Cool Stuff for New Bloggers

Cool Stuff for New Bloggers

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  1. This is a great report for bloggers, its full of more useful information than the yellow pages!;), plus if you sign up for it, you can also download the podcast version and have it read to you, thats just soo lazy!, but oh so easy!;).

  2. Interesting. I’ve been working on launching a new blog, but I had 3 ideas for areas to explore (I have an eclectic resume) . I thought, “starting all 3 is way too crazy” but actually, I am going by roadmap.

    I’ve gotten a little content up on each one, wondering which I would pursue. I guess I’ll go ahead with all 3 for now. Now to work on pillar content for 3 vastly different subjects!

  3. Downloaded the eBook yesterday but haven’t got around to reading it yet. I just hope it isn’t one of those hyped up eBooks that turn out to be a load of…

    But seeing that Yaro wouldn’t risk his reputation, I say that it’s going to be a good read.

  4. I will share this with my community members. There are many new bloggers here and they need all the help the can get… πŸ™‚
    Thank you.
    Gib, CBO admin

  5. I haven’t downloaded this yet, but just an FYI the launch page for it looks incredibly suspect. The fact that you are recommending it boosts credibility a bit, but I still feel like if I put my email in that box for the free report I’ll actually be signing up for a credit monitoring service. Might consider getting a designer on that page…

  6. I’ve read through the book and I was surprised at how much I appear to be on track with the milestones. Slowly but surely. My favorite part has to be about creating value before you try to sell something…

  7. I don’t consider myself a newbie but I do like to check these reports out and see if there’s ever any basics that I’ve missed out.

    Thanks for the share!


  8. I’m fed up of reading about Yaro. I’m sure he’s an absolute God among Bloggers but his constant in your face hype about making mega bucks is really irritating!!

    Despite his sincere messages that he wants to help all us clueless bloggers – he’s only in it to feather his own nest!

    Give some of your vast wealth to charity mate. Half the world is starving – money is not everything!!

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