Your Content Marketing Won’t Work Without This

Your Content Marketing Won’t Work Without This

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  1. As a business owner we a constantly learning how to write great copy whether it’s a title for a FB ad or one of our blogs. It’s not always easy and some of your work will get better traction then others but being consistent and not giving up is key!

  2. Copywriting is undervalued these days.

    We associate copywriting with old direct mail sales letters, and the ad men of the 50s/60s which I think tends to make it seem tired and outdated. We’ve also moved further into automation and tool-oriented marketing. There aren’t any tools that can understand the complexity of persuasive copy, but there are tools that can segment users, send triggered emails, etc. I’m not saying these new fascinations are bad or ineffective, but copywriting feels almost… invisible. There are enough distractions to ignore or forget the simple power of the words we choose.

  3. Hey Jerod,

    Earlier I was also wondering why it is “Copyblogger”. 😀 🙂

    Today I understood the concept which is “Any content for the blogger that is called copy blogger”.

    Nice piece of content indeed. 🙂


  4. Jerod, this was a great article. Good job.

    The two lines beneath the “Who should write copy?” sub-heading are absolutely brilliant and should never, ever be forgotten!

  5. Rightly said, Jerod! The foundation of successful content marketing rests on the firm foundation of good, efficacious copy writing.

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