How to Write Content That Resonates, Featuring Stefanie Flaxman

How to Write Content That Resonates, Featuring Stefanie Flaxman

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  1. Thanks for a great presentation. It was a great point to focus on your audience, even one person when you write vs. writing for yourself.

  2. Hallo there,

    Thanks a lot for the insights you shared here. Creating an article that resonates is critical and you have boiled down the key aspects pretty well. Lots of value here.Thanks again.

  3. Hi, I have to say that the part of understanding your customers well helps to attract and keep their attention really hit home for me. It is something I have experimented with through the years and has really gone a long way for me in increasing the time the visitors stay on my post and taking the action that the post I have written encourages them to. Thanks for giving more perspective on this.

  4. I work for a financial advisor in Omaha, and we recently decided to overhaul our marketing message. Researching the websites of a dozen competitors, I noticed that all of them sounded pretty much the same. Putting myself in the shoes of a potential client, I wouldn’t see any real difference.

    But I remembered some advice about writing effective advertising. Imagine that you’re at a bar and a fellow comes in, sits down, and begins to tell the bartender about a problem he has. It just so happens that what you have to offer is exactly what he needs. How would you let him know that?

    Well, first understand that you will be speaking, not writing. That means you will listen, be empathetic, and then say directly how you can help. You won’t hide behind the trite phrases you often see in writing, because you know – or will discover very fast – that real people don’t talk like that. Your marketing pitch will be an actual conversation. If you can keep that voice when you write, you will be way ahead of competitors, most of whom don’t know that what they’re saying isn’t being heard.

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