Blogging Lessons from The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

Blogging Lessons from The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

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  1. As a fairly new member of the blogosphere, I am impressed and grateful for the excellent advice I consistently find on Copyblogger (including the invaluable Copywriting Maven Roberta). This post is one of your best – it combines all the elements you promote! Congrats and Thanks!

  2. Well done post. Saw the film last week at Cinequest in San Jose – excellent adaptation and perfect match of character to actor. Enjoy!

  3. Great post! Entertaining, and made me think. I’ve been wondering how my blogging should fit in with my freelance writing, and this gives some great advice. Thanks!

  4. “The clue to your own success will lie in your own observations and insights.”

    I agree.

    Oragami Analogy: try to look at everything you observe, not as a piece of paper, but paper waiting for you to create oragami out of it. See the world like this, and your observations and insights will be much more valuable.

  5. Definitely agree with the “document everything” approach. I have little notebooks and scraps of paper everywhere. When you hav ideas coming out of every orifice in your body, it make is much easier to find just the right blog topic for that day. Since I write every day, I’m always on the lookout for odd-ball examples that can be morphed into my customer’s wants.

    -Joshua Black
    The Underdog Millionaire

  6. It’s so true that there needs to be a spark. My head caves in whenever someone says that there’s ‘nothing to write about’.

    There’s *always* something to write about.. just not always the motivation.

    Thanks for the recommend, apparently I’d been living under a rock! I guess you can’t know everything going on at your local library, though.

    Being the 5’6 martial artists tends to make me partial to runty underdogs :). Sounds like a good read.

  7. What a great blog for the day. Good advice, good review, good ideas abound. And I’m taking this positive approach on over to my blog and continuing to make it better. I always am thankful for what I find here.

  8. Wow! What a great article. I enjoyed every word of it, which is not something I can say about many of them. You write with such energy; each thought interesting, well paced, and memorable. You make it look easy, Julie, but just like removing a tattoo, it’s not easy.

  9. Long time reader, but I have never commented – until now. I am in love with this post. Sure part of it is that I really like the Stieg books, so that helps with the topic. But damn I love how Julie did her usual magic and turned it into a life lesson.

  10. I can’t wait to see this! The book was so good a perfect for a movie. Thanks for all the great advice and links. I am just starting out on this blogging, work from home journey and your blog is inspiring!

  11. Luv it! This is one of those too often occurring moments of “Damn I wish I had thought of that!” I love these books, can’t wait for the movie, but never thought to mine it for blogging inspiration. Good for you…

  12. Joanne – I mine EVERYTHING for blogging inspiration…it’s like a disease.

    Dan – So glad we lifted that rock for you…and you will love the action in the film. Lisbeth’s got the moves. Apparently the actress, Noomi Rapace, kick-boxed for 7 months (intensely) to prepare. It shows…

  13. Julie – If the action in the movie is anything like you say, I might just have to tell everyone about it one my side, too 🙂

    Where did you hear that she studied kickboxing? I’m trying to find more info on the martial arts of it, but there’s nothing on IMDB (my usual secret recipe)

  14. Really enjoyed this post. It presents the ideas in a way that anyone can grasp. Too often there is no clear flow, but not in this case. Thank you.

  15. A little meta lesson in this post for you all — it’s really cool to set up a multi-site “event” to promote something, but it’s about 10 times as cool if the content you use with the event is really strong in its own right!

    So thanks, Julie, for writing a great post for this. 🙂

  16. Hey Hot Kelly Gal… nice to hear from you here too. It’s like Kelly’s Girl with Dragon Tattoo day.
    Thanks for sharing awesome stuff… love and much more 😉

  17. Julie, great post. One question.

    “Do you promote everything that could be remotely related to your blog? Or do you bow out of a big launch that, for one reason or another, isn’t quite right for your readers?”

    Is that to say that we should be doing both of those?


  18. I enjoy your posts,they are refreshing and are devoid of the “same same” boring trend I see in a lot of internet marketing/blogging posts.Writing speaks to us about life,and I have always suspected that some of the “categories” we create are artificial and limiting.If our writings do not have a”USP”,why should people bother? You are right,our themes and topics are everywhere,if we are prepared too embrace them.I think writer’s block is an excuse for indolence.

  19. Hey Drafty – good question. If you look at all of the questions I ask in that section of the post, I’m talking about what’s the significance of what you don’t do. What do those things say about you? What do they communicate.

    It wasn’t a directive, so there’s no wrong or right answer according to me. They’re just questions for you to consider. Only you know what’s right for you and your blog.

  20. Thanks for the post. Certainly gave me cause to pause. I am at a crossroads with my blog. For quite awhile I was writng about one topic. I’ve read a lot of advice about finding a niche and sticking with it. But I wasn’t getting read, subscribed to, followed, or anything. So, I started writing about random things that were on my mind like Tiger Woods, Global Warming, Haiti, and Google. More people (not a lot of people) are reading my posts and I am having more fun. But I feel scattered and random and just out there flailing around. I don’t have a product to sell and I live in Colorado where Amazon just closed my associate account because of some recent legislation here. I was actually making a tiny bit of money on that. So, bottom line, great post, added to my angst, and that’s a good thing!

  21. Hey Brad, thanks for sharing. I think it’s great to write about current events and issues/topics that you are passionate about even if they are directly related to your main topic. The trick is to find the way to connect these things to your main topic. There’s always a thread, find it – and be the unique voice for your area of expertise.

  22. This was a great Blog. In blogging you do have to write everything down as it comes to your mind. Because sometimes when you finally get to your computer you might have a writer’s block.

    Kind Regards,

  23. Great insights Julie. My wife has been trying to get me enthused about watching The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo with her next week – and I haven’t been all that interested .. until now. Now I can justify it as ‘work’. I’ll go along with a blogger’s eye to see what I can learn.

  24. Talking about the Tattoo, I was reminded of a friend who makes tattoo on his arm. Did not make a distinct advantage compared with the image he wants. Self-expression tattoos made by displaying the image we want.

  25. Definitely some good lessons here! Thanks for the blog. I will also definitely need to go and read Stieg Larsson’s trilogy.

  26. One great way to “nail all of the details to the wall” is to create a mind map to capture all of your ideas, keep them visible and see relationships between them. You never know when they may turn out to important.

    There are also numerous digital tools for capturing your ideas, any time, anywhere, and then expanding upon them later. My personal favorite in this arena is Evernote. Like Julie Roads, the author of this post, I have ideas strike me at any time. I record them in Evernote on my iPhone, sometimes using the Dragon Dictate app to transcribe them. I then expand upon them later using the web-based version of Evernote. This technique works like a charm!

  27. I admire the original poster in this article, she managed to draw a link between two things, blogging and the movie. Everything written is true, “Gasoline feeds a fire, but first there has to be a spark “, “It’s hard to be brilliant all by yourself” and the rest.. I got some insights here specially in the blogging part. Thanks Julie for the nice post.

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