The 10 Rock Solid Elements of Effective Online Marketing

The 10 Rock Solid Elements of Effective Online Marketing

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  1. First rate stuff as usual Brian. I’m curious to know what your rationale for creating a new site for the report was, and whether there was some deeper strategy in your decision to do so.

  2. Brian,

    Top shelf dude. I re-tweeted it. I am interested in the same thing Mark above is…

    Why the complete new site for this report? Something new coming in the works?

  3. Brian,

    Authority Rules is a nice, quick read. While I didn’t find anything to disagree with, I think one lesson that took me a long time to learn is the value of becoming an authority about something that other people actually care about and (if you are blogging for financial reasons) will pay money for.

    I look forward to seeing where you take the new site. Gotta love the clean, simple look of yet-another Pearson-designed site. Authority Rules — Thesis Rules! Nice combination.

    Patrick O’Brien
    POB Marketing

  4. Hi Brian,

    This is an excellent report and gives a lot of detail about how to to become an authority in your niche.

    The great thing is I am already doing a lot of the stuff you write about so I must be well on my way, haha!


  5. Very nice. Succinct and gets the gist across.

    The “Professor X” version of this topic itself though, isn’t as invisible as your widgetology expert.

    Matt Fraser and Soumitra Das do the best pop-academic dissection of trust and authority in social media that I’ve seen, in Throwing Sheep in the Boardroom

    That book would be a great complement to this report, for anyone who wants to dig deeper…


  6. I just read a post by Yaro on blogs about blogging, and making money, and I’m glad to see some people give out content for free. I really look forward to reading this.

  7. @ Mark: I love me some speculation. If I had to guess…

    By creating a new site to house the report, it gives it a bigger splash. May be irrational, but the mind perceives it as something larger and more substantial by virtue of it being all on a new site. So… may create more word of mouth in the end.

    Really… That’s all I can come up with as to why it was put on a different website instead of simply being an ad button on his site. But as you suggest, he may also have other plans down the line for the site, which happens to have a very good and memorable domain name.

    Of course, I don’t speak for Brian. He can share his reasons if he’s so inclined. I’m just speculating because it’s fun :*)

    I haven’t read it yet, though. Let me go make some better use of my time and go read it.

  8. Thanks Brian for another outstanding publication. As they say, What goes around comes around.

    You say: “Authority can be abused and it can definitely corrupt.”

    How right you are. My late much loved Dad (1899 – 1974) was fond of quoting Lord Acton’s famous words: “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

    Recent and current political activities confirm that, absolutely.

  9. Had some problems downloading from the link on the lower lefthand side of the page (adobe 109 error) but the link on the right works.

  10. Thanks for not requiring an opt in and not trying to pitch anything at the end. Nice to read content without an ulterior motive (or at least a motive that ends with me parting with money).

  11. New site tactic is SEO… now Brian owns 2/10 of first page results.

    I would imagine there are other link building benefits seeing as how many other sites reference copyblogger. Essentially, using copyblogger as the authority as to why authorityrules has merit. And, authorityrules basically just passes a bunch of juice back to copyblogger (because of all the links).

    That’s my analysis anyway…. not sure if any of that was intentional.

  12. Finished reading it two days ago. I’d say it was the best thing I’ve ever read so far (that didn’t include any pesky sign-up or charge in my PayPal account). Good job Brian!

  13. Hi Brian,
    I am truly impressed by this report. It is excllent. And even more so with your generosity. You reinforce the value of giving for the sake of giving. By teaching others how to grow, you grow.

    Thank you so much!
    Mary Louise Penaz

  14. Hey why did u delete my post?

    If it is about the Thesis theme, i find it totally legit to indicate it. You are a gr8 blogger and earn some reward.

  15. I love the format Brian used. It’s not just an e-book. It is actually a user-friendly front-end for Brian’s content-rich blog. Brilliant! Maybe it should be called an e-Compilation. You get three levels of content: the book itself, the articles you can drill down to, and optional additional content, some of which is offered for sale. And did I mention that the content is terrific? I thoroughly enjoyed the book and recommended it in my blog article at

    What a smart viral marketing vehicle! Why isn’t every blogger doing an e-Compilation?

    Congratulations Brian!

    Jack Price
    PriceWrite Communications – Publicity Strategies for Your Small Business

  16. I love the name, it says it all.

    so many people think that Facebook and Twitter is the whole game plan for getting a huge fan base or audience.

    They are definitely great tools, but as your information points out, there’s so much more to the picture.

    And most importantly, is just being real and providing awesome content that people can use and will enjoy.

    Keep up the great work, and thanks for all you do.

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