Freelance “X” Factor is Live

Freelance “X” Factor is Live

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  1. Regardless of whether they order or not, I bet 99.9% of the people that go to your x-factor order page will fail to realize that the page content itself is something to be printed out, put into a binder, and studied carefully.

  2. You know who you should market this course to? Out of work journalists. They’ll have some unlearning to do, but there’s a lot of skill there… tweet it out to @themediaishirin


  3. I don’t usually buy things like this but your three (or so?) years of priming the pump encouraged me to pick this up. Only downside I found was not knowing if I was in the first 250 or not. I’m really interested in that Q&A (just to listen to, I probably won’t have any questions) so it’d suck if not.. Anyway, good luck!

  4. You know what’s funny about this course? I’m willing to bet that the exact same principles for “freelance writing” apply to all kinds of freelance work.

    What do you think Brian? Would you agree?

  5. Brian – I enjoyed Teaching Sells, so I’m with you on this too. All checked out and I’m downloading the 175Mb file now.

  6. @Derek, I think you’re right. This course is definitely framed and directed at freelance writers, but 90% of it is applicable for folks who don’t exactly fit that mold. Designers, web developers, bloggers could all take the sameadvice. Many folks, though, would get distracted by that 10% that didn’t apply to them. I find that few people are able to translate from one field to another. (It’s a useful skill to develop.)

  7. brian, i admire your passion to help people become a better freelancer. but my question is, how do i find a good freelancer. i’m in the industry of real estate. it’s hard to find someone that knows real estate well enough, but to find someone that knows the industry AND is a good writer seems like an impossible combination. where would be a good place to find these people and give them some money? 🙂

  8. Brian/Sonia:

    I have never bought an item from you until I bought this one and it is sensational. While I haven’t gotten through the course yet (I am listening to Step 1 for the 6 or 7th time now), it has already given me a much better direction at how I want to structure my business that is in line with the loose thoughts I have been struggling to package for so long.

    More than that, I have something that has been missing from my business that is central to its success – confidence.

    I have always thought Copyblogger had great free content. Now I know the content you pay for is well worth the cost. That’s rare nowadays.

    Mark Malafarina
    Interactive Marketing Specialist for Ecommerce

    p.s. I can’t wait for Sections 2 & 3…

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