Third Tribe is Closing to New Members: Get $981 Worth of Extra Goodies This Week Only

Third Tribe is Closing to New Members: Get $981 Worth of Extra Goodies This Week Only

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    • I think you’re gonna dig it, Derek.

      The best part is, for people who love it exactly the way it is, they get to keep everything they have today. But there will be new opportunities to go a lot further.

  1. Third Tribe is terrific for lots of business, mine is a bricks and mortar business and I have learned so much in the last year. There needs to be an extra day in the week to apply all the knowledge 🙂

  2. I know you guys are serious, but the first thing that popped into my head was your last Third Tribe related post on April 1, 2010. But you guys wouldn’t prank like that. Just ironic. Looking forward to 3T 3.0 (it was already very 2.0.)!

  3. When I clicked through on this offer and paid $97, I was very disappointed to find out I have to wait until a total of 500 people sign up. I signed up today because I want the info TODAY, not some time in the unknown future.

    I’ve been marketing online since 1994, and I think this is a horrible way to do business. Because of this, I find it difficult to take you folks seriously, and I’ve requested a refund.

    J.P. Vaughan

    • J.P., I wasn’t aware that this thing worked that way (it’s not our venture, we’re just participating — so it’s not the way *we* generally do business). If you go directly to the Third Tribe site and sign up, you get instant access for the same price, but not all the great extras that Michael Port’s new venture is offering. I guess they are mimicking the Groupon approach, which clearly a lot of people are okay with. 😉

    • Dear J.P.Vaughan,

      If you read their “How it works” page, you will see that you get access to the product only after the number of people is reached and the deal is closed.

  4. Me too – I signed up because I want to join Third tribe and its not mentioned in my first 4 email contacts with your third party..people.. It does say instant access to the third tribe..
    You’d think as marketers that they’d get that we are copyblogger fans first and that we don’t care much for bonuses.

    • Well we love your enthusiasm. 🙂

      See Brian’s reply above — I didn’t realize the “tip” aspect of the promotion. I know that’s frustrating, sorry!

  5. This looks like a heckuva deal.

    I’d like to hear from customers what they think about Third Tribe. Is it worth the time and money? What about for hobby info product sites (non-IM niche) – my area of business.

    • As a courier, and a non internet marketer I find the site very useful, the business advice in the Q&A sessions is priceless and the suggestions given to us from Sonia and Chris Brogan enabled us to win $40,000 in additional business the month after.

      I don’t really like or feel comfortable talking money (I’m a stiff upper Brit too ;)) but I think it helps put things in perspective, small membership fee = big return.

      Money aside, the contacts you will make are priceless, the accountability; priceless. I will admit to something in public hear; prior to Third Tribe I had never heard of Copyblogger *hangs head in shame* so my decision to join was based upon the desire to network with other internet marketers and learn from them.

      Johnn if you can adapt the principles to your own business you will like Third Tribe a lot.

  6. Hi, Johnn,

    I was a charter member into 3T (like the first week!) and I’ve been there every since on a daily basis.

    DEFINITELY worth the time and worth FAR MORE than the paltry sum they make us pay. I’ve learned a ton. Your hobby infoproduct niche would truly benefit, at least I think.

    Monthly seminars, vibrant forums, exceptional Q&A calls. I’m just starting to go back through the last year’s worth of stuff to review for the second time and I think I’m getting more out of it this time! I’ll never give it up.

    And I tell everyone to join, whether or not Sonia/Copyblogger are listening in, so for all who think Sonia handed me a crisp 50 to show up here, walk away now.

    It’s like a giant marketing mastermind and you can also meet people and take it smaller or just interact on the forums and Q&A and yet still feel as if the material is aimed right at you.

    I hope this helps. I’ve been around the bend with marketing and copywriting programs since 2005 and 3T is the best value for my money.

    See you there!

  7. This is a great deal and I have signed up. Now I waiting for the products bundle to be available.

    I adore copyblogger and I wanted to join the Third Tribe long time ago. For some reason, I waited and the price went up. I was disappointed but still was determined to join.

    Now, when I found out that you close new registrations, I hurried to join.

    So, I am your member now and I am proud of it. You are the greatest website and community ever!

  8. Does the charter member price remain the same after the re-opening?

    Really excited to see what is coming – I just have to plan accordingly. You’re doing an awesome job, considering I’ve listened to some seminars 3 times.

  9. Never heard about the Third tribe before, but it certainly looks like a promising one. Well you just got a valuable subscriber for Third Tribe and I hope that I will make the most of the Goodies.

  10. awesome. I’d dropped out in December because I need to apply what I’d learned — and because the monthly seminars were becoming less relevant to what I was doing. I’ve missed it, though, and have been meaning to get back in. I’m really glad to hear their are plans to go “new places.” And I’m so glad I had some reading time this week and found this post.

  11. I’m a member of Third Tribe since the first day, and I can not imagine how it can be better. Chris, Brian, Sonia and Darren rock, and I click the buy button for everything that they sell. Want to know the reason? Valuable knowledge, you learn every single day from them and their communities.

  12. Hi,
    I am a bit confused. I understand there is an initial amount to to join The Third Tribe and then a ongoing monthly amount. You are promoting and are promoted in The Daily Success Deal. Are these two separate programs which happen to have the same enrollment fee? Is the amount we pay for the Daily Success Deal applied or considered as the initial charge to The Third Tribe?


    • The Daily Success Deal with the The Third Tribe initial membership. What a Deal!

      All those extra goodies are on hold for the short term. Information overload.

      The Third Tribe, I’m in, I’m excited!


    • I am confused also (though it looks like Thomas figured it out). I signed up also but didn’t get the promoted items — didn’t go through the right link I suppose. I have attempted a contact through the Third Tribes site but the response didn’t make sense. So, are these the same promotion or two different ones?

    • Thomas & Julie, if you sign up for the bundle of items from Daily Success Deals (the link in this post), you get one month of Third Tribe access included in the bundle. If you want to continue, there will be an opportunity to do that.

      If you signed up for Third Tribe at the site, though, that doesn’t come with the full Daily Success Deals package.

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