Last Day to Grab Our New Content Marketing Ebook Without Registration

Last Day to Grab Our New Content Marketing Ebook Without Registration

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  1. Cool. I’m about to download it and check it out.

    You have an interesting take on the role of content vs advertising.

    The reason I say this is because people may say that they want content when deciding on purchasing a product.

    Although what may REALLY sell them is advertising.

    Just like people say they don’t like longform sales copy, yet longform sales copy typically outpulls short copy.

    “Buyers are liars,” as they say.

    They say they buy based on rational reasons (which may include content), but they actually buy for emotional reasons (what the product will do for you (salesmanship).

    But I think there’s a way to blend the two together… A more advertorial approach where you give content and sell at the same time.

  2. Thanks a lot Brian i got the pdf and checking it out. Let me now work towards my content + social marketing success. Cheers

  3. Today consumers are more empowered, impatient and skeptical. Theyre conditioned to tune out ads, and they are aware when they’re being sold to. With content marketing, the goal is to proactively deliver value to your audience to become a trusted resource with an authoritative voice and a loyal following. The idea is that as you continue to publish, your followers will share your content, be brand advocates and – in their own time , as educated consumers, reward you with their business.

  4. Thank you Brian.
    I am one of your beautifully trained content marketing customers. I actually have to stop myself from pressing the BUY NOW button on every product you send out and it amazes me how strong the impulse is even if the product is too expensive and not vital yet in the evolution of our small businesses. So, I will continue to learn from Copyblogger and Third Tribe and perhaps eventually earn enough to click anywhere I damn want 🙂

  5. Wow! Amazing free of charge content marketing ebook. Thanks a lot Brian for such a helpful way your using to help as many people as you can! You are actually a great mentor, keep up the great job. I love your content; very encouraging and inspiring. I look forward for your next!

  6. Great topic and a very good ebook. More importantly, thanks for making the whole process of getting the PDF or ePub hassle free.

  7. HI! downloaded the book and topic seems to me very interesting and really enjoying reading books on content marketing.

    Thanks for sharing great valuable resource 🙂

  8. Hi Brian,
    Thanks for the link. I think it is a great site… but hey, do you really think this Business Case for Agile Content Marketing is different from all others? Is it better?

  9. Love it.

    I have a suggestion for another eBook: the research that you refer to on page 18.

  10. As along time Copyblogger reader, I did not expect to learn anything new from this ebook. I was wrong.

    Not only did I take away new insights, but this ebook synthesized key points that were just floating around in my head.

    Thanks, Brian.

  11. Oh boy! It’s going to take some time to read the 21 page PDF. I am going to go through it this weekend & will let you know what I think of it.

  12. I downloaded, printed-out, and sat down with this book, and was amazed by how rich it is with solid conclusions and insights about content marketing. I love Copyblogger, because they never fail to deliver!

    The analogy about Google being a bright toddler who needs to be spoon-fed info, the diagram showing the relative importances of search, content and social, the notion of studying your audience’s language in order to speak to them in their vernacular more effectively, the ready/fire/aim strategy… the list goes on. I am incredibly impressed.

    The main thing I need help with now is figuring out how to get my small new audience to opt-in to my email list. My main goal now is just consistently creating content, and hoping they start to opt-in. So many different subjects to study, reltated to content marketing!

    Anyhow, thank you Copyblogger, for your consistently useful and inspirational articles. Keep it up!

  13. Just checked out the ebook, nice work! I agree, content marketing is all about putting good content and value out there first to attract your target audience.

  14. I’m a little late to the party so perhaps I’ve missed the opportunity to download the 22 page ebook…???
    The link leads me to a registration page for a series of four ebooks. I’d love to check out the first book before registering (god knows my inbox will thank me for scrutinizing before inviting more incoming instruction, valuable as I’m sure it is). Is it too late to get this without registration?
    Many thanks,

    • Sorry Nikki, we offered it for a week without registration. That ended yesterday as the post says.

      Don’t worry though — registration is quick and painless, you’ll be sure to get all the content in the series, and we don’t bite. 😉

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