What’s Really Broken in the ‘Content Marketing Playbook’

What’s Really Broken in the ‘Content Marketing Playbook’

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  1. Hey Sonia!

    Content marketing has definitely changed over the last years. I started blogging in 2011 and I have witnessed the evolution and change in content marketing.

    Of course, when you are sharing content on other platforms that you do not own you are at risk. But, that doesn’t mean you should stop publishing in them. You just have to become smarter as these platforms do as well.

    Thank you for sharing this!

    Best regards! 😀

  2. I can’t believe that some people spend all their time writing content that sits on Facebook and not their own website. Sharing great content works if you spend some time writing good articles. I’ve started to research some stories and view every page on my new website has a story that has to be told.

  3. Hey Sonia,
    great article.

    The “blue ocean” market seems gone. More and more articles and content is published every day. But I just think about how it will be 10 years from now. Better to get professional right now. Because otherwise, your content won’t have a chance in the future.

    Time to adjust and prepare for the future. No time to worry about the inevitable.


  4. Finally someone said it! Great article Sonia.

    I think one of the biggest issues that stump many businesses is that they focus too much on what content can do to create leads or improve rankings. This is obviously the end goal for the majority of businesses which is fine but I think more focus needs to be given to authorship – tone of voice, understanding your target audience, article structure and how you come across are just as important. This is what people will remember your brand for with the article. And I agree humour is an absolute must as it gives personality to your brand and can help it stand out it a crowded market.

    • I think that’s a fair point — although I might go one step further, and say that a lot of businesses are creating not-that-good content in order to get leads or search rankings … when creating much better content would do a better job at serving both of those goals.

      Content needs to serve a business purpose (otherwise it’s just stuff you say on the web), but as you say, without those “authorship” elements, it’s hard to get there … there’s just too much of the generic stuff out there.

  5. I’ve noticed a shift in the way I consume the content of others; where a few years ago, I’d read any blog post that had an interesting headline, now I’ll only read the ones that promise to be different. So many people have said the obvious, now I only want to learn from those who are unusual. It stands to reason what other people would feel the same way!

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