We’re Taking the Summer Off…

We’re Taking the Summer Off…

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  1. @Marian, I really do think it’s important, especially if your business has a creative component. (And every business does, IMO.) You need that time to refill the well.

    Work is fun, but it’s more fun when you mix it up with some time for Not Work. 🙂

  2. Are you guys roaming around in my head or what?? LOL I debated a mon-thur sched and decided that I would post once a week and work Mon – Thurs

    Have a great summer sched 🙂

  3. I love to hike in the mountains of northern California, and there’s only a couple of months in the summer when they are snow-free.

    I’m changing my schedule so that I post less on my blogs, and it’s all concentrated midweek.

    See you all outside…

  4. Have a great summer, thanks for sharing all your great comments, stories, and information.

    Recharge those batteries for the fall.


    John A Kosic

  5. I’m glad I just found your website now when you are taking abreak, cause then I get the time to read your other articles first. 🙂

  6. Sonia and all, enjoy a refreshing time off. It feels so good to let your brain take a vacation and get back in touch with another side of who you are, as I learned last week when I had to be away from my computer for two whole days. Having Copyblogger to read only three days a week will be a good break for me, too.

    You can be sure, if you took off the next two months completely, your fans wouldn’t forget this pearl of a blog.

  7. Gotta love the opposite seasons above and below the equator. When I traveled internationally I attempted to visit during the “best season”. Enjoy your long weekends.


  8. You deserve it. I only joined your noble tribe a couple of months ago, getting ready to launch my copywriting business, and then on the way I suddenly fell in love with a new persona (thanks to a column by Johnny) and started blogging as CheapBohemian.

    The past few weeks I’ve been on a long-planned big trip with my daughter, unable to post daily. I felt bad, because my numbers had been improving on the tiny site before I left the states. At the same time, isn’t time–and life and family–what it’s really all about? Enjoy, and thank you for all the great information all year long.

  9. Having a break from work to really enjoy what life has to offer is what working your butt off in anything in life is all about isn’t it?

    I think so.

  10. Great advice. Besides, who in their right mind would want to follow someone who is stressed out, maxed out and is a maniac to boot? Not me…have a great, relaxing, fun summer vacation.


  11. @Sonia,

    Your post resonated deeply.

    “have a terrific summer — we only get so many of them.”

    I’m 62 and almost died from a very complicated surgery last summer. My wife and I made a life changing decision after the surgery. We sold our businesses and moved 2,000 miles to be near our kids and grandkids.

    I’m still a recovering workaholic, but… as you say ” we only get so many summers”. It’s too bad it takes a tap on the shoulder from someone up above to realize that.

    I wish you and the rest of the gang a great summer!
    I’ll be at a Little League game if you need me.

    Steve Benedict

  12. Good for you… I didn’t say that loud enough:

    GOOD FOR YOU! You jolly well deserve it.

    I’ve only just become a confirmed Copyblogger follower and I shall miss your daily gems, but will also follow your lead and give myself a bit of a break too – I’m actually going to take weekends 😀

    All the best


  13. @Steve, I used to work for a travel company and we had an ad with a family & their ten year old boy. The ad copy read: One day you realize you only have him for eight more years. How will you spend them? We knew we had a winner because when the agency showed the ad to us, about 12 of our employees started to cry. 🙂 (Me among them.)

    It’s a simple insight, but a profound one.

  14. Sonia,

    Have fun! It’s great to completely unplug when you can. A good work-life balance is more life and less work! When life is great and work is fun, the choices get easier. Thanks for your contribution to make all of our work more productive.


  15. Enjoy the summer season. I’m sure it will present lots of inspiration for a new upcoming year.
    @sonia You really gave my free workers blog a boost with all your lessons and support. Thank you for a successful year. Enjoy a beautiful summer with your dear ones.

  16. G’Day Sonia,
    Glad to hear that you’re using Summer to restore some “balance,” whatever that is, in your life. Just hope you don’t expect we desperate bloggeradoes to do the same.

    But “sleigh rides on the beach!” Really Sonia. Sounds like a Hoagy Carmichael song that Kathryn Grayson would have sung in “Thousands Cheer” And down here we spell sleigh, slay.

    You’ll find more snow on our TV sets than on any beach. But I’m sure Barry Humphries will use it next time he performs in the U.S.

    If I weren’t stretched out on the beach right now in the 20degreesC Winter sun, I’d call the Prime Minister and report you.

    But I’d have to get out my cell phone and she’s probably watching her beloved Bulldogs Football team play anyway.
    Only one thing left to say………

    Make sure you have fun.



  17. Sonia,

    Well said. Poignant for me because I just said goodbye to my daughter yesterday. She left for Smith College and I wondered, “Where did the days go?”

    Seems like yesterday she was a rambunctious 12-year-old and co-anchor of a local kids’ TV show. Now she is a big Theatre Arts major.

    I say, savor these golden days of summer with your little one!

  18. @Shane, @MikeK, we’re cutting back on our posting schedule, not dying. 🙂 We’ll still be around and working! Just playing a bit more as well.

  19. LOL, yes it’s almost cold enough in Australia for a sleigh ride! I’m presently doing lots of imagining of our temps in the summer when it can get to +100F for days on end! Enjoy your time off 🙂

  20. Good for you! I was starting to feel guilty about my decision to slow down in summer, but I’m doing it because my son is 6 and he’s fun. When school starts again I”ll be up to my full time schedule. Now I need to go clean the car out of sand from the beach!

  21. Thanks for taking long weekends. You deserve it and more.
    We don’t have squirrels here in Australia, but I call winter my squirreling down time using it to complete all the burrow style of work. New designs, website makeover, book work, marketing. As yours are ‘the posts’ that always engage, I’ll now have 2 days a week with fewer reasons be distracted. So thanks the harder I work the sooner my summer comes.
    Bring it on! Long live long weekends!

  22. I am visiting your blog for the first time and appreciated the reminder to make time to enjoy life and to get away from work long enough to remember why we work or choose to own our own business. Have a Great summer!!!!

  23. The Calendar may say it’s winter, the nights might be cold and the days only marginally better…. but between my ears it is SUMMER all year round. (and it should be for everyone else as well!)….. so go enjoy your break, I’ll enjoy mine.

  24. Enjoy it while you can!

    I got caught up in work to the point that I worked on July 4 — everyone needs to take time off to refresh… so go refresh, and come back with more great content.

  25. That’s one of the perils of self-employment: Unless you schedule in some ‘getaway’ time well in advance, the days can easily fly by without you having so much as dipped your toe in the garden, let alone those much-missed sunnier shores. So make time for that well-deserved ‘holiday’, everyone! Hmmm, best take heed of my own advice, then…

  26. You guys are so lucky. I wish I could earn enough money to be able to work 3 days a week and have the rest of the week off to spend with friends and family. 🙂

  27. Hi Sonia,

    Enjoy your vacation. I agree with the work-life balance. Do not let ourselves to be drained just to reach our goals. We need to take a break to perform better tomorrow. You guys deserve it. Looking forward to your next post.

    Kind regards,


  28. Have a great time! You will be missed …but my guess is I’ll get more out of the three days you post than I get out of other sites that post everyday. It’s quality, not quantity! Hope you are able to enjoy your free time and thanks for all you’ve shared…


  29. Enjoy your vacations! You deserve it!

    May I suggest a ritual, that can be applied to any bridge you may being crossing on the way to your destination.

    Whenever our family crossed over the Causeway going to Long Beach Island, NJ, as we hit the top of the highest bridge, we rolled down the windows and threw all of our cares and worries into the bay. By consciously giving ourselves permission to enjoy our time on the Island, it helped us recharge our batteries that more easily.

    Also, while growing up, our family mantra was “August is coming! August is coming!” which was a reminder that vacation on LBI, NJ, was near. Afterwards, we started to say it again beginning on September 1st.

    The small dish of LBI sand on my desk is more than just a souvenir, it’s my touch-stone that grounds me when work or Life gets too hectic.

  30. Love to see “practice what you preach” put into action, especially when it involves work/life/fun/etc. balance. I’m still working on it! Enjoy your “time off”!

  31. Have a great vacation. You’ve earned. To be honest it’s a relief to cut back. Copyblogger is so rich in content I can’t always keep up really absorbing or reading them. With 3 I’m able to. You might consider cutting back full time and give your readers more time to process and apply your great tips.

  32. Have a great summer break all! Look forward to checking your stuff out when you return and are feeling snap lock fresh! =)

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