How Chris Brogan Built His Content Platform

How Chris Brogan Built His Content Platform

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  1. Chris who? 🙂

    That’s amazing. Didn’t realize that it took that long just to get a handful of subscribers! So much for overnight success… it says a lot for his commitment and perseverance.

  2. Robert, Thank you for the reminder that doing the work, over the long term matters. Sometimes it can be intimidating to see from the outside what looks like an overnight success, and it’s really inspiring to glimpse the actual journey behind that success. (And his advice on writing 2000-4000 words/day is great–I’m always looking for ways to meet my writing goals.)

  3. Starting with content marketing seems to be the longest way into a business for a beginner. Brogan’s interview sealed that for me.

    It seems better to start quickly using advertising, then make the marketing better and cheaper using content.

    • Brogan’s story is one of many Hashim, and one that started long before the web evolved even further socially.

      You can spend money, or you can spend sweat… one is merciless in it’s demands, the other limitless in it’s potential reach.

  4. In this day of “overnight success” it’s good to see a reminder that almost every great success story involves persistence and committment. Kudos to Chris for plugging through the tough times when I’m sure he was told to give it up.

  5. Chris You Are A Machine! I Love It!:)

    Makes Me Realise Quite How Productive I ‘Can’ be If I Get More Organised.

    Very Inspiring Stuff, Cheers For The Info.


  6. Great interview. I love how down to earth Chris is. Would love to hear his thoughts on how to maintain persistence, especially when the going gets tough – it’s hard! 🙂

  7. That’s amazing!!! Thanks Chris! We spent more than 3 years to get the kids jumbo workbooks from concept to being published on Amazon, it took so many late nights but today we looked back – it’s all worth it! Persistence and commitment.

  8. This was seriously great. I loved listening to it and went and downloaded Chris’s book on Google Plus from Audible and it was a just as fun to listen to.

    As a creative writer, I’ve always been prolific but now I’ve discovered that turning out 2,000 words a day of content isn’t as hard as I thought. I just spent 15 minutes and got an entire post (perfectly optimized with Scribe!).

    Thanks for the inspiration. I love Copyblogger Radio!

  9. I really enjoyed this interview, not least because of the energy Chris (and Robert!) inject into it.

    I’ve been struggling to find inspiration for blog posts recently. So I loved the notion of writing in my niche’s ecosystem rather than limiting my blog posts to subjects which are directly related to, or about, my services. Thank you!

  10. Is that “The Shipping News” by Annie Proulx? I’d like to get a copy of the book, but I wanted to double-check first. Thanks!

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