the works for me thanks to your video. The idea of what it takes for me to move from 9-to-5 into full-time freelance work online is not so overwhelming anymore. I appreciate you revealing your insider strategies.

  30. Jon

    Just got done with the first video, and I have to say that if this is the course you’re giving away for free, I can’t wait to see what the premium content is all about.

  31. One more thing I like to do to find guest posting opportunities:

    Say you have a site about blue Ford Mustangs. You can try to get a guest post opportunity from the top car blogs out there, but they’re probably drowning in guest post requests. One smart thing to do is to reach out to commenters. If you find some of the comments insightful, click the link that appears in the “Name” section of the comment and establish a relationship with the commenter. You can cast a very wide net this way and build very powerful relationships.

    The same can be done in the discussion boards you participate in. If you notice a very active and profound commenter, click their signature link, check their site out, and reach out to them.

    It takes time, but you’re building a strong network.

  32. You always seem to outdo yourself, like you’re in your element. You were born to teach.

    How long does it take you to create a video you can stand behind for material you know? You seem to have the skills to pay the bills.

  33. Great idea and I am planning to shoot one there. However, I need to further explore what topic is relevant to my experiences. Thanks

  34. I like what SEOmoz is doing – a few regular writers, but a lot of the posts are voted up from SEOmoz users.

    It’s easy to get lazy and cut corners with your own readers, but who wants to guest post B material?

  35. Thank you Jon Morrow
    I love to write! Nobody is reading me just yet!
    Thank you for creating because I do need help to succeed. Many blessings to you Vera

  36. Guest Blogging is the best way to build back links. Having written several Guest Posts and also having a Blog on Dating and Relationships which has several Guest Bloggers, I have seen wonderful results.

  37. Guest blogging is a win-win situation. Thats why I think its often important to both guest blog and welcome quality guest bloggers to your site. I like to provide prizes to the best performing guest bloggers. Give an incentive to providing quality content that people like and recommend

  38. You know, I’ve always been sort of “meh” about guest posting. It always seemed like prostitution to me somehow. Don’t know why exactly, but there’s a glimpse into my mind for y’all. πŸ™‚

    But it seems it’s time for me to start changing my thinking about this. I’ve been a writer for my entire life and, next to playing guitar, it is the thing that brings me the most pleasure to do. But finding a way through the forest of blogs out there and connecting with readers is so difficult. The competition is fierce, just based on numbers alone. I’ve almost given up on my IgniteLiving site a few times just because, well, some days it’s crickets out there.

    Guest posting could definitely help me out, while helping out bigger bloggers as well. It is, as Brian said above, a win-win situation.

    Time to go put on my best dress…see what I can make of this.

    Thanks for the change-of-mind, Jon.

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