Landing Page Makeover Clinic #4:

Landing Page Makeover Clinic #4:

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  1. This was incredibly informative. When I finally get my personal development book put together, I’ll be using the great ideas I’ve learned here to optimize sales.

    And in case I haven’t mentioned it previously, I love this Web site!

  2. These posts really show practical ways that everyone can do to improve their own writing and efficiency. Thanks a lot!

  3. I have a question in regards to the layout of landing pages. Why is it that its seems that every product landing page that I have come across lately has the layout like the one above? I’m not saying it bad, just want to know… is this becoming a standard? Straight lined sides, dotted lined boxes for focus, large bold initial lines of text making use of yellow highlights…

    Is this an application people are using, service, or are sellers just copying this layout?

    I’m thinking about creating a blog post on my seo blog talking about this but would like to get some answers first.


  4. Troy, I think the benifit, of that kind of layout is it’s singular purpose. As a designer I always try to get my clients to emphisise just 1 benifit or feature. They don’t always go for that. And to tell you the truth, I myself have trouble with that.

    Great Post again on copyblogger! I really love your blog, with it’s almost singular purpose:)

  5. Troy, Glyphius only helps with word choice. There’s another product called ScribeFire that I think also does layout, but I need to look into it.

  6. Again, I find the inside of the maven’s mind to be a fascinating place.

    Can’t wait for the time when I have an appropriate page to put in the ring.

  7. I bet you are constantly seeing room for improvement everywhere you look.

    Ever slipped up and told someone that their haircut is distracting from their overall message or some similar critique? ; )

  8. I charge my private clients, but I’m happy to share a little the occasional analysis with Copyblogger readers who in turn help support Heifer International.

    It’s all good 🙂

  9. Roberta, I’m addicted to these. There’s really no substitute for a concrete and real example.

    Troy, I’m curious too–I keep wondering if there’s some dark overlord of the long form sales page. Dan Kennedy has a lot to say about them, and so does Mark Widawer, who packages very specific tips on how to put them together.

  10. You should create a workshop or teleclass on copywriting! I’d love to learn more from you and to be able to apply it to my own writing for my site.

  11. Squeeze Page VS. Long Sales Letter?

    This is a great study in landing page layout as well as specific copy writing engineered to the target market. It’s something i’m trying to do over at chilesadvertising and I don’t know if i should do Squeeze Page=goal is free consultation or if i should do a long landing page letter?

  12. Thanks for writing this out! Really great information! Love how you explain it in much more detail than even some ebooks I’ve bought on creating landing pages!

  13. Thanks, Rich – when you read several of the makeovers, you’ll get a strong sense of what to do, what NOT to do and with an emphatic – test your assumptions.

  14. I’m interested in more about the e-book landing pages. I’ve spent some time looking at a number of examples. They all generally follow the same form.

    Any thoughts on what
    1) They are single long pages
    2) They have Dear Friend:
    3) If this is the best format for e-book landing pages or just that everyone is copying everyone else.

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