How to Write a Tagline that Truly Works

How to Write a Tagline that Truly Works

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  1. Nice article James !

    I find everything very clear, full of wisdom and experience, until I try and apply it to my own business… and then it’s chaos.

    How am I supposed to describe strange looking unique stuffed toys in an attractive way ? My taglines now vary from “Zoohliah – Over the Rainbow”, and “Zoohliah – plushes to live with” to “Zoohliah – not fit for cynical people”.

    I hate to open the discussion by asking advice, but I’m stuck, and I have nothing to add to James’ great article 🙂

  2. Hei I really enjoyed this article!
    As for something you could have mentioned, regarding what #1 asked, stop using negations (NO,NOS,NOT) in your tagline.
    I think people are more interested in what to expect vs. what to NOT expect.

  3. @ Daniel – Ah, habit. I have long learned to remove all negation from my content, so to me, no tagline would ever include a negative word or negative connotation.

    @ Jooliah – Alright, let’s look at this. What do Zooliahs do? Why should people buy one? Are they cute? Are they comfortable? Do they reassure children? How will people feel after they own a Zooliah? How will their life change?

    Zooliahs – Creating smiles on little faces for brighter days.

    That’s just an example, but it shows what people get from Zooliahs – brighter days, smiles. So… you tell me? What do people get when they have a Zooliah in their home?

  4. @ Daniel – very true about the negative content, thanks 🙂

    @ James – ok, answering your questions here : they give you hugs and lift your spirits when you’re sad. There are very confortable for reading, watching TV, traveling… They are sooo cute (I don’t say that because they’re my own :P). Children love them because they can take them everywhere, give them hugs and rest their head on them when they’re tired. People get great toys which fit in their modern and fashionable house. Or that highlight their traditional house.

    Erm… I need to think some more. I can’t get out of the taglines I already have. I need to have a clean start. I’ll get back to you 😉

  5. I’ll be contrary and (while I think Daniel’s suggestion is correct 95% of the time) suggest that “not fit for cynical people” is wonderful. One problem with a cheerful, spirit-lifting sort of product is that you can get Hallmark-y very fast. Your “cynical people” tag line is fresh and conveys the message quickly with a little humor and a lot of warmth.

    One person’s opinion, anyway. 🙂

  6. @ Sonia – I see where you’re coming from, but wordsmith it a bit more. When people see “not” in a phrase, their minds still assimilate the negative aspect and it does more damage than good.

    How about, “Even cynics love them” or “Cynic-friendly”? Not very good suggestions on the spur of the moment, but that helps convey my point: Cynic is good, “not” is not.

    Make sense?

  7. @ Sonia – That’s what I thought of when I wrote this one, but then Daniel’s point made me think twice… I’m glad you like it and understand it that way though 🙂

    I’ll try and keep that spirit for the “definitive” tagline.

  8. Dearest James,

    I’m one step away from changing your nickname from Imperialistic Dude to April Fool. LOL@you for that. But much applause for the great post.

    Men With Pens: Taking Over the World One Blog at a Time

    How’s that? Too clever? 😐

  9. (here from Men with Pens)

    I’m a boomer hobby blogger – a hogger, a blobby…
    anyway: I ran my tagline thru your test and think I did OK

    Suitably Old But Mysteriously Advanced.

    Of course, I posted here just to show off! But I can take criticism too. A little.

  10. @ Going – Love that domain name and tagline… but unless you’re selling yourself, I’d add a little more definition to what it is you’re offering 🙂

    And yeah, that Men with Pens site does rock, doesn’t it?

  11. @James:
    Thanks for your kind comments.

    I have a problem with Men With Pens. In my mind’s eye, I see Men with Penis. (Probably because of the domain joke:

    I’m not selling anything. No market for a blog that let’s me release my inner smart ass. Yet. If you know of anything…

  12. @ Going – How about “Smart-Ass Insight from the Suitably Old and Mysteriously Advanced?” Long but it tells people what you do.

    As for the name… eyecatching, memorable, easy to say, makes people look twice… a marketer’s dream. And yes. Male.

  13. You and your damn taglines. 🙂

    @ joohliah — Whatever. I’m with Sonia. I like “Not Fit For Cynical People.” I figure if “The Real Thing” worked for Coke — which means absolutely nothing, as far as I’m concerned — “Not Fit For Cynical People” can work for you. James and I have agreed to disagree on this. 🙂

  14. Ah, but there is a difference with Coke and with the Web. The problem with the web is that you have 1/16th of a second to get your point across.

    Coke had cool music, pretty people, refreshing advertisements and masses of clients with very little competition.

    Never be cool. Be clear.

  15. @ Going – I love your tagline too ! James’ is nice, although maybe a little too long…

    @ Naomi – ooh then if the great Naomi from IttyBiz voted for “Not Fit For Cynical People”, I’ll have to give it a second chance 🙂 I like it too. Oh, this sounds ironic doesn’t it ? It’s not 🙂

    I’ll keep you posted, thanks for all your insights on this 🙂

  16. @joohliah-I checked out your site. These are too hip to hide. I want to see them anywhere except in rainbow laden lala land…”portable smiles even cynics can love”

    @james- you weren’t kidding!!! Untie Brian right now.
    Steps one and two, gotcha. Working with step three.
    Because I am “selling ” access to me and indirectly my art work…very hard to write that up from the audience’s perspective. They will gain an insider’s perspective of art and process…creativity in context…better collecting appreciation and maybe some entertainment along the way….that is not exactly haiku, or a decent tagline.
    Talking about the new blog of course, not the one currently up.

  17. @ Jooliah – I dunno about you, but I have kids, and while I love encouraging their artistic views and widening their horizons, the last thing I have time for in a busy family life is getting an in on the Zooliah creator.

    You’re selling to kids first, make no mistake. Kids are your target market. Parents with money are your indirect target market, because they will buy what their kids want. Win the kid, and you win the cash.

    So parents have kids that are tired, cranky, demanding attention, happy, playful, need a friend… parents KNOW what their kids want/need. If your Zooliah can win over their kid, they’ll buy – but your marketing message has to be geared to that aspect.

    You could play up the art bit, but to most busy parents, that may not matter. And since you’re not selling your creations as uber-expensive art but rather widely-accessible cool comfort toys…

    See where I’m going with this?

  18. James! I’m a coach masquerading as a copywriter, so this is incredibly helpful. We have a very new website and blog and I’m not a afraid to tell ya, I need help. Head empty.

    Mission: We are a collective of uncommon coaches committed to personal responsibility and peace.

    360 Alliance Coaching
    Uncommon conversations, uncommon lives.

    360 Alliance
    Your Life Development Partner

    360 Alliance Coaching
    Someday is now

    As you can see, nothing quite catches fire–ready for the red pen.


  19. James, as always, smart, practical advice delivered with a smile. With you shining the spotlight I am confident I’ll reach my destination.

  20. On the Zoohliah subject – I don’t see why cynical people wouldn’t like them.

    But if this is just a hypothetical discussion, I agree with James; the negation doesn’t work. In order not to think of a pink elephant, you first have to think of a pink elephant. By saying “not for cynics” you are making people associate the product with cynics.

  21. Very insightful and all points absorbed!

    Ok, for the fun part.

    My stance is sturdy, shotgun at aim, and my finger is itching to pull the trigger.

    Web Business Tips for Writers, Freelancers and Online Entrepreneurs

    I see who’s it for, but so what? Why should I read your tips over someone else’s? What’s in for me if I continue reading?

    Possible rework – “Business Tips for Writers, Freelancers, & Online Entrepreneurs That Will Focus Your Work & Spark Creativity.”

    Ok, might be a little long. Can we shorten it any?

    Copywriting Tips for Online Marketing Success

    I think this one’s a little more focused and not so general. I know exactly what it’s for, who it’s for, and what it hopes to accomplish (make me successful).

    Do you have a rewrite for this tagline? Oh – is that a challenge I hear, Mr. Chartrand?

  22. @ 26 & 27: “Do a 360…” would imply a returning to current position, as in orientation or changing direction.

    With that in mind, but adding the idea of ascending to a new level:

    360 Alliance
    The personal coaching revolution.

  23. @ John Hoff – in my opinion your rewriting is very effective !

    @ Janice – I’m so glad you like the Zoohliah, and thanks a lot for your tagline suggestion !

    @ James – You’re right about the target being the kids. Although right now I’m kind of stuck as I don’t have norms for kids or anything… but that’ll come soon 🙂

    Oh and I think “smart, practical advice delivered with a smile” should become your new tagline 😛

    @ Joshua – I have some very cynical friends who really think I’m nuts. I would have to pay them to put a Zoohliah in their home.
    I hear what you say about negation. And I get it for the pink elephant, but it just doesn’t feel the same with my tagline suggestion. So I probably won’t use the cynical thing as a main tagline… but I’ll probably keep it as a joke on labels and website, somewhere 🙂

    @ Lisa – I like James’ second suggestion best 🙂

  24. Hey, thank you! I’m getting the feel for the benefits piece as I read your suggestions.

    Jooliah, I like the second one best too.

    BTW, being a recovering cynic, I secretly like the negative…

  25. @ John – The problem with this tagline:

    Web Business Tips for Writers, Freelancers and Online Entrepreneurs

    is, as you say, lacking the “so what” answer. They know who it’s for, what they get… yeah, so what?

    The problem? Length. Because our blog addresses three groups of people that do gravitate within one niche, we need to find a way to shorten WHO our target audience is OR give up on the “so what”, which is a bad, bad move.

    And I couldn’t tell you the solution. Been struggling with this one for months (too close to my own work, perhaps). Too bad Brian wasn’t here; I’d be curious as to what he’d say.

    As for this one:

    Copywriting Tips for Online Marketing Success

    I know the “so what” and I know generally who it’s for (people with websites/businesses) and I know what it is… but… where’s the va-va voom? What makes this attractive?

    Could a simple adjective in front of “Copywriting Tips” change the whole tone and appeal? I think so…

  26. @ Lisa – I’m always somewhere between cynicism and idealism myself…

    @ James – I think an adjective might do the trick. Like :
    Unusual / Incredible / Effective…
    And it IS true that it’s very difficult to find a tagline for oneself. Ask Naomi 😛

  27. Hey James – so where does “Shooting From The Hip” fit into all of this?

    I think it’s a great tagline, but it certainly doesn’t tell me much about your blog…except the obvious allusion to it being MenWithPenis.

    (assuming I understand the phrase “shoot from the hip” correctly – which means to react quickly without necessarily considering the consequences.)

    Also, regarding the 360 Alliance tagline. One of my pet peeves is a tagline that has the same word as the title, which all of your samples did.

    Don’t you think it’s already stated? Why not try to change things up a bit?

    360 Alliance – Turn Your Life Around, Personal Coaching that Works.

    Great post by the way. I may come across as a nitpicker here, but I really got a lot from your article!

  28. Yes – for me it’s always easier to critique someone else’s work than it is to implement it for myself. I find this is because I alway have so much to say when others simply see – a tagline.

    I agree with you and joohliah, an adjective might do well for that tagline.

  29. @ Chad – For clarity’s sake, I put the name in front of the tagline. I did not mean for them to appear integrated. I simply replicated what someone would see on a business banner of a website – the business name on one end, the tagline underneath, in one corner or elsewhere.

    As for “shooting from the hip,” which means to react without thinking of consequences… I’m not sure where penises come into play. Could you clarify, because it seems I’m missing something here.

    “Shooting from the hip” was never meant to be a tagline. It was a sort of side slogan and is not intended to be benefit, feature or audience based.

    If you visit our blog, you’ll see our tagline is “Web Business Tips for blah blah blah.”

    I don’t mind the nitpicking, but it’s a good idea to be informed before jumping in 🙂

  30. James, your post is clear, concise and compelling. And right on for the most part.

    I’d just like to add a few thoughts. I’ve created my share of taglines, most often as an agency copywriter. In this arena the tagline is not usually a branding element so much as an ad “payoff”. Almost a summary. And yes, indeed, it should convey a product benefit.

    Writing a tagline can be like writing a headline except the tagline will probably be used in several or many ads, all with different headlines.

    But as a branding element, the idea of the tagline differentiating the brand is probably the most common function.

    However, there are many who feel the tagline need not differentiate so much as to “set a mood”. Quite often, particularly for a really new product, the tagline can effectively position the product in a new category. And as you’ve stated, the tagline can communicate the brand promise.

    So there are several functions a tagline can perform.

    The one thing it should never be, however, is a platitude. The folks at Y2 Marketing said it best: If you’re reaction to a tagline is, “Well, I should hope so”, you have a platitude, a throw-away line that just takes up space.


    ps: The newest GE tagline: “Imagination at Work”, is effective, particularly with shareholders like employees, investors, suppliers and distribution chain memebers.

  31. This is a good post. I have changed the tagline of my blog several times, thinking about these points. The good part is it’s easy to change tagline as opposed to the name of the blog itself.

    I also add a question (Does what you do align with your life purpose?) at the end of every post to keep a consistent message.

  32. @ James – It’s funny because until Chad quoted your “side slogan” I always thought it read “Shooting from the Tip” (understating from the tip of the pen).

    I guess not knowing the idiom “Shooting from the Hip” didn’t help, either (stupid french people).

    Oh, and sorry to say that I sort of agree with Chad. In my opinion, your “side slogan” takes a lot of space if it’s not meant to be part of your marketing strategy…

  33. @ Jooliah – It is a marketing strategy and a disclaimer at the same time. One, it advises people that we… well, shoot from the hip. We write and think about consequences later. Two, it fits into our overall theme of Guns for Hire, Marksmen, Straight Shooters…

  34. James – I always thought you used “shooting from the hip” as a double-meaning wordplay…

    …meaning more about the physical hip on a guy.

  35. I think that anything that captures the reader’s attention, not in a negative way, would be a good tagline. Of course to be a great tagline it would also be easy to remember.

    Live From Las Vegas
    The Masked Millionaire

  36. 1. Is Brian gone for good? (Running from the law? LOL) Or will he return when the geese return from Canada?

    2. Jooliah, with all those eyes staring out of your website, how about “Here’s lookin’ at you, Kid”? (Just kidding. “Eyes” are what leaped out at me when I saw the product.)

    3. Got a problem of my own. We’re starting up an ebook publishing house with a twist. Not the usual “any fool with a computer can play” site. We’ll only publish top quality stuff from new authors. The stuff that either can’t quite make the list at Random House et. al. or from talented authors who want to bypass the traditional publishing route and make more money from their books (the big houses give very small royalties and the only way to get rich is to write something that sells in the hundreds of thousands of copies).

    What we need is a good tagline that will tell the shopper that “here is a site for ebooks where you don’t have to wade through the trash to find well-written stories (or non-fiction for that matter)”.

    Obviously, that’s too long and I’m having a duce of a time boiling it down to something that can be read in the second or two before the visitor clicks off for greener pastures.

    Any ideas gang?

  37. @Joohliah, James and Chad–just be glad he didn’t call his site “Men with Pencils.” ; -)

    @Brent–For some reason Brent Rinne’s comment isn’t appearing here, but here was his offer in response to “repeating” title words in tagline:

    “With that in mind, but adding the idea of ascending to a new level: 360 Alliance, The personal coaching revolution.”

    This gets the grey matter moving…

    360 Alliance Coaching
    Start a revolution from within
    Changing the world from within
    Changing the world from the inside out

    2 more cents

  38. Great post. I started out with the tagline ‘coaching creative professionals’, but it wasn’t terribly exciting – mainly because it was a classic case of a product-focused tagline.

    When I realised this I thought about the benefits of my service and it seemed to boil down to inspiring people – so I changed it to ‘inspiring creative professionals’.

  39. Hi James and others!

    I don’t know if this tag represents my blog’s purpose well:
    “Living the best life – ONLINE”

    Mine is a blog about online earning for your living, how to get the best of it and dump the useless scams.

    Any thoughts?

  40. @ James – Ok, I get it now. Still not finding it very clear, though… :-S

    @ Al Kalar – yeah I know this first character has loads of eyes. But they have no mouths, they HAVE to communicate in some way. The next characters won’t have that many eyes though, stay tuned 😉

    @ Akemi – I like the idea of your “signature” at the end of posts. MwP and lots of other great blogs do it too.

    @ Martin – Thanks for this, it makes a nice complement to James’ article 🙂

    @ Lisa – OMG… It makes me want to redesign their current header… in a colorfull way ^^

  41. @ Martin – There are many ways to pull off taglines in advertising. The problem is that most people aren’t paid advertisers who know what they’re doing.

    They want to be cool. And by trying to be cool, they end up shooting themselves in the foot.

    They’re also online (that’s what this blog is about, right? Online marketing?). They have 2 seconds to make an impression and convince a visitor to stay and buy.

    “Imagination at work.”

    Nice tagline – but in two seconds when I’m looking to buy, that does zip for me. That’ll do even less than zip for an average website, unfortunately.

    I know what you’re saying, but I strongly stress that it isn’t the way to go for most business owners who will land here and read this content.

    I know what you’re saying about the tagline setting the mood – that’s why we have two on our site. One to set the mood/theme, displayed discreetly, and one to tell people what the site is about, displayed prominently.

    @ Al – It’s 5.30am, bear with me, but how about sticking with simple? “Quality Control for Quality Ebooks”, or something like that. (Like I said, it’s early).

    @ Lisa – Well, those are nice taglines, yep. You’re shooting for clever, not clear, though, and since my post is about clear, I’ll have to say, “Why should I care if you change the world? What’s that do for me?”

    Whoever said the bit about the 360 (can’t find it) is right. In my mind, 360 meant “turn around” or “circle”. It may not come off that way to others.

    @ Mark – Hmm… You dropped the benefit and yet the benefit is very clear – more creative inspiration. Not easy to do; well done.

  42. Again, great reading with a cup of coffee in hand!

    My primary day job is a keynote speaker, and a coach (relate to your dilemma Lisa!). I’ve been around the block a few times (getting close to going like “60” too), and have used a number of taglines in the 20 years of being in the biz. The one that still gets a laugh (during the introduction) is “Maggie is more than a seasoned speaker…she’s marinated!”. Sets up my personality quite nicely…

    I would appreciate your comments on my current website/branding tagline. Shoot from the hip if you will.

    “Experience speaks…with a twist of ingenuity”

    – Maggie

  43. @ Maggie – I had to go visit your website to know what it is that you do or offer. Your tagline alone didn’t tell me at a glance what you do, what you give and what I get.

    The same applies for many people above, I’ll note. If your tagline can’t stand on its own, it’s not very good for the web. That’s my opinion, though…

    Alright. Here’s my three second still-lacking-coffee attempt:

    “Ingenious coaching experience to help you get ahead.”

    By the way – I LOVE your coaching page banner. Funny, cute, appealing. Makes me want to work with you. Well done on that!

  44. Here’s a question about “clear” that I haven’t seen addressed above. Is it imperative for your tagline to expressly state Your Purpose if: 1) your company’s name accomplishes that and 2) your tagline is more often than not visually tied to your company’s name?

    Smithee Oversized Beachball Company
    Bigger is better for fun in the sun

    That’s a dopey example, I know, but my point is this: do you actually have to abuse precious real estate in your tagline in order to restate “Oversized beachballs for fun in the sun”?

  45. Excellent discussion, James, and so timely, too.

    When I launched my blog I wrestled with taglines for days . I blog about marriage at midlife and how to keep it fun and satisfying while living through big transitions like empty-nest syndrome and retirement.

    I hit on one that really resonated with me because of its truth (based on the myriad of complaints on various forums and blogs about married life): Marriage doesn’t have to suck…Re-invent it!

    I think it speaks of hope and action, two very positive things but doesn’t negate reality by being Pollyanna-ish. Some readers pushed back saying it was too negative, others love it.

    So, I plan on revising it slightly so I’ll have all three elements you mention. What’s your take on this:

    Middle age marriage doesn’t have to suck…Re-invigorate it!
    (Mission-check, Promise-check, Brand- maybe)

    Thanks for a very useful post.


  46. @Dina … could I tweak that for you a little?

    Mid-life marriage doesn’t have to suck…Re-invigorate it!
    Marriage at mid-life – Refreshed, restored and juiced-up!

    (or … Refresh it, Restore it, Juice it up!

    I AM your market 🙂

  47. @ James – just shooting around some ideas for the tagline:

    “Web Business Tips for Writers, Freelancers and Online Entrepreneurs”

    – Web business tips that may set fire to your blog or website

    – Web business tips for the next generation of entrepreneurs

    – Web business tips for starting fires & succeeding online

    – Copywriters, Freelancers, & Entrepreneurs: Your pen can be mightier than mine!

    ….just some fun thoughts

  48. Wow, this is such a helpful and timely post for me. I’ve been wrestling with my tagline for several days, mostly wavering between two.

    My blog provides practical tips for managing household duties for stay-at-home or work-from-home moms. Most of the info tends to gear towards moms of very little kids – 0-5 years old. Didn’t originally plan it that way, but it’s organically going that direction. Oh, and as the name implies, everything is geared towards simple things – simplifying things, keeping things simple, etc.

    There are a TON of mom blogs out there, so I’m trying to decide if I should narrow it down to specifically moms of babies and preschoolers. I know I have some readers with older kids, however, so I don’t want to exclude them.

    I know this is more a question of niche than tagline/branding… but it does affect my choice in tagline. I’ve been going between these two:

    1. A mom wears lots of hats – let’s simplify all of them.
    2. Ideas & motivation for those who spend all day with the 5 and under crowd.

    My questions… which tagline sounds better? Or can you come up with another one? And, should I narrow my niche to moms of littles?

  49. Okay, so I’m a little late, but I’ve been writing my arse off here this week! 🙂

    I have been trying to incorporate James’ concept of taglines into my SEO content for clients lately and all I can say is it gets better with practice.

    For Joohliah, I checked out your website and what I thought of was “Miles of Smiles with Every Hug” or “Comfort and Cheer for Every Age”. Those may suck, I’m not sure yet. I’m sure James will give them the shredding they deserve if so.

  50. @Simple Mom, I like ” Wearing Many Hats and Looking Great with Peanut Butter in Your Hair” 😀

  51. Thanks, Jamie. My concern is that it sounds like I provide beauty or fashion tips!

    I cover organizing, menu planning, managing family finances, frugal and/or green living, and making your home a haven.

  52. @ Simple, How about “Simply Terrific Home Management Tips to Keep You Sane”?

    (Gotta go pick up my insanity at school in a just a few minutes!)

  53. LOL, no fair! We were typing at the same time James! 😀 I guess you have rubbed off on me more than I know!

  54. Hmm… interesting ideas, all. I’m just thinking I need something to set me apart from the myriad of mom blogs out there, all which claim to have advice or tips. Hmm… I’m still thinking…

    Thanks for the ideas.

  55. @ Simple Mom – what sets you apart is your focus on moms with kidlets under age 5. You want to get some of that into your tag.

    Live simple, live sane with teeny tots underfoot

  56. @simple mom-there’s an old saw. “Kiss It”..keep it simple stupid. I prefer silly in place of stupid. But it is seems to apply just like helping “boo boo ‘s go away: “Kisses that keep Simple Moms sane.” Not a wordsmith so you guys can play with it. But it is an easy mantra to hang to.

    @ all the Web tips, on line marketing, copywriting names and tags have become so commonplace a fresh vocabulary and visual image is really what is lacking, the next generation of connotation- People are searching for a haven of solid actionable info… I would like to find a ProWriters Oasis to quench my thirst while working the Silk Road 2.0
    Again not a wordsmith, but describe the elephant from another view.
    Acceptance of the medium is done. Think a little ahead of the curve. Don’t confuse the medium with the message or think it is the message. Superlative skills customized to fit the venue. Sell those skills. Not the internet. Somebody, actually lots of somebodies, already did that. So we need words that get beyond a bit and offer up the connotation of mastery, agility, responsiveness, and substance in a virtual venue…simple, huh? Not at all. But stand at the crossroads and push it a little further. Play us a little different riff.
    Just a few thoughts.

  57. @Roberta – I really like it! Maybe a variation, like “Live simply, stay sane – homemaking inspiration for moms of littles.”

    Does ‘homemaking’ sound too 1950s Betty Crocker-ish? Home management sounds kinda boring, housekeeping sounds too much about cleaning/cooking.

    I don’t mean to hijack this thread or anything – but this is really helping me!

  58. Yeah, I like the off-grammar one better myself. It’s a little stronger, more emphatic. (My 2 youngest kids are 15 months apart in age. I get the critical importance of simple AND sane!) 🙂

  59. @Roberta – Good one! I think you may have sold me. I guess the grammar nerd in me was going for the adverb vs. the adjective, but I totally get the punch with “live simple.”

    Thanks, all! Off to do housewifey things… 😉

  60. @ Simple Mom … if it works for you, it works for me.
    @ Dina … well, you don’t have to stop ** saying ** it. I like the juxtaposition of mid-life and juicy. It makes me feel hopeful 🙂

  61. @ Jamie – Thanks so much for taking time to help me !
    About the taglines you suggested… I fear they might be a little too “Hallmarky” as said Sonia in the first comments. I have to give it some thought, but even if it doesn’t show with these first characters, there’s definitely something more than cuteness in my universe. Some of my characters are wicked, others are funny. Most are cute, but not all of them. And I don’t want to loose that diversity as it reflects the way I see the world…

    Time for sleep here in Paris, maybe night will bring me some answers 🙂

  62. What an incredible post!! I thought I’d ask for some advice on one of my web sites/blogs: Pass It Forward (

    “Pass It Forward” is a kindness movement, created with the goal of inspiring 1 million people to do a Random Act of Kindness they otherwise would not have done.

    Our tagline: “Pass It Forward – Changing the world with Random Acts of kindness”


  63. @ Crazy – Actually, you’re pretty close to good to go with that. Let’s see…

    Change the World for the Better with one Act of Kindness

    A little long, but it has the action, the result and the how -to.

    Cool about the “pass it forward”, by the way. I posted one of those on my blog awhile back.

  64. James et al, just want to say a huge thanks for the education these past couple of days — standard fare at Copyblogger. We brainstormed as a group, riffing off all the suggestions here and came up with another possibility. I know how you dislike cute…

    360 Alliance
    Coaching that creates a revolution in your evolution

    @Crazy, interesting how ideas circulate in packs…we do something similar on our site called Pay it Forward Friday–free sessions in trade for a contribution to an org we highlight every month. Good stuff.

  65. @ Lisa – Now that’s funny!

    “The topic of our discussion at this meeting today is James…” hehehe I like.

    I think your action verbs need to be more direct and authoritative.

    “Coaching to create revolution in your evolution.”
    “Coaching for revolution in your evolution.”
    “Revolutionize your evolution with coaching that counts.”

    Don’t go for cute. Go for expert. Go for firm. Your coaching DOES do this. Firm. Not cutesy 🙂

    Where’s Roberta when I need her?

  66. @ Lisa, James

    Okay, here are my tweaks …

    Coaching that puts revolution in your evolution

    Our coaching puts revolution in your evolution
    Because you’re ready (or – it’s time) to put some (or a little or a bit of) revolution in your evolution

  67. @James, it’s good to start with the red pen from you cuz you take the bs out.

    @Roberta, you put the urgency in it. Love that to pieces. It’s a keeper.

    @Maggie, thank you for the cheerleading. I want to be you when I grow young.

    Who do you want the check made out to?

  68. @ Lisa … one more variation before I go get some lowlights in my hair.

    “Because it’s time to launch the revolution in your evolution”
    “Because it’s time you launched the revolution in your evolution.”

    If you’re serious about the check, how about a gift to Heifer? Here’s the link:

    That way we all win 🙂

  69. Good tips…but now it needs to stick and that is very tough. Very few tag lines in this world work unless you have the $$$ to back it with lots of exposure…that is a reality. The only tag lines people know are from the major coporations of the world….If I am wrong I would like to know some other examples.

  70. I disagree. Exposure and driving the message home matters, yes. However in the virtual world, when a glance matters, a glance at a good tagline means the reader may stay longer on the site or even take action.

    Does he remember that tagline? Nope. Does it even matter? Of course not. By now, the customer has had a positive experience (hopefully). He’s either bought something (yay!) or his loyalty has increased. He’ll remember the positive experience over the tagline…

    And that’s what matters most 🙂

  71. @James, Roberta: interesting juxtaposition you two make. James creates impact with strength and precision, Roberta creates impact with a drilled down, intuitive, personal edge.


  72. @James. Sorry for not getting back until now, but Wednesday was totally ugly.

    [It’s 5.30am, bear with me, but how about sticking with simple? “Quality Control for Quality Ebooks”, or something like that. (Like I said, it’s early).]

    Pretty good for O-dark thirty! The only thing I can do at that hour is go to the bathroom and back to bed.

    Any more thoughts since then?

    What a talented group! I’m blown away by the creativity on just this one topic.

  73. @ James, Lisa, and Janice:

    This kind of fun should be completely illegal!

    James, my father always said NO PARTNERS, but for you I might make an exception.
    Lisa, can I use your comment on my site?
    Janice, I’m glad you enjoyed watching James and my creative process. I enjoyed playing and watching myself.

  74. @ Roberta- given how well you guys click and the powerful compliments you’ve both gotten hear, you might consider taking the leap!

    Roberta captured the spirit, intent and joy of my work immediately with just a few very compelling words. With her guidance & imagination, my tagline went from ho-hum to a perfectly-targeted attention grabber in 30 seconds flat!

    If this suits you I hope you’ll use it, Roberta; I’m now one of your biggest fans!

  75. @Roberta, Lisa, and okay James too- way too much fun and an excellent example of why fine writing, agile writing, and responsive writing JAMES, is NOT a trade. It is an art. Way to go. Thanks for letting us watch.

  76. Okay James, how about:

    “Quality books from talented authors”???

    We’re using that now, but I’ve looked at it too long and it’s beginning to lose it’s luster. Familiarity = contempt?

  77. @ Al – You have a tough one, I’ll admit. One, all writers think they’re talented. All readers figure that if a writer has an ebook, the author is talented. So to me, talent goes without say. It doesn’t stand out.

    But if you protect and screen for quality, that says something about your business credibility. People can trust that your ebooks aren’t garbage, right?

    Of course, “Quality you can trust” has been done. Nothing new there. Hm.

    It depends whether you want to push that you screen for quality or that you offer tons of great ebooks. What’s your business stance?

    (Yes, even I get stumped. But the questions are good ones to think over!)

  78. How about “ebooks worth quoting” or “ebooks worth your notice”, or something in that vein?

    Why do people want quality after all? So it’s worth their time, so they can get something good from it, so they can tell others about it and get their approval of how smart the original reader is, and …

    It should be possible to get more concrete than the nebulous notion of quality.

  79. @James
    The current state of the ebook market falls into 2 camps:

    1. Web sites that sell electronic versions of the stuff you see in Barnes & Nobel and the supermarket racks.

    2. Sites that handle any book a “wanna be writer” uploads. A lot of this stuff is quite frankly trash by authors who only “think” they are “talented”. There are some pearls in this mud, but customers have to sift through a lot of hype and mud to find them.

    Amazon is a special case that combines both styles and adds one of their own (they cater to their own e-reader, the Kindle).

    There are authors who write really good stuff, but for one reason or another can’t get published by the big publishing houses. The reasons would take more space than this format offers and would bore most of you to death. These are the books we are going to offer. New, well-written, and unpublished (at least in “e” format).

    We’ve created a publishing house and screening process that will offer ebooks that are at least as well-written as the stuff you see on the shelves; and in some cases “better” written.

    Good thoughts. “Quality” is an overworked word these days. It’s what we offer, but how do we make it “more concrete”? And in just a very few words? A pretty problem.

  80. @Al Kalar- you may have to demonstrate “quality” one ebook at a time. By showing the strength of your offerings as you offer them individually you will establish yourself as purveyors of “the finest offerings from exceptional authors” now in ebook format. You could even offer podcasts of reading samples, read of course by exceptional voices. Teach people what you cherish in a well written book, or what each offering has in it of value. If you offer useful value , people will come back . Quality becomes an inherent part of the experience. Your actions will speak for themselves.
    Just some thoughts.
    All best, Jan

  81. @Janice
    Wow! You are a marketing dynamo. I think you hit a home run.

    Don’t know if we’re ready to Podcast. I haven’t a clue how to go about it, not how much work is involved. I can find the voices (heck, I have a good baritone and a background in interpretive reading).

    I agree that if someone reads a good book, they’ll be back. That’s how authors develop a following in any media. There are people who will buy a Steven King book without even looking at the back cover or watch a movie based on one of his books without seeing the trailers.

  82. Wow, I’m late to the party. It looks like I’m not the only one whose struggled with his tagline.

    I’ve tweaked my tagline 3-4 times already; it’s definitely getting closer, but I don’t think it’s quite there yet.

    My blog is about explaining the psychology behind things that web-savvy types deal with. So I’m offering people a better sense of understanding and mastery over their social and internal worlds. Also, I’m hoping to attract questions from my readers that I can answer and work with on the blog, making it a very community-driven thing where I can give people exactly what they ask for, rather than just what I think they need.

    Ideally, my name will be in the tagline, because what I’m actually doing is building myself as a brand for services that I will be offering 3 years in the future, after I’ve got my license to practice. All I’ve managed to come up with so far is:
    “David Godot Answers Your Questions about Psychology, Health, and Personal Development”

    Not very compelling, I’m afraid. But something like “David Godot gives you exactly what you ask for,” while fun, doesn’t really tell anybody anything.

    Maybe: “David Godot helps you master your universe”? Too narcissistic, I expect. “David Godot helps you understand your life”?

    Humbug. What a difficult exercise!

  83. @ David – “Personal Coaching so You can Understand your Brain and Master your World.” What do you think? Not sure if personal coaching is your game, but it may get something started.

    @ Al – Janice hit on something and I’ll use that in a tagline suggestion: “Ebooks from Exceptional Authors for Affordable Reading”. She’s right and you’re right – quality is overdone.

    Just wanted to let everyone know we’ve got something regular coming up based on the popularity of this thread… stay tuned!

  84. @ Davis- Okay granted it is Friday and just about cocktail time, but David…are you kidding? “Answers from Godot”

    En Attendent Godot….am I the only one?

  85. Ah, thanks for your feedback, James! Due to ethical concerns in my profession (psychology is a nervous, jittery profession with lots of weird regulations), I don’t want to imply that I’m offering any actual services. But, I think I’m getting closer now. Maybe something like:

    David Godot explains how to understand your world and master your mind

  86. David’s suggestion brings up a good question. Should you use your name in a tagline? This ties in to James’ recent post on branding as well. James?

  87. @ David – For a tagline for an online business, I personally would leave your name out. You need something very fast, and they should already know you’re David Godot – or they’ll discover it on your websites or blog.

    Alternatively, try this: Godot’s take on understanding your world to master your mind


  88. @James You do make a good point. And the blog is called “Way To Go, Godot!” so I can probably skip the name. Maybe even just “To understand your world and master your mind.”

  89. David-your profession finds ways to help people deal with the human condition. Look at your ideal clients…does it work for them? How cool would that be? And fun. It is a “story instantly communicated”. Conceptual positioning and that little something extra just as James said in the original post, IMHO. You have to let me know. It makes me smile. Jan

  90. @Thanks James
    You and Janice make a good team!

    That gives me two “exceptional” ideas to run past management.

    I’ve not seen many posts that incited as much comment as this subject. Everyone seems to have a “too close to the problem” viewpoint and having a “forum” such as this has worked out great for me and many others.

  91. Taglines are always such a pain to come up with (IMO), so I like that this post & all the comments have provided a lot of good ideas & suggestions. Being able to come up with good ones may start off as a skill, but then ends up being an art, that’s for sure.

    On that note, I wanted to toss my new one out there for comments…

    I’m just starting up my freelance writing business, which I’m hoping to turn into a full-time gig. I am a technical writer by trade, and will probably start with more of those types of projects, however I do want to branch out into different kinds of writing as well. For the time being though, I was thinking of this for the tagline:

    Technically writing, officially freelance.

    (BTW, the link to my site may not work just yet, as I’m still working on the site. Keep trying, as it’ll eventually get live.)

  92. @ Julia – I know that freelance writing has high competition online, so make sure to really target your niche like Robin Hood shooting his arrow. The fact you’re in technical writing helps 🙂

    If you’re going to work online, you can’t really afford clever. You have seconds to compel a client, and if you’re for hire, you’re freelancing, so that’s wasted words. It’s a fun tagline, but it won’t help you.

    What’s your promise? Accuracy? Systematic instructions? What are the benefits of hiring you over the next technical writer? Why should someone choose you? Grab that from the start. Put it out there clearly.

  93. Aw jeez, I spent a whole hour thinking up that tagline! 😉 But you bring up some good points that I’ll definitely think about this week while I finish up the site.


  94. It has been fantastic watching the mental gymnastics going on! Hoping a few of you can toss me some ideas. Need to come up with a tag line that conveys “cost-effective, customized CRM for AS/400 with first class customer service.” That’s what I came up with from James article but don’t know how to get from that to something shorter and more memorable.

  95. @Juli – a ton of your competitors could probably say the same thing about themselves. So what can you say about your company that the others can’t say about themselves- and what one point is the most important? That’s the point to lead with.

  96. @Juli, What would you say you have to offer your clients that your competition doesn’t? You have to determine what benefits you have to offer the customer.

    “Cost-effective” doesn’t draw me in as a potential customer. It helps to put yourself in the customer’s shoes. 🙂

  97. @Janice said: “the finest offerings from exceptional authors”
    @James said: “Ebooks from Exceptional Authors for Affordable Reading”

    After mulling it over for a few days, I boiled it further down to:
    “Affordable Ebooks from Exceptional Authors”
    “The Finest Ebooks from Exceptional Authors”.


    @Jamie, you’re right “cost-effective” is much too weak. And based upon a recent post, you might not want to be seen as “cheap”. If your customer is that worried about price, you probably don’t want to fuss with him anyway.

    IMHO Go after the customer who needs a writer who can GET THE JOB DONE without a lot of hand holding or mistakes. If you have a very strong field in your tool belt, you might want to feature that as a target. The technical writer who goes after everything is probably too weak to do a good job, say, in the medical field.

    Instead of competing with everybody and his grandmother, carve out a profitable niche as your own and dominate it. Then go after another if you have the time.

    So, for now, you might want to run a tag line that mentions your specialty such as “User Friendly Program Documentation” and beat out the clods who put out incomprehensible user manuals.

    Or whatever you want to target.

  98. Thanks for the advice everyone. “Cost-effective” is too weak but we come out cheaper than competitors on 5-yr ownership period. Our niche is that we’re the only CRM product on a niche server platform. It’s very customizable but our major competitors are 800-pound gorrillas, Microsoft CRM and As a small company, we can’t afford to meet them head-on in advertising blitz. If we can reach the users on the niche server platform, they’re usually pretty excited about the product but we’re feeling the down-turn in the economy, too. Thanks again for everyone’s help.

  99. @ Al – I had the idea this morning that somehow, there’s a way to work in “From Bookshelf to Ebook” to convey that we’re not talking “cheap” ebooks. We’re talking good enough to be on a bookshelf.

    “Affordable ebooks” makes me think of cheap, unfortunately, but that might just be me.

    How about “Bookshelf Authors. Ebook Format. Affordable Reading.” ?

    @ Julie – Customized CRM for Small Business on a Budget

    Cheers, everyone. It’s been great participating in this – stay tuned for next month’s Tagline Tag Team when Roberta and I come back for more fun!

  100. @Al- Thanks Al. looking back at your original position there is no mention of “affordable”. Your primary position is that you want to underscore the quality you are publishing in this format. Is your ideal client looking for an “exceptional” read in a convenient downloadable format, or it that client wanting to save money?
    It’s a “virtual bookshelf you can be proud of” , “fine offerings from exceptional authors in ebook format”, and yes they are affordable. What satisfies that search that brings the client to you in particular? What do you want that client to repeat to others that brings them to you as well? I wish you much luck and great adventures.
    @Roberta and James- thanks for the pleasure, good party.

  101. Sorry to be gone so long. Tax time.

    What a creative group! This one post gets better and better every day.

    @Juli: You might try to form some alliances. For instance, Worksmart by Pan Terra is a premier VoIP phone system that currently only interfaces with Salesforce. You might approach them to design an interface to your product. Yes, I know this has nothing to do with a tag line, but it would definitely expand your market. There are other opportunities you might want to chase as well.

    @James: “Bookshelf Authors. Ebook Format. Affordable Reading.” Interesting tag. Not entirely true because our authors are mostly not currently on the bookshelf because of a number of roadblocks that have nothing to do with their talent and the quality of their manuscripts.

    @Janice: Good feedback. Yes, our market covers several “wants”. New exiting authors with fresh stories as well as prices more in line with what mass paperbacks used to cost. Same thing for the non-fiction market. We hope to attract textbook authors so the students can get the books they’re required to have at a price they can afford (in fact students are mostly all asking for “electronic” texts).

  102. @James. Dumb question. What’s with the reply posts that just quote part of your original article? Is this a good thing or just raiders who are trying to get their back link? And if so, why don’t you delete them for bad manners?

    Sorry for being so dense. I don’t have a blog of my own, but I’ve often wondered about these anomalies in blogs I’ve visited.

  103. @Al Kalar – thanks for your idea, we’re actually working on Skype integration now. Maybe others will follow. I whole-heartedly endorse forming alliances. Unfortunately, company policy is to only develop new product features – including integrations – when requested by customers or the final road block to closing a sale. Our small company would go broke developing features on speculation. I’d love to have a few more automated marketing alliances… But I take your point and I’m pushing further integration with Skype so I can promote the heck out of it.

  104. @Al Kalar – First, thanks for your insight, if you get textbook authors for college texts on your site please let me know, I’ll have two in college starting in the fall!

  105. @Juli: Skype isn’t where businesses go for top quality VoIP phone systems. You’ll get some SOHO business, but not larger outfits. Worksmart is one of the “biggies” in the hosted business arena (I use their service and sell it as well for my regular employer). SalesForce has sold a lot of seats because of their alliance with Worksmart (and conversely).

    I’d be glad to let you know about textbooks. If I send an email to your “contact” address on your website, will it reach you? This isn’t really the place to discuss it. You can reply to our “contact” page and it will reach me.

  106. Wow, what an excellent post – and the conversation is even better!

    My blog is about helping people use wikis (websites you can edit) to improve communication, collaboration, and information sharing at work.

    Here are a couple of taglines:

    ignite collaboration for business success
    collaboration tips to improve work success
    collaboration tips for business success


  107. @Stewart: I see where you are going with it. I like the ” Collaboration Tips for Business Success” one, but the word collaboration seems to hang me up. Maybe, “Working together for your business success”

    I am not the best one to give advice in this area. Maybe James will pop in with a terrific suggestion for you.

  108. This post has so many creative ideas. I am stuck on my tag line. My blog is about helping people be smarter real estate consumers, which in turn will help them sell/buy their homes in a slow market. I offer analysis of the local market and tips for home buying and selling.
    I have trouble separating the benefit of the blog from the benefit of using me as the real estate agent. My ideas:
    Tips for success for home buyers and sellers
    Inside scoop for home buyers and sellers
    Learn what real estate agents know

    Am I too late for help with better suggestions?

  109. Faina, I’ll chime in. As a consumer, the last one is most appealing. I would be drawn to something that is relevant to what I’m feeling today – tips on how to sell my house in a down market.

    So something along the lines of “learn to think like an agent” or “inside the mind of the market” or something that gives the feeling of me getting insider info from an expert.

    You had a good start, I might just combine a few of those ideas.

  110. @Teresa, thanks. You got the idea of what I am trying to say. Couple more things: the blog is not just for sellers, but for buyers as well. The tag line should apply, when the market turns. Now I write about “bad” market. The blog is for “any” market.
    @James. Like your #2. Again, the tag line should be for both for buyers and sellers, and should be applicable when the market gets better.
    I am educating and providing information for the consumers they can’t get anywhere else: analysis of market data and what I see as an agent every day.
    Something along the lines “Inside Real Estate Agent’s Head”
    “Insider’s scoop on real estate”
    “Buy and sell like a RE agent”
    “Learn Real Estate from the Pro”
    Another challenge: using words “real estate” and “Princeton” (which is what my market is) makes the tag line long and boring. You guys are great. Any other great iseas?
    BTW, James, I love your blog – have been a subscriber for some time.

  111. – Profitable Insider Tips, No Matter What the Market
    – Every Market is a Good Market with the Right Info
    – Insider Secrets to Profit Opportunities in Princeton Real Estate

  112. Roberta, thank you. You are the pro:) I like #1 the most. #2- I like, but am hesitant about words “good market” and “profitable”. It won’t apply to people losing money now (may be less with my advice, but still losing). I am extra careful in my blog to call it as I see it, and “profitable” may, unfortunately, not apply to every case.
    Insider Tips For Any RE Market
    Insider Secrets To Home Buying & Selling
    Insider Tips For Smart Home Buyers and Sellers
    Tips For Being A Smarter Home Buyer & Seller
    Is it OK to abbreviate “RE” in the tag line? Am I getting closer?:)

  113. A few more to chew on…

    Insider Smarts for Smart Real Estate Buyers & Sellers
    Smart, No BS Tips for Savvy Real Estate Buyers & Sellers
    Buying & Selling Real Estate Smarts for Every Market

    And no, I wouldn’t abbreviate.

  114. what about two line taglines? Too long? too bad?
    Go local and dance with the world as it is!
    Live one week BEING PART of a local community somewhere…

  115. That was a highly entertaining and downright informative article… I got many ideas on how to look at my tagline and oomph it up!
    Thanks a million

  116. I think this makes it very clear how to write a tagline. I, too, preach “make it clear if you can’t make it clever”. Most people should be able to do that if they back away. But so often when people do write a tagline they go to cliche. I say avoid that trap 99% of the time.

  117. Hi I love the thought processes here… I am new to this site as I am starting a web design – I know a lot of competition and realise I need to understand more on taglines. I have a picture of a person holding a website in their hand and I am targeting the small business. I am trully stuck on a tagline… I am wanting to suggest how visually a website can attract customers but am coming up blank, any suggestions?
    Thanks – getting started sometimes can be hard.

  118. I found this post via Twitter and couldn’t help but laugh. I just helped start a local news/opinion blog for Chattanooga, and our tagline does not follow your rules. That said, I believe it supports the brand we’re trying to create:

    Chattarati – Communal narcissism for the scenic city

  119. Hi everyone, I found this post through a link on Brian’s RSS feed and thought I could ask for some help in brain storming up a tagline for my blog 🙂

    My blog is about StarCraft 2 (a game that isn’t released yet, but will be one of the most popular games ever)

    My Missions:
    Spreading news about StarCraft 2
    Being a resource for everything StarCraft 2
    Teach you how to be a better StarCraft 2 gamer

    Benefits for the readers:
    Get the latest on StarCraft 2
    Learn more about StarCraft 2
    Get better at StarCraft 2

    Any suggestions would be appreciated 😀 thanks!

  120. Whoa- lots of great comments! Had to laugh though. About comment #15 (, etc.)… I just saw a website:
    I saw: parenting kills…
    What great input from everyone!

  121. Jennifer – Parenting does kill! 😉

    If anybody would like to help me find a new tagline, I have a post about it on my blog where I’m collecting ideas. Or you can post ’em here. Either way 🙂

  122. Hi everyone,

    I am just in the initial phases of start -up for my website. It is a site focused on getting started in careers in show business- specifically the acting business. The goal is to expand to it be the ‘go to’ online Career Centre for people pursuing careers in the arts.

    the site is:

    and the tag line is: where work is play.

    I really like it, but now I am wondering if it is too ‘clever’ and does not highlight the benefits enough??

    I would love any feedback! Thanks!

  123. @Christine

    ‘So, you wanna be a star?’
    ‘treading the boards’ (might be too obscure for non-actors)
    ‘Getting paid for showing off’
    ‘let’s pretend’
    ‘How to get into acting’
    ‘Get started as an actor’
    ‘Your acting career’

    Just a few ideas to get your brain going.

  124. Thanks Al.

    Those are good- somehow they seem almost too strait forward. But maybe I am overthinking this.

    I also like- “making your dreams reality”.

  125. @Christine
    Two things go into making a good “tagline”.
    1. Tells the new visitor he’s at the right place (summarizes your site)
    2. Memorable (“melts in your mouth, not in your hand” as an example).

    So, avoid “cutesy” stuff and don’t be bothered by something that’s straightforward.

    You might remember that you’re selling a dream.

    Hmmmm . “Dare to dream” ???

  126. Thanks Al–I am getting it…

    Yes, I am selling a dream–the benefit of this site is that it actually featuring real advice from working artists on being a working actor as well as resources on how to get an agent, auditioning, and will feature write ups on acting schools and a directory etc.

    Most current sites seem to have very ‘lite’ content.

    I think my ‘edge’ is that I have worked as a professional actor so I understand the business. I changed careers a few years ago and now work as a career counselor/ trainer.

    So the site is drawing on my experience in both worlds.

    Maybe it is something like:
    Your guide to becoming a professional working actor
    ( too long? –unmemorable)
    Making it work in the performing Arts
    How to work as a professional actor
    Creating the career of your dreams

    Tips to create your dream career
    Career Advice for dreamers
    Making your career dreams a reality
    Real world advice for creating the career of your dreams

    Career advice for dreamers???

    This stands out as one of the better ones.
    I still like –where work is play—maybe I can use this somewhere else.

    Thank you a million times. I love this site- what a great
    ‘clinic’. I have learned a lot here.


  127. @Christine
    Let’s try that one again without the @#$%

    “Advice from the pros”
    “Your acting career. Advice from the pros.”

  128. So I just found this site and just in time. I’m in need of some help creating a catchy tagline for my video production biz that specializes in cinematic style wedding films. A peer of mine has digital storytelling. I really dig that but obviously cannot use that. Any thoughts?

  129. @Steve “Turn your wedding into a blockbuster film”
    “Put your wedding on the big screen”
    “Your wedding – the movie”

  130. I am a business student at UMass Lowell and for one of my assignments we have to create a website for ourselves to give to potential employers. We have to create a tagline for ourselves to put on the site. So i thought about it and I bring hard work and the fact that i will go all out to get things done. Here are some taglines i have come up with:
    -I will get things done
    -getting things done
    -all out to get things done
    -all in to get things complete
    -getting things complete

    any advice or feedback would be great. Thanks!

  131. @Dustin
    You could steal from Einstein (or was in Edison?):
    “Ten percent inspiration. Ninety percent perspiration”

    “Goal oriented”

    “All the persistence of the law of gravity”

  132. Hi All,

    I’m a coach for working moms and offer them an outlet to vent but not wallow. I speak the truth about motherhood. I want other moms to feel safe being honest about how motherhood is challenging and difficult and sometimes a miserable experience. And that this doesn’t mean that they love their kids any less.

    Here are the tag lines I was thinking about so far.

    The truth about the good, the bad and the hormonal sides of motherhood.

    Real conversations for real moms.

    Any thoughts?


  133. I am an attorney focusing on foreclosure defense and loan modifications. I do not really have a tagline, but am trying to come up with one. The company name is homeowner mediation services. what I do is negotiate on behalf of the homeowner. my mission is to preserve homeownership by creating a mortgage payment that the homeowner can actually afford. my promise is to provide a workable solution or my services are free. any thoughts?

  134. Michelle, I would keep that simple and action-oriented. Something like:

    “I’ll save your home and reduce your payment… or you pay me nothing.”

  135. I am a facilitator/trainer/consultant and was thinking of

    “workplace learning solutions to improve performance”

    but it sounds a bit like a viagra tagline! suggestions?

  136. @Katrina Kennedy

    Few ideas…

    * Moving your company forward with workplace learning strategies
    * Keeping you ahead of the workplace learning curve
    * Turning corporate knowledge into enterprise power

  137. Wow, this is a fascinating thread. I found you through a comment on Problogger. Very helpful post.

    My blog name is Pink Ink and my tagline is “On life, liberty and my pursuit of ha-pink-ness”

    Which is true, my blog’s my happy pill 🙂

  138. Hi! I am planning to start a company which provides advice (mainly focusing on new ideas) to improve their product range. Identifying issues from consumers point of view and addressing it. Ex : How many times we struggle to re -use the celotape again . My objective is to come up with a new product impovement that will rectify that issue. I need a company name and a tag lines please

  139. I am the marketing & graphics director of DisposaCone as well as other products and services produced by the product developer.

    My strength is graphics and occasionally I have an epiphany in the wording department…
    Our product, DisposaCone, really needs a new tagline…especially since someone else recently changed their tagline to be almost verbatim.
    “The world’s first disposable traffic barricade system”
    In some publications where necessary, we shorten it to: The World’s FIRST disposable cone. But we need something that better describes our unique innovative product. Any assistance with this would be greatly appreciated!

    Compact, bright, recyclable temporary barricade

  140. @ Kathy –

    When I think safety cones, I think about “keeping safe”. Stay off, keep out, avoid, etc. And workers think of them as “Please don’t drive over this line and hit me, mmkay?”

    So how about:

    “Safe for you, safe for drivers – and safe for the environment, too.”

  141. Thank you!!! Yes, I think you are right… we do need to go the safety cone route. I like where you are headed.
    Or how about:
    Safety for the job-site, emergency, and the environment.

    Hmmm, still rough…

  142. Wow! That one almost inspires me to adjust the logo colors…for our next product launch this fall. Thanks guys I really needed this!

  143. Hi
    I really need some help, I am setting up a new division of our company in the UK, and I have had to start from scratch, ie new corporated logo, website etc but I need a tagline for Vista Foods. We supply breaded/battered chicken products from Thailand to Foodservice companies of all sizes, we have inovative products of the highest quality, no minced up muck but real white whole muscle chicken.I know its not very exciting and I think thats where I am going wrong, maybe I’m too negative!! the best I’ve got so far is ” a new vision for foodservice” trying to bring in the definition of Vista. Please help I need something wonderful by Monday. Thanks in advance. Helen.

  144. Hi Janice
    Thanks for that, unfortunatly our products are frozen and I think putting “fresh” in is a bit deceptive. hey I maybe wrong though! thanks for helping, and thanks for the smiley.

  145. Vista is a view.
    What view are you delivering with your real, but frozen foods that speaks to what your buyers are looking for? You mentioned innovation as being important to your brand.
    What are your buyers looking for that would make them want Vista? Are you a fresh( although frozen), green, nutritional company. Are you cutting costs while delivery top of the mountain quality? What are you promising them?

  146. I am a New Real Estate Agent trying to pick a tagline and logo and having a really hard time. I have followed this blog line for a while and there are so many great ideas out there. Nothing seems to click. I would like to use my last name as my logo as “Hollowood Homes” but can’t come up with a tagline that has purpose and heart to reach buyers and sellers. Any ideas out there???

  147. I’m going through the blogging bootcamp at the moment and this article is a great accompaniment to the course.

    I’ve realised that i’ve been totally hitting the mark with the basic elements of a blog. It means going back to the basics and then working my way back up again.

    This has helped me a lot. Thanks.

  148. @archie.

    My first thought “who is Archie delera?” it means nothing to me.

    Transcription? Transcription of what?

    You need to summarise what your blog is about for the first time visitor in one easy line.

    Your current tagline doesn’t really mean anything.

    “Your guide to the world of transcription”
    “Transcription made simple”

    The above would be better. Your name and tagline need to jump at the first time visitor. It doesn’t at the moment.

    I changed my blog from: with a tagline of “The Snowboard Instructors Co-operative Worldwide”.

    “Your personal guide to the world of Snowboarding”

    Which is better? The second one for sure.

    I hope this helps.

  149. Our organization is Laces of Grace. Our mission statement is to share the hope of salvation through the grace of God according to the Gospel of Christ; and to be an example of God’s love by providing shoes to those in need.

    Our purpose is to Share God’s Grace and to Give Shoes.

    Our So what is: Show God’s Love, Meet a need, change a life.

    Is this too wordy or choppy?

    “Sharing Grace, Showing Love, Giving Shoes, Changing Lives”


  150. @Matt

    See if these would work:

    * Walk God’s way, with your shoes on
    * He is the goal, he is the path, and he is the shoes
    * Protecting feet, wherever they go.
    * Walking God’s path by offering shoes to those in need
    * With our blessed shoes, you’ll always take the right step


  151. @Katrina Kennedy

    See how these work:

    * E-learning tools that just deliver results
    * Make your employees smarter with our E-learning solutions
    * E-learning solutions that pay off themselves


  152. @Carly

    * I can make your motherhood less painful
    * Heart-felt coaching and advice for real moms with real problems
    * Advice from a mom sailing on the same boat
    * From a mother to another: empathetic coaching for real-life problems


  153. Now, time for my tagline. Help me, folks:

    * Rock-solid content services
    * Look smart on your business communication
    * Show off your marketing material
    * Business communication you can show off
    * Rock-solid marketing communication that will have your customers wanting


  154. Hi,

    Very interesting reading. Many of you have great ideas, so I am hoping you can help me create a tagline. I am stumped.

    I am starting up a drafting company called Dimensional Drafting Solutions where I produce floorplans and 3d plans for realtors and developers. My husband I argue over whether the tagline should state that I do floorplans or be more directed to the services.

    Benefits: they save time, optimize efforts, attract buyers, get more listings(sellers), clearer understanding of the building layout.

    I want to convey professionalism, helpfulness, innovation and cost effectiveness.

    I have come up with some lame ones:

    where lines of communication leap off the page
    see your home in a new way
    bringing life to floorplans
    ways to help you sell
    view your plans in a new dimension

    I don’t do any actual designing so I didn’t want to use words like creative or design.


  155. I’m with James on this … short and that gets the 3D element in there, perhaps the real estate angle in there, too. Not sure I’d go with catchy when straightforward might work better.

    3D Floorplans Sell Homes Faster!

  156. I guess my concern is that I am focusing only on floorplans when I will be providing elevations, slideshows, maps, 3d perspectives-it’s not all about floorplans.

    what about something like:
    Creative visuals to captivate your audience

  157. Okay:
    3D Visualizations Sell Homes Faster
    Move (Sell) More Homes with 3D Visuals
    3D Visuals for High-Def Home Sales
    3D Visuals – When they see it, you can sell it.

    Karen, not everyone is your prospect so don’t shy away from being specific and staying close to the ultimate benefit. Creative makes me think design and that’s not what you do.

  158. I’m not sure i want to put 3d in the tagline, even though that’s what i do. it just seems like that is what everyone does…i like to be unique so i want a tagline that can convey that.
    what about something with these in it:
    don’t fall flat
    change your point of view
    draw in your clients
    visual essentials to help sell homes
    out of the box
    don’t be a square


  159. Holy moly James! So I see this post was written 2 YEARS ago and yet, I find it TODAY, when I’m thinking about taglines to go with my new branding, lucky me.

    Prabhu, did you find a tagline or are you still looking? What’s your biz?

    Karen, creative visuals to captivate your audience doesn’t say much about captivate them to do what exactly? If this is all about selling homes, I reckon have that in the tagline.

    How about something like “they see it. love it. buy it.” or “plans that sell homes in half the time” or “designed to sell” or “visuals that help you sell your home”? Just some ideas that popped up.

    If anyone’s still out there reading, I would LOVE your thoughts on my biz tagline, pretty please. Beep. Beep.

    More info: I’m in the professional championing biz (coaching 😉 and Coach Tia is about empowering & inspiring people to find & follow their passions & do everything they *really* want (which is usually not what they think they want) – who says you can’t have it all?

    Inspired by my life and Barbara Sher’s book “refuse to choose, how to use all your passions to create the life and career of your dreams”.

    Some Benefits?
    – inspiration to keep you going when you are stuck
    – strategies to help people decide what they want & how to get it (career, life, travel, goals)
    – a life of freedom and empowerment, earning a living by doing what you LOVE!
    – courage to follow your dreams, practical tools to deal with fear, overwhelm etc
    – less stress, more joy, passion, happiness when you find what you love and do it

    Tagline 1: “You can have it all” I like it for how expansive it it & for the fact that it all comes down to believing you can have it all the way you like (ie, what “all” means to you). Challenge? It’s too generic / vague.

    Tagline 2: “Your life, your way” I like this cos it says you can live life on your own terms, wanting as little or as much as you want not caring what’s ‘right’ or living by other’s standards. That takes a lot of courage IMO.

    Tagline 3: ‎”Your Life, Your Way: You CAN have it all” because scanners like me can’t choose and usually want to do it all. LOL!

    Thank you!

  160. TIA Singh,

    Their biz (3D Plans):
    “plans that sell homes in half the time” is cool. who wouldn’t want that right now? 🙂

    Your biz:
    Design your life
    Lifestyle design for dreamers
    Go get it all
    Start living your greatest life

    My biz:
    I’m offering content writing services for marketing types. Need content for your brochure, website or newsletter? It’s time to call me!

    ‘Rock-solid content services’ is what I’m using now. Let me know your ideas.

    I’m also thinking of forming another company that makes corporate movies, brochure designs, graphic designs in general. I’d like to have some tag line ideas for that also. Right now I have:

    * We make your business look good
    * We give you good looks for your business
    * We make your business look impressive
    * Branding power pills
    * One up your business

    Thanks for your help.

  161. what about:

    make your business beautiful

    I don’t know. I don’t think I am good at this.
    I have come up with something for my drafting company like:
    A plan to succeed
    a plan to help you succeed
    visual plans to help you succeed
    visual plans for your success
    I could add a descriptor for the look of the visual plans too
    vivid visual plans to help you succeed.

    what do you guys think?

  162. Thank you so much for this tagline post today! I got my very first tagline writing project yesterday and I was very overwhelmed. After reading this post, I followed your steps and it made everything so much easier. My client’s industry is more complicated than ice tea, but this article really put it all in perspective. Thank you so much. I feel like you were reading my mind.

  163. Wonderful, insightful post James–thanks so much. I thought mine was pretty good: “Taking writers to places of excellence they couldn’t reach alone” (I’m known as the Book Doula and work with aspiring authors on crafting saleable nonfiction books that really add value to the world)…but wonder whether it’s implied strongly enough that they’re unlikely to reach those places of excellence without me LOL. Thoughts?

  164. Not quite sure I have a tagline. I am trying to reach the young women/men like my 35y.o. daughter. I did not teach her all the things ie. cooking, home economics etc. and I have met many people like that. I’m trying to give them the benefit of the things I’ve learned.
    How to shop wisely, use coupons, basics how to save money.
    Can you help. Thank you for the great articles.

  165. This is an amazing article. I will not get upset if my tag line doesn’t flow out, after one try. I know how to go at it now. Thank you so much, this gives me a stomach high trying all of the suggestions, like when mom would read to me. Really you have shown me more in this article and the truth is that I may have Never had it delivered to me so simply and easy to understand. This is going to be a blast.

  166. I have two web/blog sites that I am developing. One is the site that I have set up under my own name and the other is under my company name. The first site’s purpose is:

    To enable potential customers to access my contact information, browse through and request samples and rates, and to show them the quality of my writing and illustration skills. The site should show them that I would be a good fit in regards to their writing or illustration needs.

    My promise is:

    To produce quality work that meets or exceeds my customer’s needs within contract guidelines.

    My brand is my writing and my illustration work.

    On the other site, I write creatively, trying to teach those that read my posts how to see beyond what stands in front of them and to use that site to enhance their daily life. Thus on this site, my mission would be to write with passion and insight, to write clearly and without rhetoric, so that my audience can see through the skin, into the heart of things.

    My promise is that by learning this skill, they will be able to have more control over their life decisions and be able to understand and see life as a whole process of interactions instead of seeing just their life as separate causes and consequential affects.

    On this site, my brand could be considered my skill at inner sight – but I’m not sure if that would be a good term.

    I could use help with both. On the professional sales site (still under construction), my tagline is just: Writer and Illustrator. On the creative writing site ( my tagline is: In The Headlights.

    Thank you for any help with this.

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